Had so numerous game saves on it... If it matters it isn't main nintendo memory card its mad Catz.

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bro before you format ANYTHING -

reset, unplug the card.

re put it in the cube

turn on, re check

keep removing and replacing. I have actually this difficulty some times, because that some reason it tends to solve itsel (yes madkatz) likewise it helps to wipe it, as often its a i/o check out write error

Okay give thanks to you. Ns don't really plan on reformatting it due to the fact that if ns can't gain my memory ago I don't really feel prefer replaying all of those games. Yet I perform appreciate it.

"Is there a way to deal with a CD that's damaged in half?"

Now replace the word "CD" through "Memory Card" and also then change "broken in half" through "corrupted".

While reformatting the mem-card can make the usable for various other stuff; data-recovery is still impossible, unless you have actually that weird dev-gamecube the you have the right to hook as much as a computer system maybe... Also then it's corrupted so you would have alot of work-related to do.

Comparing a CD the is broken in half is a negative comparison to a storage Card the is still in tact, however corrupted. The second part of your an answer was valuable though, say thanks to you. The means I to be thinking about it was perhaps the Gamecube couldn't check out it, however the storage was still there.

huh, i would try formating every the data ~ above it but if the dosent occupational im not certain what else you have the right to do, an excellent luck

Probably not. Ideal shot is come stick the in a homebrewed wii and ago it as much as the SD card, climate format and also restore. If it's corrupted though, you're more than likely out of luck.

Official ones can be corrupted too. White 1019 cards deserve to be quickly corrupted or at the very least data ns when provided with a Wii.

To it is in fair, that Memory Card had actually lasted years and worked flawlessly. I'm pretty sure the internal components of a Nintendo brand were practically identical to that of the 3rd Party(I could be not correct of course).

Props to whitcliffe because that the useful response. Let's clean the air.

All storage cards, regardless of brand, have actually the potential to corruption your conserve data. The is true the off-brand storage cards are notorious for this, but name-brand cards space not impervious to this either.

Nintendo's 1024 block memory map not just suffered from data corruption issues, however even ~ reformatting (if you could get it to reformat) the would proceed to corruption data. Many have speculated the cause and have also attributed it to overheating that the memory card slot on the Wii (although if overheating to be the worry we need to expect to check out the same problems with the 64 or 256 block cards, or also cards of other brands, i m sorry we execute not).

The finest thing to do when acquiring a corruption error is to turn off the system, eliminate the memory card, reinsert it and also load the system again. Oftentimes the error will resolve itself. If the error continues, try to usage the Gamecube's storage management display screen to copy files from other games (that might not it is in corrupted) to another memory map for for sure keeping. If a game continues to display screen the corruption message, her data is pretty much toast.

Also note that sometimes the trouble is not v the memory, but with the ability of the gamecube to read the card. I had actually one such memory card the wasn't being well-known by the GC in ~ all the simply forced cleaning the the cartridge. You have the right to buy a special screwdriver (tri-wing) digital to open up up your memory card and also clean lock efficiently.

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Last but not least, it must be mentioned that the only method to keep your data safe is to have actually multiple backups, and also if you are specifically concerned around corruption, I would recommend spring into 3rd party Memory card to SD adapters or homebrew that will allow you to save your game saves come your tough drive.