I"m spring to do a see-through container because that an attached steaming system for some work I to be doing.

You are watching: How much heat can plexiglass withstand

Obviously, my very first thought to be something choose 1/4" plexiglass (easy to acquire and also work with).

I watch the "melting/molding" allude of the is generally considered come be approximately 150C/300F. The heavy steam I"ll it is in putting right into the crate will just be about 115*C. Plausible? any type of other suggestions?

It is reasonably important to have the ability to see the product ns am working with, therefore the material needs to be clear... Costs are relatively irrelevant (I am v the government after all)


The box is also quite large, end 6" in length and 8-12" wide.

Ultrason is what they do sterilizable baby bottles out of. Datasheet says 428F

Not sure if you have the right to buy it in sheet or tube though, looks choose it"s because that injection molding.

Glass would probably be one of the greater temperature clean materials.

93EXCivic wrote: Glass would more than likely be among the greater temperature clean materials.

Pyrex too.


Borosilicate glass. This is the high temp ingredient they usage in Pyrex and also other rap glassware.

What around Makrolon?

Autolex wrote: What around Makrolon?

You victory the internets. Makrolon the is. And as a bonus, ns don"t also have to construct it now, I gain to below it the end to some other company. Dual bonus!

Makrolon = Polycarbonate, AKA Lexan..

Zomby Woof wrote: Makrolon = Polycarbonate, AKA Lexan..

Which is fine, due to the fact that if girlfriend look up its specs, it has tendency to it is in rated as much much more heat resistant than other lexans or plexiglas". That is rated for 135c prior to it starts to bend/warp. Most other version are just rated come 100c which is as well low.

Plexiglass is acrylic, and useless. Lexan, Makrolon, etc. Space trade names.

Zomby Woof wrote: Plexiglass is acrylic, and also useless. Lexan, Makrolon, etc. Space trade names.

Hey Mike, I know that. What matters is the Makrolon states it has actually a higher heat resistance because that the type of polycarbonate (because you desire to be so densely specific) that I desire to use.

Plexiglass is no "useless" in my situation. However polycarbonate is probably more useful. Other something quit gift an glowing happy human something something. Semantics space tiring.

See more: 'What State Of Matter Takes The Shape And Size Of Any Container ?

That was simply an FYI. Ns didn"t average it the way. Most human being know dick around plastics.

You think you"re swearing now, try working with acrylic


The next man that asks me for a piece of UHMW get"s punched in the face, though.

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