When you smoke weed, that is way to know exactly how much THC – the psychoactive compound in cannabis – you room consuming at any kind of one time. There room a multitude of ways to use cannabis, and also although cigarette smoking a share or using a bowl are the ‘traditional’ methods, one increasing number of people room dabbing.

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However, measuring the quantity of THC friend consume is an extremely difficult. What you acquire from a joint is not the very same as what you’d consume via dabs, because that example. And also of course, the kind of stress, overload is immensely essential when it comes to all at once THC levels.

In this guide, us attempt to make points a tiny easier through outlining the almost right amount that THC in a bowl, a dab, and also a traditional joint.

Before we begin, though, the is important to note that when the an approach you use has a major impact on just how much THC gets right into your system, other determinants to consider include a person’s lung capacity, weight, size, in its entirety health, and even their an individual preference on just how they inhale.

How plenty of Mg of THC in a Dab? We have the Answer

Overall, those who dab THC will obtain a greater amount the the cannabinoid due to the fact that they space dabbing concentrates. The is common for a concentration such as wax or shatter to save at the very least 70% THC, and also the highest THC dabs ~ above the market have the right to contain fine over 90%. (Bear in mind that just a few strains you’ll smoke in a joint contain more than 25% THC).


On the downside, that isn’t straightforward to calculate the quantity of wax you use each time girlfriend dab, for this reason it may be precious investing in an accurate weighing scale. Let’s say you usage a 0.5 g dab which has actually a THC contents of 70% (most dabs space either 1-gram or 0.5 g). The wax has 0.35 g (350 mg that THC), yet you could lose up to one-third that it once vaporizing. If this happens, you’ll finish up with approximately 235 mg the THC per hit (if friend can complete the whole dab in one hit).

In truth, over there is no particular “formula” to use once trying to figure out how much THC is in a dab – several determinants come right into play.

Whatever the certain percent level is, however, respect the potency of the dab! Imagine to buy a smokable marijuana strain through 18% THC. 1 gram would certainly equate to 180mg the THC. If you acquisition a 90% THC dab, you’d only require 200mg to attain the very same level of consumption of the psychoactive compound.


Moreover, as you take it in much more of it per hit, the result is magnified; if girlfriend consume 180mg of THC quickly, girlfriend will quickly regret that decision — trust us.

How many Mg the THC in a Bowl?

The mg the THC in a key really just depends on two things: how large the bowl is, and what the THC contents of the strain you’re smoking is. Of course, the lot of weed girlfriend fit in a key will likewise depend on exactly how tightly you pack it, together with the maximum capacity of the bowl itself.

As such, in stimulate to provide you v a decent summary of the mg quantity of THC that’s in a marijuana bowl, we’ll have to make a pair of assumptions: namely, the percentage of THC that’s in the weed you’re smoking, and the size of the key you’re using.

A normal, standard-sized bowl will contain right about 0.25 grams that weed. So let’s say girlfriend purchased decent top quality weed with a THC content of 18%. Remember, one gram that weed equates to roughly 180mg THC. Some experts believe that friend will shed up come 60% during burning (more on that later), yet had there been no lose whatsoever, you would have 45 mg that THC in her bowl.

As you just consumed about 40% of that amount because of burning, though, your bowl most likely has about 18mg of really THC that’s make it right into your body. Of course, these room rough estimations yet you can already see the sample here: in terms of the lot of THC in a dab vs a bowl, the dab is going to be a much much more potent option.

How lot THC is in a Joint?

When it involves calculating how countless mg of THC there space in a joint, you encounter the same problems as you perform with both dabs and also bowls.


You require to think about the potency of the weed, the loss of THC as result of combustion, and the dimension of the joint you roll, among other factors.

If girlfriend lost fifty percent of the THC because of burning, because that example, a 1-gram share rolled v 18% THC weed would enable you to consume about 90mg that THC.

To be honest, the above may be a little over-simplistic, but we felt it necessary to carry out an easy-to-digest synopsis of THC consumption. Follow to a study published ~ above the UK Cannabis net Activists website in 1990, anywhere between 40% and also 50% that THC is shed when smoking cigarettes joints – much less than as soon as you usage a bowl, but an ext than when you dab.


Therefore, a marijuana strain v 20% THC provides 200mg every gram, but you will certainly inhale a preferably of 120mg (assuming friend ‘only’ lose 40%). Over there is additionally a major difference in how much weed is contained in an median joint. Christopher Ingraham that The Washington Post argued that a joint has 0.32 grams of marijuana, and this evaluation was released in Drug and also Alcohol Dependence in 2016.

The “THC Dosage” Formula

As a result, we can multiply 0.32 through 120 mg to end up with 38.4mg the THC per joint, in a “best-case scenario.” However, it has likewise been said that 0.75 grams is a popular joint size; in this case, your joint would have actually a lining 90mg of THC (after you account for combustion losses).

While this might not seem as well over-complicated, we’re not done yet! as soon as your share is burning, THC condenses towards its end, which way the first half of her joint is less potent than the second half. In various other words, the an initial half the the share may have actually 40 mg of THC, if the second half could have actually 50mg or more.

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Chart compare THC contents of Joints vs. Bowls vs. Dabs

Below you’ll find a convenient table showcasing the lot of THC that’s in a share vs a bowl vs a dab. Be advised but that this table is because that estimation purposes only! depending on the potential of weed you’re using and the dimension of the joint your cigarette smoking (or the size of the bowl/dab), you might get a very different THC content. Us tried to use what is thought about an “average” size for every of the three usage methods. The is, a 0.32 g joint, a 0.25 g bowl, and also a 0.5 g (500 mg) dab.