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An irregular solid deserve to be measured utilizing a method calledwater displacement. When a solid thing is placed in water, the amount of water the is displaced by the object is same to the volume the the object. 

for example, we can determine the volume that a small...

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An irregular solid have the right to be measured making use of a method called water displacement. As soon as a solid object is placed in water, the amount of water the is displaced by the object is equal to the volume the the object. 

For example, we deserve to determine the volume of a small rock as follows:

Fill a graduated cylinder through 20 mL of water. We"ll speak to this the initial volume of the water.Carefully include the absent to the water in the i graduated cylinder. Whenever friend place things in a graduated cylinder include water, the volume level of the water go up. Let"s say that after we included the rock, the volume that the water boosted to 27.5 mL. We"ll contact this the final volume of the water.

The volume that the absent is equal to:

last volume of water - early stage volume that water


27.5 mL water - 20 mL water = 7.5 mL

The rock has actually a volume that 7.5 mL.

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