Bunnies room hopping anywhere our planet. Part hop through snow and also deserts while others hop with wetlands and also woods. There are lots of different kinds of rabbits and also they are all a small different. For the most part, a rabbit hops, or actually runs, anywhere in between 25 and 45 mph That’s even faster than most home cats deserve to run.

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Rabbits are connected to one more group of animals called hares. Actually, rabbits and hares space in the very same family, Leporidae. Hares look at a lot prefer rabbits, but they have much bigger ears and bigger feet. Europe hares and also jack rabbits, i m sorry are likewise hares, deserve to run upwards of 45 mph. They have long, strong legs that assist give castle hopping power.

That’s what I discovered out indigenous my girlfriend Paul Jensen, a graduate student researcher in ~ Washington State University. He studies snowshoe hares in northcentral Washington state come learn more about populaces in the wild. While rabbits and hares have their differences, they do have actually a few things in common.

Both hares and also rabbits have actually quite a couple of babies in their lifetimes. Hares space born in nests over ground. They are born with their eye open and a human body that’s totally covered in hair. Lock don’t require a many supervision from your parents. Hares have about 1 come 8 babies in every litter and also sometimes castle can create four litters in one year. It is a many baby hares, or as biologists call them, “leverets.”

Rabbits space born through their eyes closed, no fur, and also no capability to control their very own temperature. Castle need more parental supervision to endure in the wild and especially come stay heat in the burrows wherein they live. While bunnies deserve to hop around, part can likewise swim in water. Castle don’t always seem to like the water really much, though—not as well unlike united state cats.

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Rabbits additionally have a most babies—anywhere from one to 14 in a litter. A infant rabbit is called a kit, i m sorry is short for kitten, which is likewise what they dubbed me once I was young. In the agency of humans who keep them together pets, some rabbits will flourish to be about 8 year old. Rabbits have the right to live because that one or two years in the wild. Meanwhile, part hares, prefer the Arctic hare, deserve to live come be about 3 come 5 years old.

The American rabbit Breeders Association recognizes 49 different breeds of rabbits. On the organization website, you have the right to learn about all type of rabbits native the American fuzzylop and also the lionhead to the crème d’ argent and also cinnamon. Have you seen any bunnies hopping about your community lately? call us around it at some point at Dr.Universe