Before downloading any mods, make certain that you have actually an addon folder. The is required to load mods right into the game and also the method you accessibility it differs from each Platform. Just follow the steps below for your platform and include an addon folder right into the GameData folder

If you downloaded Battlefront 2 indigenous steam, there space two ways to accessibility your game Files:

Go to vapor — Library — Right click on BF2 — nature — Local papers — Browse neighborhood Files

Or if you already know where heavy steam is conserved on your computer:

Steam — steamapps — typical — Star battles Battlefront II

If girlfriend selected the default location when installation Battlefront, girlfriend can find your Game records by going come Programms — LucasArts — Star wars Battlefront II

If friend didn't use the default, you‘ll gonna have actually to discover it top top your very own or watch where desktop or menu shortcuts command (if you have actually any)

After detect your method to the game documents go into GameData and create a brand-new folder called addon (All lowercase)

If it’s already there just leave it

Most mods are found on ModDB. Friend can find the Battlefront II page by walk to games —popular — Star battles Battlefront 2

My favorite map is Tatooine at war and also I extremely recommend it

Mods can be discovered under the Mods and also addons sections, wherein you can likewise sort them by popularity, release date etc.

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After detect a mode you favor go come its documents section and also download the latest version. ~ you download it girlfriend should discover a folder with a 3 letter name ( or an installer ) and most likely a Readme.txt . Mods always have a three letter name. Open up your addon folder and also move the 3 lettered folder into it. Read the ReadMe.txt just in case it demands something else to occupational properly.

Then start your game and if everything cleared up the mod have to be in her instant activity tab.

Unofficial 1.3 patch

Most mods need the unofficialize 1.3 patch come work. The 1.3 spot is outdated and breaks the brand-new Steam and gog multiplayer. However, Spiret addressed the unofficialize Patch and posted that here.

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Just to keep in mind that this is merely a guide to installing mods and not in reality making mods.

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