Can"t to buy land for Dawnstar and Morthol

» Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:32 afternoon

ns bought and built the house in Falkreath, yet I can"t buy land for the various other two areas. Ns know around having to do quests in order come buy them, however the stewards there don"t have actually an choice for the quests. Deserve to anyone aid me out? If you have the right to tell me the quest names that would certainly be helpful.

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» Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:56 am

Yep same trouble here. Ns finished Waking Nightmare, yet the Jarl just says thanks however does not give me the quest to death the giant,
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i don"t know about Morthol, however in Dawnstar you need to generically ask because that work and he will certainly say to kill a giant in a radiant ar (I had actually Blizzard"s Rest). Took me a while to number that out, too.
for Morthol you should do the laid to remainder quest. Inquire with the Inn keeper about the melted out house. She will certainly tell you to speak v the Jarl.For Dawnstar you need to do the Nightmare pursuit first. Then when you room ~ level 22 talk to the Jarl and also he will desire you to kill a Giant. Alternatively, execute the polite War quest line as much as the suggest where friend recapture the Pale (Fort Dunstad). The new Jarl will let you buy floor if friend have already done the Nightmare quest.
For Morthol you must do the set to rest quest. Inquire through the Inn keeper about the burned out house. She will tell you come speak with the Jarl.For Dawnstar you should do the Nightmare pursuit first. Then as soon as you are ~ level 22 speak to the Jarl and he will desire you to death a Giant. Alternatively, execute the polite War search line as much as the point where you recapture the Pale (Fort Dunstad). The new Jarl will certainly let friend buy floor if girlfriend have already done the Nightmare quest.
i didn"t execute the nightmare quest. However sided with the Empire and got the title of the floor while they have actually nightmares.

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I"m stuck at the very same point. I did Waking Nightmares and also got the Jarl"s thanks. As it happens my character to be lvl 21 at the moment so the Jarl didn"t asking me to kill giants. However, ns asked in ~ the inn and got the usual "jarl"s guys left this bounty letter" concerning a huge kill. Walk that and also went earlier and got another one indigenous the inn, i m sorry I additionally completed. Ns was level 22 through then, but the Jarl won"t sell me land, and also the innkeeper hasn"t any more bounties for me. What next? I"m on computer so I"m yes sir to use console if necessary.
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