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Percent Water in a Hydrate


Calculating Percent Water in a Hydrate calculate the percent of water in salt carbonate decahydrate.
1. Compose the formula because that the offered compound.

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Na2CO3 •10H2O
2. Calculate the molar mass of each part of the link separately. Also, the number in prior of the water molecule must be distributed and also multiplied through the subscript the both the hydrogen and the oxygen in the water molecule. (Alternative: Water has a gram formula mass of 18.0 g/mol. Quite than go v the abovementioned process, main point the coefficient in prior of the water molecule through 18.0. In this difficulty there are 10 water molecules. 10 x 18.0 = 180.0, the same an outcome as on the right.) Na: 2 x 23.0 = 46.0 C: 1 x 12.0 = 12.0 O: 3 x 16.0 = 48.0 106.0

H: 20 x 1.0 = 20.0 O: 10 x 16.0 = 160.0 180.0

3. Add the totals because that each component together to discover the molecular formula mass. 106.0 + 180.0 = 286.0
4. Division each part’s mass by the molecule formula mass.

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Na2CO3: 106.0 ÷ 286.0 = 0.371 10H2O: 180.0 ÷ 286.0 = 0.629
5. Main point each result by 100 in order to get a percentage. Na2CO3: 0.371 x 100 = 37.1% 10H2O: 0.629 x 100 = 62.9%