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Get ready: at 41 weeks, you"re due any day currently (and your original due date may well have actually been a tiny off).

The upside? your baby will certainly arrive a little more alert — and with longer fingernails!

You"ve likely spoken with her practititioner about labor induction, however stay tuned for contractions or other signs that job is near.

Your infant at week 41

So week 40’s come and gone. That’s frustrating (to placed it mildly) yet it’s absolutely not unusual. Several pregnancies last into week 41 or even 42. Reality is, fewer than 5 percent of babies are born on your due date and also about fifty percent of all babies don’t do their debut till well into the tenth month.

But babies deserve to overstay your womb welcome — ~ 42 weeks lock are taken into consideration postmature. What does the mean? It method a baby’s skin may be temporarily dry, cracked, peeling, loose, or wrinkled since the safety cheesy vernix was burned weeks ago. He may have longer finger and also toe nails and also longer hair. He’ll have actually none of the fuzzy lanugo coating and also he may be born much more alert (he is older and also wiser after ~ all!).

Because gift postmature could additionally mean that the placenta is functioning less well and also levels the amniotic fluid are dropping, you’ll be very closely monitored come make sure Hotel Uterus is still a welcoming location for her guest. Any kind of indication that it’s no hospitable anymore, and also your practitioner will likely recommend labor induction. One thing’s for certain — that sweet tiny bundle of baby is coming any day now.


Ready, set, go!

Meanwhile, her body is as all set for birth as it will ever before be. By the time you"re 41 weeks pregnant, her practitioner has actually probably disputed labor induction v you, however that doesn"t mean that you won"t still go into labor on her own; part babies simply need come take their time. Yet here"s the question you save asking yourself: will certainly you understand labor once you feeling it?

Labor contractions

Chances are, you"ll understand it. But just in instance you don"t, here"s a rapid primer. Your water might break (though it may not) and also you may an alert pink- or red-tinged mucous, akabloody show, just prior to labor begins.

Then you"ll feel labor contractions — rhythmical waves of hardening and softening of her uterus — which have the right to come top top quickly and also suddenly for some women and slowly and steadily because that others. Typically, though not always, they start out more apart and also then gain progressively closer together.

Your very first true contractions might feel favor menstrual cramps or a low backache. Many times, the pain will begin in your earlier and radiate towards your front. Yet just as no two pregnancies room the same, no two labors space the same. And though there room such things as textbook labors, numerous break a surprising variety of rules.

If you"re feeling contractions however aren"t certain they"re the genuine thing, speak to your practitioner and describe them. It"s likely that your medical professional or midwife will have the ability to tell by the sound of her voice and a great description of your symptoms even if it is you"re in labor.


Many babies have actually a change in activity in utero in ~ this late stage in the game, mainly because they come to be too cramped in the uterus to save up every those kicks and also pokes. ~ all, they’re at their full size and weight now. You need to still feel rolls, flutters and also twists every work though. If yes sir a sudden decrease in movement, give your medical professional a call. Read More
Now the your baby has actually dropped down right into your pelvis towards the birth canal — v his head most likely right on your bladder — you may be feeling much more of an urge to pee than ever before. Or, you may also start leaking once you cough or sneeze. Proceed to execute Kegel exercises to strengthen those pelvic-floor muscles and consider attract a panty liner to remain dry in the meantime. Read More
You may notification a pink- or brown-tinged mucus discharge in your underpants or the toilet. The passage of this mucus method that blood ship in the cervix are rupturing as it’s beginning to open up in ready for labor, which might be today or number of days indigenous now. Review More
During an inner exam, her practitioner will more than likely tell you how much your cervix is dilated (opened) and also effaced (thinned). This opening and thinning the the cervix median that it’s gaining ready to make method for baby. For some women dilation and also effacement are really gradual — over weeks — and also for some they can take place overnight. Review More
Starting to acquire the runs? It’s very common to suffer diarrhea or also nausea shortly prior to you go into labor. That’s due to the fact that your muscles, consisting of those in your intestines and rectum, are loosening in ready for childbirth. Read More
If the bulging veins in her rectum are bring about you pain — thanks in large part to the boosted blood circulation to her pelvic area and also the push your uterus is placing on your rectum — shot soaking in a heat sitz bath because that 15 to 20 minutes to soothe her aching bum. And don’t forget come ask her practitioner prior to using any kind of medication because that hemorrhoids. Read More
No doubt you"re emotion heaviness and stress in the pelvic region now the your baby has actually dropped down towards the birth canal. To lull the pressure, shot to be sure by lied down through your hips elevated. Read More
If you can not seem to find the oomph to obtain off the couch this days, that’s understandable — ~ all, her late load is weighing you down. On the other hand, friend may an alert a suddenly burst of energy now and also then. If you’ve felt an instant urge to, say, to organize the nursery closet, it is the nesting instinct kicking into high gear, i beg your pardon is nature’s method of helping you come prepare because that your unavoidable arrival. Check out More

You"ve happen 40 weeks, however that doesn"t necessarily typical you"re overdue. In fact, an estimated 70 percent that post-term pregnancies aren"t in reality late at all yet a miscalculation that the day of conception and, as a result, the due date.

If you"ve reached the end of pregnancy, you"ve also reached the finish of pregnancy weight gain. In ~ 41 weeks, the number on the scale may not be going everywhere — or may even be walk down.

This slowdown (or standstill) is actually one way that her body gets all set for job — a authorize that every systems are gearing up because that the large event. Her body is busily ridding chin of liquid it won"t require once its baby-making factory shuts down, which consists of a fall in amniotic fluid as well as an increase in to pee (and perhaps poop).

You may additionally be shedding weight due to the fact that you’re sweating much more — a habit that will certainly pick up in the weeks after ~ delivery. The an initial postpartum week, especially, will certainly be a very damp one as your body procedures up the sweat manufacturing to flush out all the fluid that’s built up over the past nine months.

About 2 in 3 ladies who deliver at a hospital opt for anepidural throughout labor and delivery. A mainstay of pregnancy pain relief, epidurals are numbing agents that can integrate analgesics (pain relievers without the ns of muscle movement) v anesthetics (pain relief through a lose of sensation).

Usually, one epidural have the right to be offered as shortly as you ask for it (and an anesthesiologist come to offer you one), but due to the fact that the shooting will need to be given between contractions, it’s a an excellent idea come ask because that it reasonably early in the labor process.

Try to remain relaxed and comfortable, and also don"t it is in shy around asking your coach for everything you must stay that way, whether it"s a ago rub, ice chips or a washcloth to cool your face. Remember, your partner or coach is walking to have a hard time anticipating your demands — especially if this is your very first go-around.

When your contractions end up being too solid for you come talk through them, you"ll start your breath exercises, if you"re using them. In between contractions, shot to change positions. Employee at the hospital will certainly be ~ above hand come time her contractions and monitor the baby"s position and progress.

If you gain an epidural, you"ll be hooked up to an IV to maintain your fluids after it’s administered and potentially a continuous fetal monitor. Unless you have a wade epidural, you may not have the ability to move your legs really much, but try to adjust positions consistently if girlfriend can.

While you"re counting under the hours prior to your infant is born, discover ways to ease up those it is too dirty muscles. Besides, it might be a while before you can relax again.

Tense your facial muscles for five seconds, climate relax them. Perform the exact same with your neck muscles, then her shoulders, functioning your way down her body.

And remember to breath — slowly. Need more help relaxing? hear to your favorite soothing tunes — i.e. No hefty metal — and also start deep breathing again.

A for sure mattress can do wonders for one aching back. If her is on the softer side, shot placing a board under her side of the bed for the rest of her pregnancy.

Using a human body pillow that’s at the very least 5 feet lengthy — which have the right to take the ache out of details sleep positions — deserve to also assist you get comfy at night.

You’re likely champing in ~ the bit now that your due date has come and gone. However be great to yourself. Rest and relax as much as possible. Get out for part fresh air and exercise every job if you can, but don’t press yourself too much — or worry too lot either.

As lengthy as you’re in close call with your doctor and have a arrangement in situation your small one demands a tiny nudge out into the world, every is fine. Nice soon, you’ll be looking back on this days of freedom wistfully. So gain in as lot “me time” as you deserve to now.

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