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I already have a bag or Alaska beforehand Peas so i guess I will certainly plant them just to eliminate them so i can try growing something various next year. In the past I get around 3 peas every pod and around 5 pods per plant that = around 15 peas every plant. I have to prosper a lot of pea tree to get sufficient peas because that 1 dinner. 300 seed planted = about 4500 peas still no a the majority of peas. Ns have always planted in the fall due to the fact that that is the advise of neighborhood gardeners. My garden is underwater till mid may I cannot plant any type of seeds until about May 7 to 15 as soon as soil is dry and also 65 degrees. If i plant pea seeds may 10 a 65 day chop will be all set to harvest around July 15 in 98 level weather. Is there very early Pea variety far better than what I have actually that produces much more pods and much more peas every pod and also grows an excellent in hot 98 weather?
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Gary; 3 peas per pod and 5 ford per tree sounds favor you"re growing the dorn pea? ns tried Alaska at an early stage a couple of years back and it was so unproductive, through puny pods, I never did again.I don"t understand anything around gardening in her area but I"d indicate you try other varieties. Right here we get an extremely cool wet springs v summers that have the right to go far into the 90s. I grow only determinate or near-determinate(?) peas the don"t get too tall. They flourish well. I don"t understand much around the other - indeterminate - varieties except they have the right to be too high because that me to transaction with.Novella, Maestro and also Oregon large (huge eye peas through long heavy production) are my early-ish requirements that might fit in your season. I doubt that soil needs to be both dry and 65deg. I"ve properly got lock going early on (mid-Feb) through 1) pre-sprouting indoors and 2) building a ridge about 4 customs high to tree them above the wettest ground. This was choose a mini raised bed: 2 planks part-buried edgewise with soil in the raised area between them. I think I also covered it, but don"t recall. (Birds & critters love the sprouts.) It operated OK, whereby in various other years particle planted that early on just rotted. Ns think it"s a combination of too-cool and too-wet the does lock in, however they don"t require specially heat dry ground. -- yet those early-started peas matured at the very same time as the people planted "conventionally" a complete month later on so I"ve not bothered doing the again; mid-March seems about the faster that makes sense here.This year those 3 varieties were all planted - pre-sprouted but otherwise generally - on April 4 and took around 80 work till harvest. Green arrowhead produced an extremely heavily and took one extra 10 days. Us vacation near to residence & have actually been recognized to dash back for a day, to carry in the peas
time is everything!You asked how numerous peas every plant? ns can"t tell girlfriend - didn"t weigh them, much much less count! This year ns had about 30 ft of row (4 twin rows throughout 3"-6" raised beds) and we had peas for numerous meals, however not enough to last right into fall.There"s nothing so relaxing together shelling peas, summer afternoon in a deckchair.

How plenty of peas walk one tree produce? plant one and also see. The will rely on the kind of pea and also the conditions. Want some peas? Plant two rows 30 feet long, spaced 12 inches and also a particle every 3 inches in the rows. Have fun!


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I planted a 40 ft row of peas yesterday. Tomorrow i am sifting those seeds out that the soil and throwing them into the yard. Ns don"t have to be wasting mine time v the same pea seeds again, I need something the is a big producer.I uncovered Oregon large Pea seed on Ebay 25 seeds space $4.00 if the seeds space Organic or Heirloom the price DOUBLES. Picture shows 8 peas every pod. Exactly how may ford per plant? Where space you buying reasonable price pea seeds? Garden store and also Farmers Co-op have actually no seed now.
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Gary350 wrote:I uncovered Oregon giant Pea seed on Ebay 25 seeds space $4.00 ...... Just how may ford per plant? Where are you to buy reasonable price seeds?
Here on the west coast, critical time I had to buy any I obtained them indigenous West coast Seeds - currently $2.99 Cdn because that approx 75 seeds or $3.99 because that 225. If you"d quite spend $US I'm certain Territorial will have them. Uneven I'm mail-ordering several things I try to uncover them on in-store racks & save the postage. I"d think there must be numerous companies selling them throughout the US. Aren"t friend anyplace near a decent sized garden it is provided outlet? They"re no really rare.How numerous O.G. Ford per plant? Lots. Peas in a pod? i don"t know; never counted either. These are meant come be consumed whole, pod & all, when the peas inside space young & tender. However you can let part mature all the way (still really edible), harvest the seed and also never need to buy them again.I can even send you some seed however I think it"s just legal in opposing direction.Good luck.

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I am obtaining a the majority of conflicting information & incomplete information online for Oregon Giants. One company shows photograph of 11 peas in the pod and says plants are 30" tall.Another company says 8 come 10 peas every pod plants room 3 ft tall.Another agency shows flat pods with no peas, plants are 3" tall. Another company says, harvest in 60 days plants 30" tall.Other providers say sport of the exact same thing.No one says how plenty of pods every plant or how plenty of peas every plant.40 years back I grew peas year after ~ year, I prospered a lot of different varieties do the efforts to find the finest one. Ns never found a variety that would make sufficient peas to have the right to 50 mason jars the peas. Ns was cultivation peas in a 40 ft row seed 2" apart harvest was sufficient for a couple of meals. My ideal crop the peas to be 1 lb the pea seed sprinkled in a patch around 10"x10" square the harvest was small waste the time because that mason jars so us ate them. Ns don"t recall every getting a big number of ford per plant or a huge number the peas per pod. Perhaps I should prosper peas in summer like I do Beans and Tomatoes? I thought peas space a cold weather crop how will certainly they perform in 98 level weather. I provided up on growing peas because that 30 year I prefer to grow huge food producers.