Every spring us rustle up every the items the were taken off our in soil pool and stowed away because that the winter: In-pool ladders, skimmer and also strainer housing baskets, various plugs and also lids for your filtration systems, and also return jet (or together we call them: Eyeballs).

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What is v all the various sizes?

The return jets Prestige Pools & Spas and most other building contractors in ours area use room from Hayward swimming pool Products and also are the most usual in the industry. Written of 3 straightforward pieces, the return jet is among the many widely misused parts in all pools.

The eyeballs for water flow (SP1491B, SP1491C & SP1491D) are sized 3/8”, 1/2” & 3/4”, respectively. The smaller sized eyeball is provided to generate much more back-pressure on returns that room physically the farthest from the filter system. The larger and mid-sized eyeball is offered on return that room the closest to the filter system. Do sense?

But where need to I point them?


Most human being like to point the jets in a unified direction, clockwise or counterclockwise. On older pools, return jets can have been developed on one side or finish of the pool v the skimmer the opposite the return jets.

Conventional wisdom dictates that many pool owner should point the jets up to develop vigorous ripples in the water. ~ all: when we mix batter us whisk the bowl extensively in all manner that directions. This does not necessarily interpret when it comes to your pool and how water is circulated.

Your skimmer(s) are designed to skim surface ar area. Once there is tension on the surface you have actually created more surface area for your skimmer(s) to skim and lengthening the overall procedure of skimming. Stress and anxiety in the surface ar will likewise encourage quicker evaporation and also greater chemical burn off.

If you were to suggest your jets in a downward manner not only will girlfriend not have the concerns explained over but you will encourage higher water turnover/circulation. As displayed below, over time the water circulation will have an ext movement vertically. This enables for much better temperature chemical and also temperature distribution. And finally, this additionally will encourage faster much better overall filtration as the dirtiest part of your water often tends to be the top 4” of the surface.

What if ns Can’t store the surface ar Calm?

Do your best. A many vinyl liner in soil pools we develop have jets in the action area. Due to the nearby proximity the the step(s) come the surface ar of the water, rippling is periodically unavoidable. Bear through this to the best of your ability. ~ above the to add side- The jets, if inserted downward, will store debris from stable too lot on the steps, whereby automatic and manual vacuums have difficulty reaching.

We have All species of Tips.

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