just how to delete photos turn off google album archive Share a link to a single Album in the Album Archive: go to Album Archive in ~ https://get.google.com/albumarchive/ If not logged top top already, log On utilizing your User Name and Password. Click on the Album you wish to re-publishing to open up it. Copy the Web deal with with User ID indigenous the browser attend to bar Example: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/123456789012345678901/album/. email or i have announced this web attach to anyone you desire to have the ability to view her Public Album. Notes: when opening links such together these, the arrowhead in the top left corner goes earlier to her archive URL Example: https://get.google.com/albumarchive/123456789012345678901) . A much better way of sharing an Album is to usage the Google Photos sharing features. Making use of this an approach y ou can share every Public Albums, also brand-new albums (see listed below for how to create new public albums) larger Picasaweb albums that the kind “Limited, anyone with the link” brand-new albums it seems ~ to give an Error 404. Check the attach in a personal (incognito) browser window before sending the attach to people. re-publishing a link to a solitary JPEG image using the Chrome browser, install this expansion Google photos Direct link Go to Album Archive and also click an album then click picture On the bottom center will be a message, “Image URL replicated to clipboard” The URL will look something prefer this: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/series of numbers and letters=w1000-no-tmp.

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jpg This URL will certainly not expire in 30 days due to the fact that the URL is native the Album Archive fairly than from Google picture

Deleting albums in the 3-dot menu is only feasible for albums created prior to the retirement that Picasa net Albums. Because that albums the don’t have a delete option in the 3- dot menu, go to Google Photos come delete the albums .

1. walk to get.google.com/albumarchive in a web browser on her Mac or pc to accessibility your album archive. Make certain you’re logged right into your Google account. 4. If it’s one option, select “Delete Photo”; or, if you’d favor to delete an entire album, pick “Delete album.” note that also if girlfriend delete an album, the human you common it with may still have downloaded a copy.

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This comment has been gotten rid of by the author. Say thanks to you for sharing this. I’ve not been looking forward to the end of Picasa internet Albums because Photos is together a pain come traverse and also takes so lengthy to load. Album archive is so far great from check it out, and exactly what i needed.