TV and also movies are crazy deceptive. Between proportions, camera trickery, and also even to apologize boxes, we never truly obtain an idea of just how tall who is until we view them out in the genuine wold.

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Whether they"re rocking heels, boots, or upper and lower reversal flops, these female celebs are probably way taller than you thought!

PS, every heights space approximate. We"re relying top top Google because that the best guess here.

It"s basic to miss exactly how tall Blake lively is.

Her on-screen existence is generally still slightly much shorter than her male counterparts, and her heels usually put her in ~ a similar height together her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

But in reality, Blake clocks in in ~ 5"10. Add heels to that, and you"ve acquired one tall badass.

Hello, height I would prefer to be!

Former model and current actor Brooke Shields stands in ~ a statuesque 6 feet tall, i beg your pardon towers she over a ton that other already tall ladies on this list!

Everyone"s favourite Victoria"s mystery Angel is a bonafide supermodel because that a reason: she"s stunning, smart, and...duh, tall!

Adriana Lima is 5"10, which come in handy once modeling couture. It"s tough to see just how tall she is alongside her fellow models, yet one glance at her following to constant celebs really emphasizes her remarkable height.

(Can you men tell I"m short, and really jealous?)

Next to her exceptionally tall (and garbage, many thanks so much) partners, Khloé is easily mistaken together a shorter woman 보다 she really is.

In reality, she is heads over the rest of her family and friends, at 5"10. By comparison, her sisters, Kim and also Kourtney, room 5"2 and also 5"0, respectively.

Damn, Khloé!


Model turn sci-fi symbol Famke Janssen has actually taken on a substantial array of duties in she career, moving from substantial franchises prefer James Bond come X-Men v ease.

Famke is just over 5"11 which crazy.

Is there anyone cooler than Queen Latifah? you don"t need to answer, I already know the prize is, "No, because Queen Latifah is dubbed "Queen" because that a reason."

Her imperial highness stands in ~ 5"8, i beg your pardon is a little of a shock. I know, I, too, believed she was actually taller, as result of her ethereal nature.

What is over there to say around the legend the is Nicole Kidman? She has actually Oscar, golden Globes and also Emmys under she belt, there"s nothing the she can"t do.

Except it is in short, i guess. Nicole is 5"11, putting her only slightly above her Big tiny Lies co-star, Laura Dern.

Speaking that Laura Dern (as I perform on. Like, a daily basis) — the exceptionally talented, Time"s up activist is around 5"10.

I wonder if she and Nicole Kidman check out who deserve to wear the taller hoe to tower over the other? points to think about.


For some reason, Taylor Swift is really tiny in mine head.

In reality, she"s 5"11, which actually puts her...heads above me. Eh? Eh? anyone digging these height jokes?

So anyway, she"s super tall, and we space not worthy.

Riri didn"t concerned mind once thinking about tall celebs, yet it transforms out that she"s in reality pretty up there (you"re welcome).

Rihanna is 5"8 there is no the heels she"s always sporting, therefore imagine how imposing and also goddess-like she have to be with them on. Five man. Queen.

Uma Thurman deserve to evolve and also become any role she"s in, for this reason it"s something of a surprised that she"s 5"9!

Whether she"s in Oscar-winning films, or taking on HBO collection and snatching Emmys because that it, Uma raises come every acting challenge.

Hollywood, music, Broadway — Jordan Sparks deserve to do it all, and she has. Believe it or not, the singer is in reality 5"10!

She has another album the is forthcoming, a reality display in the works, and also a spot on Dr Oz.

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She is unstoppable.