I agree that this is a tricky question and the answer counts on the tradition to i m sorry the answerer belongs. Below is a simple, yet plausible scheme that no everyone will certainly agree.

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In the Gospel that John, who shows up to be fairly careful around his time elements, we have a series of Jewish feasts mentioned. The most far-reaching of this feasts because that chronological objectives is the Passover feast i m sorry occurred about March/April in our modern-day calendar.

John 2:13, 23 - Passover feast a couple of months ~ Jesus" baptismJohn 5:1 - unnamed feast however probably the Passover.John 6:4 - Passover feastJohn 7:2 - feast the booth (or tabernacles) 6 month after feast that PassoverJohn 10:22 - feast the dedication - a couple of months laterJohn 12:1 - Passover feast once Jesus was crucified

By this an easy account Jesus ministry began several months before His an initial Passover throughout the 15th year the the regime of Tiberius Caesar (Luke 3:1) and also ended at His crucifixion about 3½ years later.

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In assistance of what Mac"s Musings has already submitted, I found an short article that I have actually quoted below in full (with permission).

According to Luke 3:1, man the Baptist began his set in the 15th year the Tiberius Caesar’s reign. Tiberius to be appointed together co-regent through Augustus in advertisement 11, and 15 years later on would be advertisement 26. Jesus started His ministry soon thereafter at around the age of thirty (Luke 3:23). This gives us a basis upon i m sorry we can approximate what year Jesus started His public ministry: around ad 26. As for the finish of His ministry, we know that that culminated v His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension.

According to John’s Gospel, Jesus to visit at least three annual Feasts that Passover v the course of His ministry: one in john 2:13, an additional in 6:4, and also then the Passover the His crucifixion in 11:55–57. Just based on that information, Jesus’ ministry it s long 2 years, at the very least.

Because of the lot of points that Jesus accomplished and the locations He traveled during His ministry, many scholars think there was an additional Passover, not pointed out in the Gospels, i beg your pardon fell in between the Passovers of john 2 and John 6. This would lengthen Jesus’ ministry come at the very least 3 years.

We have the right to add an ext time because of all the took place prior to the first Passover of Jesus’ set in man 2. By the time of that an initial Passover (in the spring of 27), Jesus had already traveled indigenous the area of the Jordan come Cana come Capernaum come Jerusalem. He had actually been i was baptized by man (Matthew 3:13–17), to be tempted in the wilderness (Matthew 4:1–2), started His preaching set (Matthew 4:17), called His first disciples (John 1:35–51), perform His very first miracle (John 2:1–11), and made a trip to Capernaum v His household (John 2:12). All this would have taken number of months, at least.

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Add to the the 40 days between Jesus’ resurrection and also His ascension (Acts 1:3), and we have actually a complete length of Jesus’ earthly ministry. From His baptism come His ascension, the so late summer the 26 to the spring of 30, us have roughly 3½ years.