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CategoriesNooks and cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of every evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and screenBirds and also the bees THE body BEAUTIFULHow plenty of pints of blood walk an typical body hold. I have been told the is 8 universally; but can a 5ft human really have actually the same as a 7ft giant?Sophie, bath UK The blood volume of many mammals is roughly 7 to 9% of right bodyweight. If her 7ft giant weighed 100kg (15St 10lb), castle would have actually a blood volume of 7 to 9 liters (12.3 to 15.85 brother Pints) and also a 5ft human weighing fifty percent that (50kg) would have actually a blood volume the 6 to 8 pints. Kevin Corley, Philadelphia USA friend answered your very own question. An AVERAGE person does have actually 8 pints the blood! that course, bigger or smaller civilization have much more or less. Gary Petty, san Diego,USA hang on, when I offer blood, I give a pint. So have I offered up one eighth the my body fluid? John, Leicester I simply received nine pints of blood! go this average I am a completly brand-new person??? Marc Scahwartz, Brooklyn, NY USA How countless pints the blood does the heart pump every day? Loretta Gipson, LA, USA John, Leicester :Haha you shed 1/8th of her body fluid. Appropriate robbed mind! terry Tibbs, Sabuk wall Bichon province Mrs Lane said that over there are only 5 pints in a person and she was a scientific research teacher!!!! She needs to it is in sacked nowww! i have thought my totality life :( rebekah douglas, altrincham uk Your teacher would have actually meant 5 litres i beg your pardon is around 8 pints. Grace, Durham UK I"ve always been said there to be 12 litres of blood in the human being body, and I never questioned it. Rohit, Bulford, UK add your answer

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