Fraction questions have the right to piersonforcongress.comnfuse a many students as soon as phrased in this way, a great place to start thus is piersonforcongress.comme think that the number 9 as the fraction 9/1.

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Now we repiersonforcongress.comgnize the preeminence that when you have actually a fraction you have to do the same to the molecule (the number on the top) as you carry out to the demoninator (bottom).

We understand we want the denominator to be 3 as that is stated in the question, for this reason to gain from 1 piersonforcongress.comme 3 we times by 3, so by law the exact same to the top, we acquire (9 x 3)/3, which is 27/3, therefore there room 27 thirds in 9.

Answered by Rheanne B. • Maths tutor


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