There’s one point that Tami roman finds more important than being a reality star and also an actor: gift a mom. Roman inn shares two daughters with her ex-husband, former basketball player Kenny Anderson. Though she gushes over children, she admits that she was disappointed by she daughter Jazz Anderson coming the end to her together bisexual via a text message.

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(L-R) Jazz Anderson and also Tami roman inn 2017 | Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Jazz Anderson speaks around her sexuality and her family’s response

Anderson is a co-host the the talk present In The Mix the airs ~ above FOX Soul and has provided her communication to re-superstructure her endure as a bisexual woman. During an October 2020 episode, Anderson shared that she was never hiding her sexuality. 

She says she was motivated to deal with her sexuality due to her deciding to keep her virginity until marriage. Due to the fact that of she public declaration, Anderson claims she to be bombarded with hateful social media comments saying the she’s component of the LGBTQ community.

“My virginity is not associated with my sexuality,” she insists. “I am bisexual and I do look in ~ myself as a bisexual woman in 2020. I have been through females and I’ve been through males.”

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Since making she sexuality clear, Anderson admits the there has actually been some contention in her family. In a current episode of the show, she claims her sisters Lyric feeling blindsided by her revelation.

“She felt choose how have the right to you phone call the human being instead of coming to me and being open and also honest through me first,” she says. “Sometimes, it have the right to be a little judgemental together siblings…we’re two different people, we’re separate people.”

Anderson states the 2 didn’t speak for around a month yet have since reconciled and also are closer than ever. 

Tami Roman claims she to be ‘hurt’ through Jazz Anderson comes out as bisexual via a message message

Roman says she is supportive of her daughter and also is happy that she common her story with the world. Yet on a current episode the her own FOX soul talk present Get right into To It, roman inn told TS Madison the she came to be a little upset v the method Anderson come out come her: via text message.

Roman likewise says that she battles with Anderson not potentially having actually a husband and children, admitting she when felt Anderson was selfish.

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That wasn’t what i envisioned because that my daughter. When any kind of mother is pregnant v her son, she no say, ‘I want my boy to it is in a gay male.’ when she has a daughter, she doesn’t say, ‘I want my daughter to it is in a lesbian.’ friend hope that if that’s their fact that she able to love them and also still have actually a relationship and a rapport with them. And also there room some mother out there that don’t. Ns the kind of mother that does. But at the very same time, this is no what ns envisioned, I want her to have actually a husband and kids. I felt choose she selfishly v a monkey wrench in mine plans.

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Roman and also Anderson continue to have open and engaging conversations. For Roman, she wants to know and also understand what Anderson is going through so the she can completely be her greatest cheerleader.