On November 28, 2017, LeBron James was ejected because that the very first time in his 15-year career. The Cleveland Cavaliers were play LeBron’s previous team the Miami Heat and James stole the ball from James Johnson. LeBron make the efforts to go coast-to-coast yet Johnson bumped him and also LeBron missed his shot.

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James ran over to the referee and screamed at him due to the fact that he assumed Johnson fouled him. The ref gave LeBron a double technical and also he was ejected.

LeBron James has actually fouled the end 8 times in his career. On April 9, 2017 the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Atlanta Hawks. James fouled out throughout overtime. The referee do a terrible call. The Hawks defeated the Cavaliers 125-126. Historically, the Cavs room 2-3 once LeBron fouls out. Once James played because that the Miami warmth he fouled out of 3 games and also the heat lost each one.

Cleveland Cavaliers (2003-2010)

LeBron James fouled out of his an initial game as a NBA player top top December 18, 2004. The Cavaliers played the Boston Celtics in ~ home. This to be the only home video game LeBron has ever fouled out of. They lost 107-114. ~ above November 24, 2006, James fouled out for the second time in his career in a lost versus the Indiana Pacers. Top top April 2, 2008 the fouled out in a game versus the Charlotte Bobcats. The Cavs won the video game 118-114.

How many Times has LeBron James Fouled the end In His Career?

Miami heat (2010-2014)

On June 3, 2012, James fouled out versus the Boston Cetics. The Miami warm lost 91-93. This as the very first time James fouled out of a postseason game. In 2013, he fouled the end of a game against the Indiana Pacers. The heat lost 92-99. This was his 2nd time fouling out during the postseason.
LeBron James has actually fouled the end for just the 2nd time in his postseason career. He also fouled the end last year vs Celtics.
ESPNStatsInfo) may 29, 2013

On January 10, 2014, James fouled out of a game against the Brooklyn Nets. Miami lost 95-104.

Return to Cleveland (2014-present)

James fouled the end on February 6, 2017 against the Washington Wizards. The Cavaliers winner the game140-135. Top top April 9, 2017, James fouled the end of one overtime game against the Atlanta Hawks. The Cavs shed 125-126. The referee made a mistake yet LeBron taken on it well. He rushed come the bench to prevent receiving a technological foul.

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