There’s not much worse than watching something an useful or sentimental clink twice on the porcelain and escape a last-ditch effort prior to it drops down the sink. Fortunately, your belongings space (most likely) easier to recoup than you might think. For this reason if you’re analysis this in a frenzy, just know that chances are pretty great your ring (or other precious item) isn’t unable to do forever.

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This step-by-step guide will assist you for sure retrieve an object that’s fallen down your sink.

Project difficulty: 2/5

Time needed: 5-10 minutes

Tools required: Bucket or pan, rubber gloves, pliers, drainpipe guard, lot of of towels (Optional: magnet, sink grasping tool, or flex cable)

Cost come Get an item out that the Sink: DIY vs. Hiring a Plumber

Unless you have to buy a collection of pliers and gloves, getting an object out of a sink drainpipe will expense you just a couple of dollars at most. You deserve to buy a flex gable or grasping tool at home development stores for $10 come $15, or a little magnet for $5. The whole project shouldn’t expense more 보다 $20.

Hiring a sink installation specialist, plumber, or handyman will probably cost $50 come $150. It may take them just a couple of minutes to take apart her sink and retrieve your item, yet you’ll tho probably have to pay for the complete hour (or salary a flat-rate company fee).

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1. Revolve off the Water

If you haven’t excellent this yet, carry out so immediately. Shutting turn off water to the sink will stop your item indigenous getting any type of further right into your plumbing than it currently has. To execute this, watch under her sink. Girlfriend should discover two valves: one each because that hot and also cold water. Turn them clockwise come shut off your water.

2. Remove the drain Plug

Removing your sink’s drainpipe plug will aid you gain accessibility to your pipes. Some drainpipe plugs room removable through a tenderness tug. Others have a horizontal rod underneath the sink the you should unhook first. Then you deserve to remove the plug.

Proceed carefully—sometimes a an useful can obtain hooked top top the bottom (or versus the side) the your drainpipe plug. Removing it forcefully could reason the thing to sink further down the drain.

If it's been a while since you’ve cleaned your bathroom sink, the drain plug can be dirty and bring debris up with it. Check this closely for your item, too.

3a. Usage a Magnet

*Note: This step applies to magnetic items, such as iron-coated or stainless steel items that fell down her sink drain. Silver and gold rings space not magnetic, therefore this step would not apply.

Attach a little magnet to a item of string. Or to buy a functional rod through a magnet on the end that will certainly fit down your sink. If you know your item is magnetic and also you recognize you're close but can’t it seems ~ to carry it approximately safety, you might need a stronger magnet. You can discover coin-sized magnets the varying toughness at home development stores for under $5.

3b. Usage a Grasping Tool

**Note: This step applies to non-magnetic items. There’s slightly more of a risk that you’ll push the item more down the drainpipe using this method, therefore it’s worth following step 3a (above) first if the applies.

A grasping tool or flex cable is draft to take trip down sinks and also latch onto lost items. You can buy them at home development stores for $10 come $15. Again, it is in gentle once pushing the tool down the drain. If you press too difficult or go also fast, you can shove the item down the drain further. Listen for steel click noises and attempt to hook the item and also bring it back up the drain.

4. Disassemble the P-Trap

If your item still there is no appeared, don’t lose hope. Maybe when cleaning your kitchen sink did you do it noticed the U-shaped pipe style underneath. This is referred to as the p-trap.

P-traps hold onto water to stop sewer gases from backing their method into your home. But due to the fact that of the method it’s designed, yes sir a possibility your item is stuck there and also will come out through the water trapped inside.

To disassemble, place a bucket and also several towels underneath your sink prior to opening the p-trap through your pliers. Also though the water is off, there will be residual water leftover inside that will certainly come spilling the end as soon as you ease the pipes.

Turn the compression nut on both political parties of the trap and loosen the seed carefully. Reduced gently and permit water come pour into the bucket.

5. Clean the Trap’s Interior

In some cases, particularly if your sink’s pipes are dirty, the item might be lodged in the gunk that’s built up in the p-trap. Remove any hair, soap scum, or various other items the have gathered here closely while searching for your an useful item.

6. Speak to a local Plumber

If the items you’ve shed is no in the p-trap and doesn’t come out through the residual water in her pipes, hiring a sink fix specialist or plumber deserve to help.

Don’t worry, hope is still no lost—as long as girlfriend don’t turn your water earlier on or operation the faucet. 

Fortunately, most plumbing systems room designed with numerous bends and also traps. One experienced local plumber can check these areas carefully there is no damaging her plumbing and also safely put your pipes back together.


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Additional advice for getting Something That fell Down the Drain

Short of rental a pro, below are some extr DIY tips to save in mental when obtaining something that fell down the sink drain:

Don’t Stick various other Objects down the Sink

It can be tempting come stick one unwired cloak hanger or other comparable object under the drain in wishes of hooking or latching onto your item. Prevent doing this, as you can push it further down the drainpipe or acquire the items you’re putting in the sink stuck. A flex cable is your ideal bet.

Don’t take it the Sink Apart

Unless you really understand what you’re doing, taking apart her sink fully probably isn’t a an excellent idea. This might require you to hire a sink fix specialist come come deal with it, i beg your pardon could cost several hundred dollars.

Take images (or At least Mental Notes)

Minor pipeline disassembly is OK, however make sure you take note of exactly how your pipes looked prior to you took them apart. Taking photos or even a short video clip on her smartphone can help you put things earlier together once you’re done.

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In short, be careful and also don’t lose hope! her ring or other precious article is likely not much down the pipes. Whether it’s you or a pro, you will likely be able to retrieve it.