Lil Wayne is arguably among the biggest hip-hop acts of all-time, and also promoters have been booking Lil Wayne because that shows due to the fact that he was a child. He has sold numerous records, winner multiple Grammys, toured the world, and collaborated with several of the biggest artists within every genres. Simply, Lil Wayne is huge, and also he doesn’t simply sell the end clubs, that sells the end stadiums. Fight after fight after hit, anything with Lil Wayne top top it appears to turn right into a hit, and also nobody in the game can remove him from the throne.

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Lil Wayne composed his very first raps in ~ the age of 8, and also met Birdman at a really young age. He would rap come Birdman over the phone, and this eventually let execute him signing v the label. He created the team Hot Boys through other large local rappers Juvenile, B.G, and Turk. He was the youngest rapper in the group, being simply 15, and they released the album “Get It just how U Live” in 1996. The album was complied with up v their very first major label release “Guerilla Warfare” i m sorry debuted in ~ #1 on the hip-hop charts, and number 5 ~ above the Billboard 200. The group was large at the time, v each rapper as well as Turk having their very own prospective hits. Juvenile was the biggest, and also had the huge solitary “Back the Azz Up” which featured a young Lil Wayne. That was currently that the Lil Wayne booking price would go up.

Lil Wayne would certainly go onto relax his very first album in ~ the period of 17, called “Tha Block Is Hot” and was certified platinum. The album acquired a many acclaim, and also it featured the hit tune “Tha Block Is Hot”. That released one more album in 2000 called “Lights Out” which wasn’t as big as his debut however still was able to go gold. The solitary “Get turn off the Corner” did not really get traction on the radio. Lil Wayne would continue to get features on huge tracks indigenous his brand mates favor “Number One Stunna” native the big Tymers. ~ he exit his 3rd album 500 Degreez, civilization were starting to feeling him and also began wondering just how to publication Lil Wayne for your shows. The album ended up going gold, and also still didn’t complement the success the he had actually previously saw.

Lil Wayne would view a transforming point in his career once he exit the album “Tha Carter”, which saw him becoming an ext lyrical. The album ended up walk platinum and also featured the hit mainstream solitary “Go DJ”. After the relax of this album, Lil Wayne was featured top top many huge songs choose “Soilder” by Destinys Child. His following album in the Carter series was going to be also bigger 보다 the previous. The sequel to the album,”Tha Carter 2” marketed over 200,000 copies and eventually went twin platinum. It had actually a couple of hit singles prefer “Fireman”, “Grown Man” through Currensy, “Hustler Musik”, and also “Shooter” v Robin Thicke. At this time, the Lil Wayne booking price was beginning to skyrocket and also he was definitely seen together on that the hefty hitters on the tour scene. The collaborated through Birdman in 2006 and also released the album “Like Father, choose Son” i m sorry featured another huge song “Stuntin favor My Daddy”.

After this album Lil Wayne would go on a operation being on plenty of hit singles and also releasing plenty of mixtapes. His mixtapes were so famous on the streets that they to be breaking download documents on Datpiff and also saw many DJs bootlegging his material due to the fact that they knew that’s what the streets wanted. He was pretty lot on every hit album and also song released with the period of 2006-2008. This contains “Make that Rain” with Fat Joe, “You” through Lloyd, “I’m so Hood”, and much more. The did every this without releasing an album. The was obtaining booked for reflects straight turn off of mixtapes. This is crazy, and we are prepared to administer you with information for reserving Lil Wayne for you.

Lil Wayne has due to the fact that released plenty of albums and also has developed Young Money documents which consists of Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Jae Millz, Lil Twist, and also many rather to his label. The brand has end up being one the the best labels in hip-hop today and the key artists on the roster dominate the charts. Big promoters publication Lil Wayne since he is able to fill up vast stadiums and also he is one of the biggest artists in the game.

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We are here for all your Lil Wayne bookings, and also would love to work with girlfriend to make your occasion a success.