Everyone to know the prominence of cleaning and oiling the inside of the barrel and also functioning locations of her firearm. Unfortunately, some disregard the exterior areas, or do it incorrectly. This absolutely holds true ~ above the Henry golden and Silver series of rifles.

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First off, other that can be done to all guns is to give all the metal areas a an excellent treatment that a protecting product. There room a few on the market, however I usage Gun Protect, and also it comes in a spray or cloth wipes. It additionally has modules that deserve to be put inside total safes and cases that will be an continuous protection for a complete year.


To apply Gun Protect, ns wipe all metal surfaces by spraying a little amount of the product ~ above the wipe, which have the right to be provided alone as soon as wanting a rapid wipedown in ~ the range. I’ll climate wipe every the steel areas, other than for the golden or silver areas, which will certainly be debated shortly. If the firearm is all black/blued, walk ahead and hit everything. I also open the lever and also give the inside of the activity one spray.

Next room the wooden areas of the gun. Follow to Dan Clayton Luce the Henry Repeating Rifles, the finest product to usage is linseed oil. Don’t usage furniture polish. I take a small amount and rub every one of the wood areas, i beg your pardon not only protects, but likewise gives the wood a good shine. Remember, girlfriend don’t need a lot, so a small bottle deserve to last a lengthy time.

Since the golden Boy rifles have actually brass, ns assumed the brass polish would certainly be the method to go. Clayton says that this is not true for the continuous .22-caliber gold Boy. He states you must use a microfiber towel like the ones that Henry selling online. This also can be offered on any of the Silver collection including the evil Roy. I use a Royce brand cloth I to buy online. Optometrists usage these, and they have actually been excellent.


It’s a various story ~ above the large Boy version of the golden Boy Rifle. Through this firearm, it’s recommended you usage a brass polish choose ones marketed at the Henry online store. I would recommend staying with Henry’s directions and also products, uneven you absolutely know of one equally great one come use.

Another class of security is using the soft protective cover that originally came through the golden Boy, gold Boy Silver and Evil Roy. At any time storing these rifles, the cover need to be inserted on them. This will aid prevent inadvertent scratches that have the right to come from a multitude of sources.

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Guns favor the golden Boy and also Evil Roy are not only some of the best, many enjoyable rifles to shoot, but likewise are good showpieces. Always fully and effectively clean your weapons with quality assets inside and also out, and you will certainly be “keeping that pretty” and have them in height working stimulate for plenty of years to come.