Not numerous Pokemon in Galar evolve with the aid of a sheet Stone. Here"s wherein you can uncover the ones that do.

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indigenous generation four through seven, Eevee can evolve into a Leafeon when near a Mossy Rock. In Sword and also Shield though, that has changed. Players no much longer need to find a Mossy Rock and also instead can just usage a leaf Stone. This renders Eevee the single Pokemon that supplies a Leaf rock that is no a Grass-type. However, that does evolve right into one!

Leafeon Pokedex Information

Type: Grass

Generation Introduced: Diamond and Pearl

Base Stats: strongest in Attack and Defense. Weakest in one-of-a-kind Attack and Special Defense.

Interesting Fact: Is tied v Umbreon for having the shortest Special attack stat of all Eevee evolutions.

How To record Eevee

Eevees are constantly highly desired. After ~ all, castle have numerous evolutions. To get an Eevee in Sword and Shield, players must hang out in path 4. Luckily, that is not time or weather-dependent. However, the spawn rate is a small low so players will must be patient. While players space at it, they might as well capture multiple Eevees to evolve differently (especially if they are working on their Pokedex entries).

10 Gloom to Vileplume


Gloom is the one of the Pokemon to ever before use the Leaf rock to evolve, due to the fact that it was presented in the an initial generation. Be certain to not usage a Sun stone on it, as that will evolve Gloom into a Bellossom instead of a Vileplume.

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Vileplum Pokedex Information

Type: Grass/Poison

Generation IntroducedRed, Green, and also Blue.

Base Stats: the strongest in unique Attack. Weakest in Speed.

Interesting Fact: prefer Bellsprout and Bellossom, it has the group name of the Flower Pokemon.

How To catch Oddish and Gloom

Oddish can be discovered in many places. For the greatest spawn rate though, the ideal idea is come hunt in the Dappled Grove throughout normal weather. Oddish will show up overworld there, so perform not waste time in the high grass. It will certainly evolve to a Gloom at level 21.

Gloom can likewise be caught at a variety of different locations. Because that the highest spawn rate, players have to hunt for Gloom at Axew"s Eye when the weather is overcast. Players who execute this will have to search the grass, as these Gloom come not generate overworld. It is the place with the highest possible chance to check out one in ~ 40 percent. However, this will just be accessible late-game. Because that the earliest opportunity to gain a Gloom, players deserve to search North Lake Miloch. At the location, Gloom are most existing during thunderstorms and can be watched overworld with a spawn rate of 30 percent.

8 Nuzleaf to Shiftry


following is Nuzleaf, the part Grass and park Dark-type Pokemon. It evolves native a Seedot at the low level of 14, yet can likewise be caught in many locations in Sword. The is an extremely important to understand that this is a Pokemon the is only obtainable in Sword, and also not Shield. That contains Seedot and its evolution. So Shield players will have actually to obtain this Pokemon with a trade.

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Shiftry Pokedex Information

Type: Grass/Dark

Generation Introduced: Sapphire and Ruby

Base Stats: strongest in Attack and also Special Attack. Weakest in Defense and Special Defense.

Interesting Fact: It was made as a counterpart to Ludicolo, and they were variation exclusive in their generation.

How To record Seedot and also Nuzleaf

Remember that this whole evolution line is Sword exclusive. Seedot deserve to be recorded at West Lake Axewell during overcast weather. The is the ar with the highest spawn price at 60 percent. The Seedots will certainly be between levels eight and also 14.

The location with the highest spawn price for Nuzleaf is the Giant"s Seat as soon as the weather is rainy. In rainy weather, it has actually a 60 percent spawn rate there. They likewise can show up there once it is sunny yet their spawn price lowers to just 25 percent. To get one as early in the video game as possible, Nuzleaf can be found in the roll Fields between levels seven and nine. Their spawn price there is 40 percent however they space not seen overworld and also can be uncovered randomly in the high grass. This is additionally only during rainy weather.

6 Exeggcute to Alolan Exeggcutor


an initial of all, football player should understand that over there is no means to evolve an Exeggcute come an Alolan Exeggcutor. The only method to get one is not v evolution yet to find 75 Digletts in the Isle that Armor and also talking come the trainer by the bridge in the Fields of Honor.

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Alolan Exegguctor Pokedex Information

Type: Grass/Dragon

Generation Introduced: Sun and also Moon

Base Stats: strongest in distinct Attack. Weakest in Speed.

Interesting Fact: that being component Dragon-type may be a reference to the Dracaena genus that trees.

How To capture Exeggcute

prefer Gloom, Exeggcute is likewise one that the very first Pokemon to use a Leaf rock from the an initial generation. Unless it"s in a Sun or Moon game, it will evolve right into a constant Exeggcutor through a leaf Stone. Regrettably for Sword and Shield players, all the spawn prices for Exeggcute in the video game are rather little and is always at 16 percent. Lock can appear overworld in ~ the Workout Sea and the Stepping-Stone Sea.

4 Weepinbell to Victreebel


lengthy with Gloom and Exeggcute, Weepinbell is the third first-generation Pokemon to usage a Leaf stone to evolve. The negative news for Sword and also Shield football player is that this Pokemon, in addition to its whole evolutionary line, are not available in the Galar region. On peak of that, they cannot be lugged over utilizing Pokemon Home. Castle are just one the those Pokemon the were cut from the game and also never to be reintroduced through the 2 expansions.

Victreebel Pokedex Information

Type: Grass/Poison

Generation Introduced: Red, Green, and also Blue

Base Stats: strongest in Attack and also Special Attack. Weakest in Defense and also Special Defense.

Interesting Fact: Its name is a combination of victory and bell, yet the bell has actually only one L due to the fact that the number of characters allowed for a Pokemon name in the very first generation was only 10.

How To record Bellsprout and Weepinbell

that is difficult to catch, together these Pokemon carry out not exist in Galar or the Pokedex.

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2 Pansage to Simisage


Pansage have the right to evolve through a Leaf stone into Simisage. The other monkeys that space Fire-type and also Water-type, Pansear and Panpour, additionally use a Fire rock and Water stone to evolve. Back in the Black and White games, the player would acquire a totally free elemental monkey based upon what starter they choose in order come balance their team better.

Simisage Pokedex Information

Type: Grass

Generation Introduced: Black and White

Base Stats: the strongest in Attack, distinct Attack, and Speed. Weakest in Defense and also Special Defense.

Interesting Fact: Apparently, the sheet on that head tastes bitter.

How To catch Pansage

The fate of Pansage and all the other elemental monkeys from the Black and White generation are the exact same was Weepinbell"s evolution line. They room not in the Sword and also Shield games and also they cannot be lugged over utilizing Pokemon Home.