More importantly, do you remember walking off after your incredibly initially time on a trampoline?

I perform, as I can hardly walk right after.

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My legs felt favor they were made from silly strings, and also I looked choose this bad little bit guy…


Needmuch less to say, I might barely carry out a directly jump – let alone a whole tumbling pass.

And what around doing tumbling abilities on the trampoline for the first time, have the right to you recontact that experience?

Personally, I’m an old college type of man and I learnt my back handspring on the floor initially (without all the sophisticated blocks and also devices you youngsters have actually these days), so when I first tried the ago handspring on the trampoline, it was quite an suffer. A exceptionally off-timed suffer.

And those are the two major concerns with transitioning from the trampoline to the floor (or vice-versa); your legs have to be conditioned to attend to both surdeals with, and you need to have enough endure and also aerial awareness to modify the timing of your skills.

Eliminate Wobbly Leg Syndrome

This one is a pretty basic process: Do your continuous leg conditioning exercises, and spfinish more time on the trampoline.

I can’t say exactly exactly how lengthy it’s going to take, yet ultimately you’ll be able to train on the trampoline, and walk off via your legs feeling relatively normal. I recommend you spend the last 15 minutes of your training session on the tramp.

Assuming you train a couple of times a week, you’ll start to alert a distinction in a month or two. Give it a year and you deserve to literally walk off the trampoline and start tumbling favor nopoint happened. 

It’s All About Timing

So as soon as your legs don’t feel choose they’ll offer out on you at any kind of second, now you have to recognize exactly how to take the ability you learnt on a tramp and also modify it so it will land also on floor or into a resi-pit. The gold preeminence to remember is this: whatever you perform on tramp, have to be accelerated once you come on floor.

The reason for this is straightforward – a trampoline gives you much even more air time than a sprung floor, which indicates you have even more time to complete a flip or rotation. However before, you have to remember that once you jump, you cannot modify the time that has actually been provided to you.

What I intend is, if you jump so high that you’re obtaining 3 secs of air time, then you MUST carry out a earlier tuck (or whatever before ability you’re doing) that rotates at a sluggish enough speed to fill into that time of three seconds. Any quicker and also you’ll over-revolve to your earlier, however any slower and you’ll under-rotate to your confront.

So if you practiced a ago tuck which took 3 secs to complete (which is almost impossibly long by the way) then when you come on the floor, you have to speed that up by at least 3x, if not more.

Usual sense right? I believed so.

Transition Like A Pro

Ok so you understand the prestige of conditioning and speeding up your skill, but if you really desire to transfer your tramp skills over to the floor quickly (and also safely) then below are some other things you can execute, provided you have actually the easily accessible equipment:

1. Take Amethod Some Of The Bounce

If you simply learnt somepoint prefer a ago handspring on trampoline, put some sting mats or crash mats dvery own and also attempt it aget. As you begin taking ameans the bounce, you’ll be forced to speed things up.

2. Use A Tumble Trak (TTrack)

While not eextremely gym has actually these, a Tumble Trak is a good segue suggest between the floor and a trampoline. In truth, this is precisely the shift that I usage for my athletes once they’re learning brand-new skills.

3. Mats On TTrack & Air Mats

Most athletes or coaches usually go from Tumble Trak straight to floor via a spot. Or they tumble right into the pit, which is fine many of the moment, yet I desire my athletes to have a smoother shift, so I include a few added actions.

One of these extra measures requires placing dvery own sting mats or crash mats on the TTrack to steal amethod the bounce even additionally. Once they grasp this, we put dvery own air mats on the actual floor which offers the athletes about 80% of the hardness they would suffer.

Once they are landing skills on the air mat, taking it to floor is no massive deal.

Let’s Wrap This Up

So depending upon the devices you have at your gym, this might be a 2, three or four action procedure. The necessary point to remember is that the even more actions you include, the more confident you’ll be, and also the less of a “shock” it will be once you attempt the ability on floor for the initially time.

I’ve seen many athletes attempt to take their earlier tucks from a tramp directly to floor, and they generally end up eating mat pretty difficult.

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Anvarious other upside to taking these tiny shift procedures is that by the time you come on floor, tright here is a really tiny chance you’ll require a spot. Now obviously, I still recommend you tumble under a coach’s supervision, however you won’t have to stand tbelow and wait for them to discover some free time to spot you – which have the right to be hard when their attention is split between a team of 20 or even more.

And that’s all tright here is to it. Train hard, be fierce and remain safe!

I desire to hear from you! Do you have actually any type of other drills or transitions that you use to take your abilities from trampoline to floor? Let me recognize in the comment section listed below and also I’ll be certain to check out it!