TIP !!Prices climbed on 01 January....Standard stamps (with no price significant on them, just "lettre verte" orwhatever ) boost in worth in line with the expense of the service :stamps v a monetary confront value(such as.1.30 €)donot.

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There are 3rates because that letters approximately 250 grammes, and also two because that letters approximately 3 kg.The standard rates for letter upto 20 grams are:First-class or priorityrate :1.16€ (1 priority stamp)Lettre verte rate: 0.97€ (1lettre verte stamp)Ecoplirate: 0.86€ (1Ecopli stamp)The standard prices for letters weighing20 - 100 grams are:First-class or priorityrate :2.32€ -(2priority stamps)Lettre verterate:2 lettre vertestamps = 1.76€ Ecoplirate: 1.72€ -(2Ecopli stamps)Forall other rates, ask at a short article office (bureau de poste).Note: the 20g - 50g rate has actually been suppressed, purportedlyin stimulate to simplify the system.
Save oninternational postage
DiscoverFrench online stores that supply to other nations - in some instances for free....

Belowyou will discover the main international air-mail postage ratesfor France,and the cheapest - or rather, the very least expensive - rates forsending parcels from France.

For every otherpostal prices (notably pre-paid envelopes, recordeddelivery, heavier items), the is ideal to visit a neighborhood postoffice.

it is advisable to include an air-mailsticker oninternationalmail, though this is not essential. Virtually all international mailwithin the european Union is sent by airmail unless surface ar mail isfaster.

Lastcollections from letter boxes in urbanareas space usually about 4 p.m., however later from main write-up offices. Inrural areas, letter boxes space often cleared just once a day, frequentlybefore midday. Stamps deserve to be purchase in short article offices, butoften also from"tabacs", or tobacconists offering postcards.

2.1. Postcards andsimpleletter prices from France 2020

Howmuch does it expense to send a postcardabroad native France ?
All countries worldwide (same price everywhere)€1.40
Howmuch does it price to send a letter increase to20 gmfrom France ?
Allcountries an international (same price everywhere)€1.40

2.2. Documents and heavier letter

Take treatment !SendingInternational packages indigenous FranceLa Poste"s postalratesare complex , and informationis no alwaysclear - not even toall post-office staff. By purchase around, girlfriend may have the ability to get prices 50% cheaper 보다 La Poste"srates, because that tracked delivery. The is a an excellent idea to inspect rates online beforetaking a parcel or package come a write-up office. For alternative offers, check out shoparoundbelow
Howmuch walk it price to send heavierinternational mail from France?(forbooks& brochures, check out below)There is just one tariff classification for letter : the is referred to as "priorityinternational letter". Over there is no second-class or economy rate, norsurface mail rate, forletters
LETTREPRIO Internationale
Weight/DestinationWhole human being ( same price everywhere)
20-100gms€ 2.80 (twointernationalstamps)
100-250grams€ 7.00 (fiveinternational stamps)
250-500gms€ 11.20 (eightinternational stamps)
500gms - 2 kg€ 18.20

2.3.Small packages - parcels

IMPORTANT: SHOP about "La Poste" has actually no syndicate over parcels delivery,neither within France nor abroad. Cheaper rates(up to 50%off) can often be found byusing other carriers, especially if sending city-to-city. examine out Mondial Relay, which functions withthousands the drop-off point out (pointsrelais) all over France. Or inspect otheroptions top top this price to compare site.Packlink.fr (in French): likewise Example:a 1 kg package to the UK costs over 15€ through Colissimo, evenmore v with Chronopost (at apostoffice), yet from 7.74 € if girlfriend drop it turn off at a"Pointrelais"
2.3.1. Standard rate ; usage theLettre prio internationale ratesup to 2 kg, if appropriate(packets no more than 3 centimeter deep), yet beready toinsist as soon as handing over your package forfranking.....seeabove. Because that otherpackages, view Colissimobelow.2.3.2. ColissimoInternational -fast packagerate, -anything up to30 kg for Europe, or approximately 20 kg for other countries..
ColissimoInternationalMain destinationsEurope(see list ofcountries)Norway,Serbia, Turkey, Russia etcRest the world
Up come 500 g€12.3016.6524.35
Upto 1 kg€ 15.2019.9027.10
Up to 2 kg€ 17.2021.7537.30
Up come 5 kg22.0027.9554.55
Up come 10 kg€36.3046.25103.10
Up to 20 kg€60.30 (upto 30 kg)72.15164.60
Colissimo packages are welcomed up come 30 kg, in ~ degressive rates (7kg,8 kg, etc.)Whilethe presence of a "priority" price supposes the existence of anothernon-priority rate, this is no longer the case. Over there is nolonger anyeco or slow global parcel rate from "La Poste". Because that alternativeoptions, use a various carrier (seeabove)Paquet prio& colissimo Europe rates are accessible for thefollowing countries:Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia,Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania,Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia,Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, consisting of Liechtenstein, SanMarino, united Kingdom, Vatican2.3. Books andbrochuresThe latest info availableprovides tarifs together of January 2019. The Livres et brochures rate is forbooks, bruchures and also printed documents in the French language or Frenchregional languages, not containing advertising. The is accessible forbookshops, enterprise andprivate individuals, as indicated plainly inthe "En pratique" section of this page of the La Poste website.

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Booksand brochures - international
Weight/DestinationGreatBritainNetherlands Germany, Switzerland, and all other nations inthe european UnionRestof World(Including USA, Canada, Australia)
up come 100 gms€ 0.50€0.80
100-250grams€ 0.90€ 1.53
250-500gms€ 1.35€ 2.25
500gms - ns kg€ 2.60€ 4.356
1- 2 kg€ 3.50€ 5.95
etc.Max weight: 2 kg, but extended come 25 kg for dedicated mailbags to asingle destinee.Request rates and a mailbag from your regional postoffice.
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