There are multiple methods to gain a Voodoo Doll in The Sims 4: Leveling up in the Mischief Skill, Fishing and also Digging. This overview contains all the indevelopment you require on finding and utilizing the Voodoo Doll.

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Getting Your Hands on a Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Dolls deserve to be got by increasing the Mischief Skill, as soon as fishing in the far ago waters of the Oasis Springs Park, when fishing in the waters of the Foracquired Grotto and also Sylvan Glades, and discovered as soon as digging for prizes. The most basic method to obtain one is leveling up your Mischief Skill.

Once your Sim has elevated their Mischief Skill to a Level 3, they will certainly have actually the alternative to purchase the Voodoo Doll using computer for §950 simoleons. To raise a Sim’s Mischief Skill, use the Mischief socials on other Sims. When your Sim reaches Level 2 of the Mischief Skill, they will likewise have the ability to use the computer system or tablet to “troll teh forums”. This interaction raises the Mischief ability a lot faster.

❗ Sims with the Evil trait will certainly immediately have actually the alternative to “troll teh forums”.


Using the Voodoo Doll

No issue just how you have acquired the VooDoo doll, you will certainly need at least a Level 1 in the Mischief Skill to use it. Once you have actually got to this level in the skill, you will certainly have to “Bind” the Voodoo to a details Sim in order to use it. Anyone from your friendship panel deserve to be preferred, so long as they are on the very same active lot as you.


❗ Sims via a lower Mischief Skill will not constantly be successful at binding the doll to a Sim.

❗ You cannot bind a Voodoo Doll to a child.

❗ Children cannot use Voodoo Dolls.

❗ Sims deserve to purchase multiple Voodoo Dolls and bind them to multiple Sims.

The Voodoo Doll comes via some default interactions at Level 1 of the Mischief Skill, however leveling up the skill unlocks two added interactions. Below is the full list of Voodoo Doll interactions:

Summon – Targeted Sim will pertained to the energetic lot• Poke (Level 1 Mischief Skill) – Targeted Sim will certainly obtain the Pain Moodlet and “Angry” Emovement.• Frolic (Level 1 Mischief Skill) – Targeted Sim will certainly get the Pleasure Moodlet and also “Playful” Emovement.• Tickle (Level 3 Mischief Skill) – Targeted Sim will certainly get the Unstraightforward Moodlet and “Uncomfortable” Eactivity.• Soak (Level 5 Mischief Skill) – Targeted Sim will obtain the Dazed Moodlet and “Dazed” Emotion.• Toy with Death (Level 5 Mischief Skill – Only available in the time of death) – Grim Reaper will certainly shed the capacity to kill a dying Sim.• BONUS: Cuddle – Sims that have actually a Level 2 in the Charisma Skill will certainly obtain this bonus interactivity. Targeted Sim will certainly obtain the Flirty Moodlet and also “Flirty” Eactivity.


Not all Voodoo Doll actions are effective. Sims with greater Mischief Skills are many likely to succeed, however, all Sims hazard a Voodoo Doll backfire and also faiattract.

Successful Voodoo – Active Sim will certainly obtain the “Confident” Moodlet and also Emovement.• Backfire Voodoo – Active Sim will get the “Uncomfortable” Moodlet and Emotion.• Failed Voodoo – Active Sim will obtain the “Sad” Moodlet and also Eactivity.

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Binding the Voodoo Doll is not long-term, and also deserve to be undone by choosing “Unbind” from the doll’s alternatives. The “unbind” alternative is only easily accessible to Sims through a Level 5 in the Mischief Skill.

If you have actually chosen to bind someone who does not live in your existing family members, you will certainly have to “Summon” them and unbind them as soon as they are on your energetic lot.

❗ You are able to usage Voodoo interactions on Sims that are not on your present lot