Like many type of other components on your automobile, the transmission liquid is a wear item that calls for continuous organization.

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This write-up uses to the Honda Accord, and also Civic (1992-2000).

Transmission fluid is what allows the user to change in between gears smoothly. Transmission fluid that is dirty or burnt will cause the transmission to miss out on shifts or shift also hard. Honda recommends flushing the fluid in automatic transgoals eextremely 60,000 miles. Don"t usage a transmission flush machine: it might seem favor a faster method, however the added additives in a power flush can perform damage to a transmission. Instead, follow this overview. Changing transmission liquid is about as basic as transforming the oil.

Materials Needed3/8" ratchetBreaker bar through 1/2" adapterDrain panFunnelShop towelsHonda ATFHydraulic jack and jack stands

Tip 1 – Raise your vehicle

For less complicated access, it is finest to get the vehicle up in the air. Jack the front of the automobile using a hydraulic jack and also secure via jack stands.

Figure 1. Raise the auto.
Pro Tip

Jack point is in the facility in between the splash guards.

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Tip 2 – Loosen and drainpipe transmission fluid

With the automobile in the air, you will want to place the drain pan below the area of the drainpipe plug. The drainpipe plug will be lower than the fill plug and also will certainly fit a 3/8" square ratchet. Turn it clockwise to loosen. When the plug is removed, transmission fluid will pour out, so have actually a bucket handy.

To completely flush the transmission liquid, percreate Step 2 via Tip 4 3 times.

Figure 2. Transmission drain plug on 2000 Honda Accord.
Figure 3. Drain plug rerelocated.

Step 3 – Refill transmission fluid

Replace drain plug. Open the hood and rerelocate the transmission liquid dipstick. The handle will be yellow and also situated near the battery.

Insert funnel and fill the transmission via three quarts of Honda ATF.

Figure 4. Location of transmission fluid dipstick.
Figure 5. Refilling transmission fluid dipstick.
Pro Tip

On the last round of filling brand-new transmission fluid, make sure the drainpipe plug is tightened firmly via the brand-new crush washer installed.

Tip 4 – Test transmission shifting

Start engine and also transition into drive. Gently accelerate, however don"t go over 50mph. The idea is for the engine to shift through all the gears. Slow the automobile to a speak. Shift right into reverse and drive as much as 20mph before coming to a soptimal again. Change to park and also rotate off the engine.

When finiburned, cycle via the gears and also make sure whatever works as it should. If there"s a hesitation or tough shifting, examine the transmission fluid dipstick. If the fluid is high, bleed out some transmission fluid. If the level is low, include more.

figure 6. Make sure every equipment functions as it have to.

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Pro Tip

Check the transmission fluid level and also encertain it reaches the cross hatch note on the dipstick. Top off as necessary.

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