If friend purchased one AEG (automatic electrical gun) and also want to change it deserve to be complicated to recognize which one fit and which battery must you use. No every airsoft gun have actually the exact same power calculation which deserve to determine how an effective your airsoft is.

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I’m right here to call you just how to make her airsoft gun more powerful and also which battery you must pick.

Which airsoft battery must you use? The best airsoft battery you need to use room Lithium-ion (LiPo), they space able to recharge fast, and you can get them in smaller or various size compared to Nickel Cadmium and Nickel metal hydride.

There are likewise other things to think about like size, battery type, plug (how to replace it), and also what room the procedures to do when replacing battery and etc.

If you continue reading the article, ns will offer you one in-depth about batteries and help you to find the best one for YOU.

When have to Battery it is in Replaced?

It’s difficult to tell as soon as battery needs to be replaced. It all comes down just how much girlfriend recharge it and also using it.

Battery have actually a restricted before lock don’t work-related properly or not reliable anymore. In general, battery don’t need to be replace unless girlfriend want much more power or the lifespan lessened too much.

If you feel the battery is draining too much or doesn’t last long, it would be wise to change it. However, it have the right to be complicated to decision which one is appropriate if girlfriend don’t know around batteries.

For me, i usually replace with a new once the battery capacity space to low.

What sort Of Batteries can Your Airsoft gun Use?

Airsoft guns are qualified of using can use any battery types. The purpose of battery is to spin the engine so it have the right to fire BBs consistent. Airsoft gun that is it is provided by battery are called as AEG (Automatic electrical Gun).

Airsoft gun that is it is provided by gas have the right to either change with CO2 or green gas. As for AEG, you have to replace the old battery with a brand-new one. For this reason you could wonder what battery deserve to be changed, fine there space three kind of battery the is supplied for AEG.

Nickel CadmiumNikel steel HydrideLithium-ion

To provide you idea what room the benefit and disadvantage, I give you details each the them and which one (personal opinion) which one is the best.

Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)

The benefit of using it due to the fact that it has the ability to charge very fast and also cheap. However, if friend don’t discharge them completely before you begin recharging battery, you would risk losing storage capacity. An additional problem is the low energy density.

If friend don’t usage the battery, it would certainly self- discharge which way you should recharge them prior to use.

Since Nickel Cadmium room toxic, lock are recognized to be environmentally unfriendly. Since it supplies toxic metal, over there are couple of countries which allow using these form of batteries.

It’s a well-known chargeable battery, but nowadays, it’s less available mainly since it’s toxic and also not friendly for the environment.


Charge really fast


Create heat while charging, there’s a chance it could explode if it gets overcharged.Not friendly because that the environmentNeeds to it is in discharged totally or friend can get the threat of shedding storage capacity.Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)

NiMH battery is the most famous option to go for instead of Nickel Cadmium due to safety.

It contains an ext of charge due to greater voltage and also have slower self-discharge i beg your pardon is much slower 보다 NiCd batteries. The only downside is the while charging, it’s slower 보다 NiCd, but much safer due to the fact that it won’t overheat or explode.


Environmentally friendlyStorage room 30-40% greater than NiCdLess susceptible to memory than NiCd


High self-discharge20% much more expensive than NiCdLithium-ion (LiPi)

This is my personal favorite battery type. In our world, lithium-ion space the most developed batteries. In ours phone, cars, flashlight and also etc. The benefit of Lithium-ion is that it’s lightweight, and variety of shapes, especially for compact weapons.

Lithium-ion battery can withstand airsoft gun the consumes battery energy quickly because they have huge capacity and more efficient than MiCd.

They have actually zero memory which method you deserve to recharge the without having to worry about being overcharged. That does price more, yet it’s fine worth since of the safety.


Lightweight and sells in different shapesIdeal for airsoft that consumes high energy than NiCdLow self-discharge: Lithium-ion have less self-discharge 보다 NiCd and NiMHLow maintenance: you have the right to recharge without affecting their performance. NiCd, however, requires to discharge before you have the right to recharge it.


Cost approximately 40% much more than NiCdAging: Li-ion battery room not sturdy as NiCd or NiMH and suffer capacity loss gradually (depending number of charge, and also discharge cyles the battery has gone through).

Why I pick Lithium-ion as battery source on my airsoft gun

As I already mentioned, the factor why every players should use it due to the fact that it’s lightweight, high energi capacity and also most important, long lifespan.

Nickel Cadmium have actually the capacity to charge fast, yet in stimulate to charge the battery it demands to be empty or battery will be damaged. The various other reason is accessibility. They are harder come get due to the fact that they space not friendly because that the environment due to the fact that it save on computer dangerous acid.

Despite Lithium take much longer time to charge, it’s much safer.

Majority electric cars do additionally use Lithium-ion as battery and also get the benefit from it. However, in return the battery might cost much more but it’s precious for numerous years to come.

What is C rate in LiPo batteries?

While looking at Lithium-ion batteries, you will notice LiPo have actually these letters. For quick answer the determine exactly how much it can push and this can be uncovered out by including mAH and C rating together.

The C rating tells us how rapid a battery deserve to discharge it’s energy. And also the higher C rating it has, the an ext power that delivers come motors.

mAH * C rating = preferably discharge in amps.

For example:

A 1300mAH 20C have the right to push approximately 26 amps and has 1300mAh. 1300mAH * 20C = 26 amps

What is the difference in between mAH and also C rating?

mAH offers us information how long the battery would last in hour, while C rating tell united state what is the max present draw native the battery there is no overheating or damaging the battery.

Why go it issue to airsoft?

The greater C rating, the shorter it would certainly last, however it will certainly withdraw a many current, for instance LMG. These gun need consisten and need come discharge a lot native battery because their engine is large and have to spin fast. LMG is typically used as support because they sheathe for your teammates.

As for constant rifle (AEG), don’t require it due to the fact that motor is small and girlfriend will frequently hold the trigger for a few second or longer. The very same goes for automatic pistol, castle don’t require it because there are a few moving part.

As ns told you previously that battery have a safety attribute that prevents battery from damage or overheating over there is a an easy math.

To find this details you deserve to do that by separating 1 hour (60 min) v the C price of the battery. Climate you will uncover out how long it would certainly last.

6C battery have the right to last in 10minutes (60min/6C=10 min)20C battery have the right to last in 5 minutes (60min/20C=5min)60C battery deserve to last in 1 minutes (60min/60C=1min)What battery shape have the right to you get?

Shape and also size have a huge impact if AEG firearms have only one room for one details shape that batteries. A cheap equipment is come tape it outside the gun, yet it has a higher chance of acquiring damaged by the rain or fall off.

Luckily, airsoft manufacturers have thought about this and also solve this by providing you several options to choose from.

Brick – this batteries have a shape just like a little flat rectangle and also is commonly used for compact guns.Nunchuck – Batteries are fit right into 2 little tubes in the slide stock. Because that example, Tenergy 8.4 airsoft (1600mAh) battery is a good example of how it would look like.Crane – virtually identical to nunchuck battery pack, other than it’s connected two or three tubes that batteries.Stick – The batteries space lined up and look favor a stick. Instead of having actually 2 tubes, this one only has actually one tub.Large – instead of having actually one tube, this one have actually two batteries lined as much as each other.Mini – This is a level battery and smaller than the big version.PEQ – This kind of batteries are stored in a battery pack and used in airsoft guns, but also RC automobile boat, robot, and airplane as well.Battery Plug (and how to adjust the Plug)

Once you obtained an eye ~ above the battery inspect the plug the comes v it. A battery have to different plugs, one for charging and also the other to attach to the motor.Each plug have actually two wire that is supplied to recieve and transfer electricity.

Battery plug have actually two cable (red and black) and also it’s vital they are solid affix for better peformance or the engine won’t run properly. Girlfriend don’t want to buy one and an alert later on the the male and female plug in doesn’t fit every other.

Basically, battery plug have actually two wire (red and also black) and it’s essential they are solid connect for better peformance.

What type of Plugs are used for airsoft?


Tamiya plugs room the most common connector on most of the airsoft guns. These room 14mm vast plastic plug(either in white or green) and can handle up come 15amps of electric energy happen through.

Mini Tamiya

This is the exact same as Tamiya ,but at a smaller size. These are 10mm wide and resist 9 amps of electrical energy happen through. This affix is a great solution if the battery warehouse is narrow.


Unlike the Tamiya, Deans plug is do of tiny red and also have yellow blad sticking out. It’s draft to resist high amps and prevent shedding voltage through the connector. Appropriate for guns with high performance due to the fact that they have actually lower resistance and also less warm build-up. The connector are small, giving much more room inside the battery storage.

Is Deans plug worth it?

Yes, they are not expensive come buy and also easy to change with the old one. This would certainly be the many sufficient way for her battery to supply energy come the engine without shedding too much energy.

This is essential for skilled airsoft players because they spend much to achieve high peformance.

So what item execute you need?

A male deanA mrs deanWire cutterA help handA hair dryersoldershrink tubing

If girlfriend don’t have actually these tool, you have the right to go the regional airsoft and also ask if they deserve to do it because that you.

If you have actually the dorn connector on your battery, don’t panic. Girlfriend can get an adapter so friend don’t have to buy a new one.

If you clock the video clip below it reflects you exactly how to change the plug through Deans plug.

This methode have the right to be used:

To extend the cableReplace a damaged plugChanging to another plug

Important: most airsoft gun have two wires ( red and also black) and also it’s vital that the hopeful goes to positive and negative goes come negativ. This have the right to be confirm if friend plug the in view which wire goes to who.

Battery Charger

Once you have actually installed or purchase new battery, the next step is to pick a charger that is specifically use for airsoft gun.Recharge your battery v a conventional charger offers a higher chance choose damagin her battery or overheating while charging.

What friend would require is a “smart” charger, this an equipment cost extra, but the feature you recieve would be like

Unlike a typical which only recharge consistently without understanding if the battery is complete or not.

What have to You Do before Replacing A new Battery

Now the next step you will discover are things that is necessary knowledge such

What is mAHVoltageHow to calculateWhat would happen if the battery voltage is come high

Once friend read all of them, you will then learn exactly how to change a new battery safetly.

Most beginner don’t recognize that the battery demands to supply enough mAH(milli Ampere-hour) and Voltage for airsoft total to duty properly.Not sufficient voltage or current, the motor won’t be able to work properly.Too lot power would certainly wear and tear internal materials which mitigate the lifespan.


On the battery you will certainly see large letter that is written for example: 1300 mAh or 2600 mAh.

This means milli Ampere-hour, and also this speak you how much power it stores and how lengthy it bring away to drainpipe it out in a hour.

mAH indicate how much power (fuel) the battery has actually when totally charged.How much you need depends on exactly how much the engine consume energy. Large motor requires much more energy since they room powerful, while small motor requires much less energy.

So how much mAH execute your airsoft require (and just how do you calculate it)?

Having high mAH allow you to play v your airsoft total in substantial time before changing a new battery or recharge the till it’s full.

Another reason why choose high mAH permit your pistol to have faster cause response. The best way to determine what is the minimun is through looking in ~ the previous battery your airsoft gun used.

This give you one idea what is the restricted so your airsoft have the right to run smoothly.

How long will your battery last?

As a player you want to know exactly how long the battery will certainly last it rotates it’s empty, many airsoft field usually open from 9:00 to be to 5:00 PM, so you want to lug at least 2 batteries in case the other battery prevent working.

A general dominion of thumb is 1 shot per mAH of the battery. Let’s to speak the battery have 1500 mAH, you can expect come shoot about 1500 shots.

However, ther an outcome wouldn’t be exact of other things that can impact such as temperature, just how long you fee it , how new the battery is and also what function you space playing, and etc.

There is a method to uncover out just how long (or exactly how much the battery would certainly last) deserve to be calculated by separating Battery volume (in mAH) and load current (in mAH).

We require to find out just how much the volume of the battery and also how much mAH go airsoft gun drain.

To carry out this, you would certainly need:

multimeter that is qualified of analysis miliamps14 AWG wire ( about to 6 inches)16 AWG wire (about come 6 inches)two alligator clipsStep 1:

First point is to make a jumper cable through the wire and two alligator clips , and also around 6 inch of wire. The cable should be trim sufficient to attach the clip.

Usually i think black color wire as an adverse and red as positive. It doesn’t matter which side the color is however make things basic to do.

Step 2:

First take the black wire and also connect the cable from the negative side the the battery to the an unfavorable connection of the gun.

Step 3

Next is take the multimeter and set it on come miliamps (mA) and also plug the positive contact (from the multimeter) come the optimistic feed that the battery.

Then plug the negative lead (from the multimeter) right into the hopeful lead of your gun. When you have actually done this steps, it need to look choose this:

Step 4

Test her gun v loaded mag as if girlfriend were play in the field. Take a pair of shots (around 5-6 shots) and write under how numerous miliamps the meter shows each time you fire the gun.

Afterward include all the number together and also divide the by the number of times you check fired the gun. This will be the mean milliamp your gun will attract out of your battery.

How to calculation the battery life

Once you gained these procedures down, it’s time to uncover out how long the battery would certainly last.

This is how you uncover out how long the battery life is:

How to do mAH battery life calculate (Source)


For example:

A battery v 1000 mAH and the gun draw about 200 mAh, girlfriend divide and get 5 hours.A battery through 2000 mAH and also the pistol draw roughly 200 mAh, you divide obtain 10 hours.

Having trouble? You have the right to use this website (Source)which automatically calculate by placing numbers in there, and also in a second you will gain the answer.


Voltage is measure up in (V) and it gives you information on just how much electric energy are yielded to the motor.

The much more voltage the battery has, the motor will try to pull also faster once you host on the trigger. That would response faster, and increase the rate of fire.

There is a misconcept about the much more voltage the battery store, the an ext powerful that is. That is not correct, that only rise the speed of the motor, but not the projectile (which is the BBs).

Higher-voltage battery space for weapons with upgraded/stronger gearbox and an effective springs. Using them on stock gun would hazard the damage to the gun.

How much voltage can you get from Airsoft batteries

In the market, the most common you can acquire are 7.2V, 8.4V, 9.6V and also 10.8V. If this is not sufficient you can additionally buy 12V, yet it’s not usual to have on constant airsoft gun.

The more voltage girlfriend want, the bigger batteries you get and also this can be a difficulty if your gun deserve to only have one particular shape.

Other points to consider

What would occur if the new battery has greater voltage than the stock battery?

Don’t worry, her gun won’t to explode if you switch v a battery that has higher voltage 보다 the previous one. However, there are several things that would certainly occur.

It could be a good thing to change a battery that has higher voltage to make her gun faster, however doing this have the right to put large stress on internal contents such together springs, motor and also trigger contact.

They room calculated to operate at a details voltage and since interior parts space stocks, if you replace with a battery with higher output, the motor would certainly overspin and perhaps damage trigger, wear and tear the gearbox. It reasons them come fail earlier.

If the battery has actually lower voltage and high mAH, the won’t have actually enough electrical energy to carry motor. The motor wouldn’t be able to spin properly.

What battery is the safest to use on airsoft gun?

I have mentioned that replacing battery the have higher voltage can damages the interior components, however some batteries can be dangerous if friend don’t effectively take care of them.

Lithium-ion are really popular batteries for airsoft players, however it can be dangerous if points go wrong (flame popular music up if it’s shorted). However, this deserve to only occur if girlfriend don’t usage a charger that space specifically draft or it obtained puncture.

Safety rules (Things girlfriend Shouldn’t Do)

Don’t pick up through the leads, however by its body – the wires could be pulled off if you execute this too countless times which an outcome fracture native solder joints.

Charge at a safe place – The location needs to it is in fire-proof if charging your battery. Utilizing a Lipo-safe bage is a good solution or usage a ammo box (cheap and good methode).

Don’t charge your battery appropriate away after utilizing it – The battery is still hot so allow it fully cool down prior to charge her battery.

It’s recommended to fee your battery at 1C or less.

Keep watching if charging battery – examine if the battery obtaining warm or starts to swell, if you see that occur stop charging immediatly.

Don’t charge or usage the battery if over there are signs of damage like puncture, puffy or any type of visible sign of damage.

Make sure the charger room corretly collection based on variety of cells and battery type to avoid any kind of damage or overcharge the battery cells.

Don’t leaving the battery, back charger protect against it, it’s a great idea to keep on eye on cabinet voltage regularly.

Don’t fee or leave a battery in the sun or a hot car.

Are charger compatible with various other batteries?

Each individual charger are just compatible for specific battery types. I recognize for a fact that Lipo battery charger deserve to only charge lithium (or lipo) battery, and also there are battery charger because that NiMH/NiCd charger.

Lipo Battery regularly times have two set of bare leads, and if the labels says: LiPO, LIP,LI-PO, Li-Polymer, Li-Poly, Lithium Polymer, Li-ion, Lithium-Ion, Lithium.

Don’t buy cheap batteries

Buying native an unkown agency or people is a poor idea, especially if they are cheap. Battery contains cemical which can start fire, damage the motor within the gun and acid which can burn of the skin. To buy from to trust worthy brand or shop that devoted in airsoft.

Do you require only one battery?

While playing in the field, it deserve to be fairly handy through having much more than one battey with you. If something take place to her battery, girlfriend won’t have the ability to play (unless other human being can lend).

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Normally a battery usually last a day, but if you forgot to completely charge it, it won’t make with out the day, so having an extra battery is the best solution.