This indict will present you exactly how to find the greatest common factor of two or much more numbers top top a TI-84 Plus.

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There is already a built-in duty on the TI-84 that can discover the greatest common factor. Friend can discover this role by pushing the  key.


Once you press the  key you will certainly be in ~ the display above. From here just push the right arrowhead to role to the “NUM” section. Then you have the right to scroll under on this menu until you gain to “gcd(“. Then press  to bring the role to her calculation screen.


Now lets say we want to discover the greatest common factor the 15 and 36. Indigenous the display screen above, just go into the 2 numbers be separate by a comma: “gcd(15,36“. (you don’t need to close the parentheses). Push enter and you will gain “3” i m sorry is the greatest common factor the 15 and 36.


Finding The GCF of more Than 2 Numbers

You may have actually tried to discover the GCF of an ext than 2 numbers using the “gcd(” role and seperating an ext than 2 numbers utilizing commas. Yet you will an alert that this return an error.

There is a means to get approximately this. Let’s speak we desire to uncover the GCF that 14, 77, and 63. We have the right to just a “gcd(” duty inside the a “gcd(” function. For instance we could type out “gcd(gcd(14,77),63)” this would certainly return the exactly answer of 7. (Once you begin doing this that a good idea to close the parentheses.


You can also keep going and also find the GCD of much more than 3 numbers in ~ once. Technically, utilizing this method, you can find the GCD of as many numbers as you want (although it would get a bit confusing). To speak you want to find the GCF of 16, 32, 80, 104, you can just kind in “gcd(gcd(16,32),gcd(80,104))“.


It can seem quite confusing at first. Its best to think together the an initial and 2nd terms as just a number the you space entering into the “gcd(” function. So in our situation just think the “gcd(16,32)” and also “gcd(80,104)” as each one number the you space putting into the spaces the the “gcd( , )” function.

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