i was request what my gyeongju was, and also I chose...but then I managed to exit without setting a name, gender...anything else. So now I"m a dude called "Prisoner". I"d hate to pat the whole game with such a lame name. Am ns going come be given an opportunity, like in Oblivion, to change these points again at some point, or perform I have to start over, or...?


Me too. I dislike being referred to as prisoner. I regulated to pick a race and also a sex, even adjust my features, however I am recognized as prisioner.
As much as ns know, the only method to readjust your character"s details ~ the initial setup is with the console, i beg your pardon is only obtainable on the pc version.

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You have the right to use the /showracemenu command to readjust the details. See here for a listing of every console commands.


I have actually played skyrim and also so far I haven"t had actually the option to readjust my surname or race. Ns don"t think there will be a way... However we will certainly see.


In the pc version, /showracemenu operated fine for me, and I successfully adjusted my illustration (eye-color, mainly), without affecting mine skills, level, or anything prefer that (I recall in Oblivion there to be a fairly convoluted way to execute it -- this is much easier). I"ve heard an altering your gyeongju is a bad idea though.

I"ve heard there"s a converter to readjust your savegame indigenous XBox 360 to PC and also back. If girlfriend can uncover one that those, and have a friend (or know someone online) v the pc version, you could give them the savegame, run the console command, adjust your name, then convert it back to XBox 360.

Seeing as it"s a single-player game, i really don"t see any type of tos issues with a converter (you can supposedly execute this come redo your perks, or provide yourself a billion health, etc., together well). However, having actually never checked out or used it, I"ve no idea if it can corrupt her savegame later.

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Another possibility might be to hex-edit the data top top the XBox 360 variation of the savefile from your computer. Ns can"t find my character name this way, but someone far better at that sort of point might be able to find the (editing the name on the very first line of the paper just transforms the text presented on the save/load screes, no the surname of the player container). Your finest luck in that situation would be to make the new name eight personalities long, or there might be formatting issues.