The average cost for a massage is $75 one hour. Rental a massage therapist for a one-hour massage, you will likely spend in between $50 and $90. The price the a massage have the right to vary considerably by region (and also by zip code). Get totally free estimates native massage therapists close to you or check out our massage prices list below.

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Average Massage Prices

Average massage prices variety from $50 to $90 per hour with most spending about $75. Because that a shorter 30-minute massage, mean to invest $30 to $65, vice versa, a 90-minute massage prices $90 come $175. Prices depend on the duration, location, the type of massage, and also any add-ons such together aromatherapy.


Massage PricesLengthAverage Cost
30 Minutes$30 come $65
60 Minutes$50 come $130
90 Minutes$90 come $175
120 Minutes$120 come $200

1 Hour Massage Cost

The average expense for a massage is $75 an hour. A therapeutic massage from a college student in training deserve to be as cheap together $40 an hour, while a massage indigenous a experienced with a decade of experience could be $150 per hour or an ext at an exclusive spa.


1 Hour Massage Cost
National median Cost$75
Minimum Cost$40
Maximum Cost$150
Average Range$50to$90

Standard massage therapy prices $1 per minute on average. The majority of licensed massage therapists charge an ext if they have actually several year of endure or sell specialty massage techniques like hot rock or trigger allude therapy. Rates can likewise vary greatly relying on where you live.

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Massage prices List

The following massage therapy prices list offers a helpful average price variety for each of the many popular species of massage available. Please note that spas may adjust their prices at any kind of time, and may offer various distinctive amenities.


Massage prices ListTypeAverage price Per Hour
Full human body Massage$50 – $90
Couples Massage$120 – $220
Deep organization Massage$80 – $120
Swedish Massage$50 – $90
Prenatal Massage$70 – $120
Foot Massage$40 – $50
Back Massage$40 – $50
Sports Massage$55 – $130
Head Massage$50 – $80
Full body Massage – complete body massage rates are often about $60 to $100 one hour. A full body massage is proven to increase your sense of well-being and also can store your human body injury-free. Be safe massages are the shortest in price, conversely, massages that require more effort top top the component of the massage therapist, or a higher degree of certification, expense more.Deep tissue Massage – It"s typical to watch a deep organization massage cost range of around $80 to $120 an hour. Deep organization massages are for relieving stress and also muscle tension.Foot Massage – A massage focusing only top top the feet costs around $40 come $50 hourly on average.Back Massage – ~ above the east Coast, you could expect to view an top back, neck, and also shoulder massage price range of $50 or an ext for a 45-minute session.Sports Massage – A 60-minute sports massage is $100 to $130 roughly Los Angeles and $55 come $75 around Missouri.Head Massage – Scalp, head, and neck massages around brand-new York can price anywhere native $25 because that 25 minute to $50 for a 20-minute cranial massage.

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Massage Therapy rates By Type

The kind of massage you obtain is a major determining factor of massage rates. For example, a an easy massage in a facility without any kind of amenities could cost as small as $40 an hour. Price only boost from there depending upon the skills and suffer of your massage therapist and the add-ons the you acquire with her massage. Think about the following instances below:

Massage Therapy rates By TypeTypeAverage price Per Hour
Hot stone Massage$85 – $150
In-Home Massage$100 – $130
Chair Massage$1 per minute
Mobile Massage$79 – $200
Oriental & Thai Massage$50 – $90
Aromatherapy Massage+ $10 – $20
Neuromuscular therapy Massage$90 and up
Cupping Therapy+ $25
Chemical Peel$100 and up


Hot stone Massage Cost

On average, you have the right to expect to view hot stone massage prices starting as low as $85 hourly or going up to $150 or more at an to exclude, resort. A hot rock massage costs much more if they also include vital oils, distinct towel wraps, or various other treatment enhancements.

In-Home Massage Rates

An mean in-home massage cost is around $100 to $130 hourly because that them to concerned your house and also give classic massages prefer Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, or sports massage.

Chair Massage Cost

A common chair massage costs roughly $1 every minute, and also they"re accessible in shorter sessions 보다 table massages. You deserve to often publication a 10-minute or 20-minute chair massage for just $10 come $20 in malls.

Mobile Massage Prices

Mobile massage therapists fee $79 an hour up to $200 or more for 2 hours. Prices rely on how far away girlfriend are, and you may have actually to publication a 1-hour minimum meeting for an in-home massage.

Oriental & Thai Massage Prices

An median Thai Massage expenses $30 because that 30 minutes and up to $150 for 2 hours in Los Angeles. By comparison, a Thai massage in Boston can average about $60 every hour or up to $230 because that a 2-hour Thai massage package, including a foot scrub or another added treatment.

The hatchet "Oriental massage" is a broad meaning that can use to any type of modality that come from a country in Asia, including:

Thai massageIndonesian-Javanese massage where the therapist provides their hands and knucklesShiatsuAcupressure based upon Traditional Chinese MedicineQigong meridian treatments

Additional Massage Services

Some clinics only offer massages, while plenty of others encompass other solutions that encourage a more holistic technique to physics wellness.

Serenity Massage & Bodywork in Whitinsville, MA, likewise offers reflexology, cupping, polarity, and reiki beginning at $70 per hour.

Eastern sector Wellness in Detroit, MI, likewise offers herbal care, nutritional planning, reiki, and Thai massage (traditional Thai massage offers no oil or lotions). They fee $75/hour, or $140/hour because that a couple’s massage.

Aromatherapy Massage – It"s common to watch aromatherapy added onto a massage session because that 10 to 20 percent more than the base massage price. That way a $65 massage is likely to expense $70 come $80 when including aromatherapy, because that example.Neuromuscular treatment Massage – at massage clinics, you can discover neuromuscular massage sessions available for $65 for 30 minutes, $90 for 60 minutes, and also $125 for 90 minutes.

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Professional Massage treatment Rates

**Please note that prices will vary slightly follow to the location. For example, therapists in larger metropolitan cities constantly cost more. Discounts may be offered if you acquisition a gift card in advance.


Professional Massage treatment RatesCompanyAverage expense Per Hour
Massage Envy$90
Elements Massage$69
Massage Heights$50
Massage Luxe$74
Massage Green$60
Hand and stone Massage$60
Cortiva Institute$50
Equinox Massage$76
Lifetime Fitness$90 – $100
Blue Cliff$18 – $35

Massage Envy Prices

Massage Envy prices begin at $45 come $60 because that members and $90 or more because that non-members for a one-hour massage. Adding enhancements such as aromatherapy or an exfoliating street scrub price $10 more.


Zeel Massage Prices

You can book a Zeel in-home massage online beginning at $93 because that 60 minutes as soon as you end up being a member. Non-member prices begin roughly $117 because that a 60-minute in-home massage, and all prices include a standard 18 percent gratuity fee.

Elements Massage Prices

Introductory rates at elements Massage begin at $69 because that 60 minutes. A 90-minute massage is roughly $99, and also a 2-hour massage expenses $139. You"ll pay additional fees because that prenatal massage, aromatherapy, hot stones or Himalayan salt stones.

Massage Heights Prices

At Massage Heights spas, friend can obtain a 1-hour massage for about $50, a 1.5-hour massage for about $75, and also a 2-hour massage is typically $100. Foot scrubs, face massages, and other exclusive right are easily accessible as add-ons for $12 each.

Massage luxury Prices

Massage luxe prices begin at $55 per hour for members, while non-members pay $74 hourly for many treatments. MassageLuXe uses first-time sessions at $38 for deep tissue, prenatal, or swedish massage. Also, your an initial hot rock massage, aromatherapy treatment, reflexology session, or trigger point therapy costs $48.

Massage green Prices

Massage environment-friendly prices because that members space $60 a month for a 60-minute massage, with added massages for $50 each. Standard guest massages expense $90 one hour, $120 for 1.5 hours, and also $180 because that 2 hours. Introductory massage prices are $60 one hour, $90 because that 1.5 hours, and also $110 for 2 hours.

Hand and rock Massage Prices

Hand and also Stone"s introductory prices space $60 for a 60-minute massage and also $80 because that a hot rock massage. Member discounts deserve to vary at each location. Standard rates are about $120 for a couples massage. Add-ons because that hand, feet or scalp treatments range from $10 come $15 each.

Cortiva institute Massage Prices

Cortiva Institutes permit students come gain more experience by giving massages to the public. In Scottsdale, Arizona, it prices $50 because that 60 minutes, $75 because that 90 minutes, and $100 because that 120 minutes.

Equinox Massage Prices

The typical Equinox Spa dues $76 for regenerative massage, reflexology, power massage, and also aromatherapy massage. Your most-expensive massages space $260 for a massage indigenous a understand therapist for 110 minute in almost any form of massage. You don"t need to be a member to publication a massage.

Soothe Massage Prices

Soothe sends out a massage therapist come your house with their very own table at rates of $128 for 60 minutes, $175 because that 90 minutes, and also $225 because that 120 minutes. Added charges might apply, and also prices space subject to change.

Lifetime Fitness Massage prices

If you get a massage at the Vestavia Hills Life Spa in ~ the life time Fitness Gym in Alabama, then you could pay in between $90 come $100 because that a traditional 60-minute massage top top average.

Blue Cliff Massage Prices

A managed 50-minute massage from students in training in ~ Blue Cliff college can price as small as $18 to $35 on Groupon in ~ participating locations. Please note these offers may be seasonal.

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Massage cost Factors

Duration: most massages will certainly last because that 60 minute or 90 minutes. Return the standard rate is about a dollar per minute in many locations, you have the right to sometimes acquire a discounted dollar-per-minute price if you publication a longer massage.Location: It"s typical to pay an ext for a massage in ~ an exclusive day spa and also massage clinics since the fee often has bonuses such as luxurious showering facilities, complimentary drinks, totally free soaks in a jacuzzi or other amenities. Cell phone or in-home massages can also cost slightly an ext to sheathe the costs of the therapist"s transport to and also from her home. As result of varying costs of living in various places, you"ll additionally find higher prices because that a massage in big cities together as brand-new York or mountain Francisco, which might be twice as lot as a massage in a little town in Iowa, for example.Specialized Massage: any kind of massage beyond the simple Swedish style taught in most massage schools can cost an ext because that the extra training required to learn it. An extensive treatment, such as trigger allude therapy the requires an ext effort native the therapist costs much more due to the extra job-related it involves.Add-ons: any kind of extra massage enhancements such together a sugar scrub, using necessary oils choose in aromatherapy, exfoliation treatments, cupping, warm stones, or anything favor those will include extra fees to your bill.Packages: If you arrangement on getting much more than one massage in ~ a location, then it help to ask what type of discounts they offer on massage packages to gain the complete value for your money. You may see uses for seasonal discounts once you come to be a member or as soon as you book massages for family and friends as well.Corporate Events: If you book a chair massage specialist because that your following corporate gathering, you can pay around $190 to $380 to have a 10-minute massage for 10 human being within 2 hours at part places. It may average under to around $10 hourly every therapist, which is great deal.

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Frequently request Questions

How lot do you guideline a massage therapist?

In the joined States and parts the Canada, most world leave a pointer of up to 20 percent. However, girlfriend wouldn"t pointer if her massage is at an all-inclusive spa whereby they instantly include a guideline for their services on the full bill.

If you"re in doubt about the tipping practices at your location, climate you can constantly call ahead and ask the receptionist if they encompass a tip instantly in the bill, or if it"s no expected.

Should you feeling pain or any soreness during a massage?

Some massages such together a deep organization massage, trigger allude therapy, Rolfing soft-tissue manipulation, or acupressure have the right to leave you emotion slightly sore afterward. This massages depend on the therapist working deeper into the tissues, i m sorry helps relax toxins that have the right to lead to minor soreness because that one to two days. However, the pain need to be minimal and go away within around three days.

If friend have lengthy pain for approximately a main -- specifically if the pain boosts rather 보다 decreasing in time -- climate that"s a authorize that this therapist might have created a misalignment in her body. You must see a chiropractor to correct any postural damages done. Girlfriend can paper a complaint with them, or friend can also report them to the far better Business Bureau because that malpractice.

How much clothing should you take off for a massage?

The only types of massage where you should be nude or wearing only underwear are typically those that incorporate oils or lotion. In the united States, national regulations state the if you get a massage if nude, then the therapist must keep her private parts adequately extended with a sheet at every times. Plus, they need to leave the room when you"re an altering and if you obtain dressed afterward, always knocking before they go in to ensure her privacy. Certain species of massage perform not need you come remove any kind of clothing, such together shiatsu, chair massage, or Thai massage.

Should you do conversation during the massage?

The only things you have to tell her bodyworker are:

If their technique is hurting you.If girlfriend have any medical conditions or old injuries that give you chronic pain.If you require them to spend an ext time on any type of extra ill muscles.

Any conversation beyond that is completely optional and also up come you. Do every little thing helps friend relax and feel comfortable.

What if you loss asleep or drool during a massage?

It"s typical to walk to sleep without also realizing it throughout a massage, so the therapist won"t mind. In most cases, it deserve to be a great sign the the bodywork is help you release a the majority of pent-up tension. If you tend to fall asleep throughout a massage, climate scheduling a massage closer to the end of your day is often far better since it will help you sleep far better when you gain home.

What if you need to go to the bathroom during your massage?

It"s finest to tell her therapist quite than holding that in and also waiting till after the massage to go. Massage therapists won"t mind. Spas often administer a bathrobe that you can conveniently slip ~ above to walk to the restroom.

What if you get ticklish throughout a massage?

Let her bodywork specialist understand that you are ticklish prior to the massage begins. Otherwise, girlfriend can mention it during the massage. They will appreciate it much more if friend speak up and also ask because that a more powerful touch or an ext pressure, i beg your pardon will assist relieve the tickling sensation.

What if you need to pass gas during a massage?

Since one of a massage therapist"s purposes is to boost your circulation, they won"t it is in surprised or offended if you pass gas during the massage. If friend have excessive gas or feeling uncomfortable about it, then you can constantly tell them that you should go the restroom for a little break.

What if you gain an erection during a massage?

To most bodyworkers, a customer who it s okay an erection is no a big deal. They view the customer through the eye of their training, as if see a collection of organs and muscles on the table through an X-ray machine. Therefore, a license is granted massage therapist or cosmetic expert will overlook an erection and also let it go away top top its own. Their plan is no to come into any kind of contact through genitals or nipples, and the law requires them no to cater to any type of clients requesting sexual contact either.

Are massages tax deductible?

In part instances, you deserve to itemize her massages as taxation deductions. Generally, your complete medical expenses need to be at the very least 7.5 percent that your income to qualify together a taxes deduction, though some exceptions may apply. Your medical professional should additionally prescribe massages for your problem as component of a physical therapy program.

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Questions to Ask A Massage Therapist

How long have you to be a massage therapist?

For a most massage therapists, castle don"t start to construct their personal massage layout until they have actually at least one year the experience. After 2 years of law bodywork, lock become an ext confident in their method and still have lots of enthusiasm for their profession. It"s rare to uncover a bodyworker with 10 years or much more of experience. If you do, climate you have to expect come pay an ext for your extra knowledge and capability to provide you a very high-quality massage.

What kind of massage training have actually you had?

You"ll endure a large difference between a massage native a student at the local neighborhood college matches a student that went to one of the nation"s top organizations of healing arts. The much longer they went to school and also the more varieties the massage they"ve studied, the much more you deserve to expect a higher-quality treatment from them.

Are you certified or licensed massage therapist?

Ask the therapist or esthetician if they"ve received a state license. Many states in America call for massage therapists come acquire between 500 come 600 hrs of training before they gain their license. You"re always better off booking a licensed therapist because they will have actually a thorough understanding of the appropriate precautions and also procedures to assist you relax and also detox quite than by chance hurting friend on the massage table.

For example, The massage therapist at effective Massage in Providence, RI, is plank certified in both medical massage and manual lymph drainage, and also is currently working on oncology patients at the Cancer institute of Rhode Island. She prices begin at $55/hour.

What form of massage perform you specialize in?

Before you tell the therapist what her favorite massage style is, ask them what kinds of massage they specialize in. If they don"t instantly mention the form of massage girlfriend want, then you"d be much better off booking a various therapist who deserve to cater better to your preferences. There is a tremendous distinction between specific modalities such together deep tissue and straightforward reflexology, because that example, so don"t to trust that any therapist is fantastic at every kind of modality due to the fact that that"s generally not the case.

Where else have you worked?

It"s great to hire or work-related with a massage specialist who has functioned in various locations since they regularly have a better understanding of different massage types. However, a massage therapist that works for an ext than 2 years also at one place can still sell you great treatment.

Do you need a health questionnaire from your clients?

In many states, the law requires therapists come ask client to fill the end a health and wellness questionnaire in ~ the very same time they likewise sign a waiver confirming the they recognize the terms and also conditions the the massage service. If you aren"t inquiry for any kind of of this, climate you must question if they room a license is granted therapist.

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Do you have experience working through my health condition?

You should always discuss any type of chronic health problems you have with your therapist before the massage begins. If friend have any kind of alignment worries or spinal injuries or conditions such together scoliosis because that example, climate you certainly want to work-related with a massage therapist who has experience working v these conditions in their past clients.