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Hey,to anyone who has actually the eclipse 6cyl 3.0 litre motors. To change the spark plugs its tough to discover the info on removing the entry manifold, well right here is a website I came upon with action by action directions and also pictures!!I hope this helps everyone who essential it prefer I did.!!!
Nice guide, regrettably for me that was simply a day as well late. Yesterday to be a nice day so I made decision to tackle replacing the wires and plugs on mine 2001 gt. I"ve never ever done the before, so every in every I"d say it went yes, really smoothly. It take it me around 4 hrs total, most of the was invested figuring out just how I want to go around removing the entry manifold. And also the finest part, the started and even ran just as smoothly as it go before.
My only suggestions to anyone unfamiliar v this task, provide yourself many of time, and additionally refer to the company manual.

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these varieties of guides are great, but you better not lose it. See i have actually noticed the in any mechanic project you do, if you usage a guide or a book of some kind you never really retain exactly how to execute it after one time of doing it. Currently as for me if i recognize what the difficulty is and also what requirements to it is in taken off ns dive in head an initial unless i"m not certain if the is torque particular on tear down choose your engine head is. Some other things apply as well. However if i know its not i tear it under myself and clean and then inspect. If the project takes me much longer than 4 hrs to do the tear down, cleaning, and inspection. I describe the manual to placed it back together. Yet it teaches me how to execute it again there is no a book if i need to do the again. I deserve to take out a old G1 eclipse gs motor and also transmission through myself and also put a brand-new motor and also transmission ago in within 3 hours due to the fact that i jumped straight into a tear down and then placed it ago in there is no a book. Granted the an initial time it took me 2 work to execute it. However that was in my spare time after ~ work. Climate i had to perform it again favor a week later since a girlfriend of mine did the same thing i did. He bought a eclipse through a perfect body and blown motor and also then to buy a wrecked eclipse (rear ended) through a an excellent motor in it and also needed a switch. Fine he required to walk pay part bills and also talk to his mom and also left me to perform the move by myself. That told me to simply prep the motor to it is in taken out and he would certainly be earlier in a couple of hours to assist with the rest. I had actually the engine prepped to be gotten rid of in 45 minutes. I referred to as him and asked him how much longer he to be going to be and he said he was still taking care of paying bills since of weekend traffic. So i pulled the front overcome member off ripped the end engine the infection in one more 15. Slide the brand-new motor in, hiked that up with a floor jack and also a little custom do engine holder because that the floor jack and also had it in its mounts in 5 minutes. Climate i slid over the transmission and jacked it up right into place. It took a little bit if twisting that the impeller column to gain it to fulfill up come the engine, but after 10 minutes of playing with it id slid over. I placed in the transmission bolts and tightened the infection mounts. Slide in the journey shafts popped top top the suspension bolted the wheels back on hooked up all the electronics, oil, and also coolant present dropped it off the jack stands and looked over to the counter where the keys were. I flipped the vital on and also off come fist element the engine. Climate turned the key. V a 3 2nd interval it took 3 transforms to obtain the engine started. But i acquired it running. It take it me just over 3 hours so i determined to take it for a spin approximately the block as sson as i turned down the street to drive back to my buddies residence he was calling me on the phone. Ns pulled over and answered he asked me where i was and where to be his goddam car. I began laughing and said dude i"m coming under the street. He asked me if i fixed the engine that remained in it or what cause there to be no way i go a engine swap in 3 hours. I handed him the keys and also said ,****! i did everything, its done, now offer me 100 bucks for doing whatever by myself." he climate flipped open his wallet and also started count money. Ns said, "dude i was kidding!" and also he replied, "no, no, you deserve this, the was amazing!" all thanks to act it without a hand-operated or overview the an initial time and also figuring out exactly how to carry out it quick and easy. It sucks the very first time approximately but the second time goes therefore smooth you don"t even remember how difficult it to be you just remember how much it assisted you out.