Children play indigenous the minute they space born. Pat is how they learn about themselves and their world. The is exactly how they develop and practice the physical, thinking and also social skills needed in life.

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These advice will aid you pick toys and also play activities for her child based on their period or phase of development. Think about sharing them with your child’s other caregivers, too.

6- come 8-year-olds:

Enjoy large-muscle tasks like run rope, bicycle riding, roller blading, ball games and hopscotchAlso gain fine motor activities like drawing, braiding, cutting, jigsaw puzzles, weaving, wood occupational and simple sewingMake usage of reading, composing and basic math in games and also toysEnjoy nature and simple scienceHave an increased interest in friendship and belongingPrefer come play with same-sex friendsLike riddles, jokes and using mystery codesPlay well through others and also want come play fairDo not choose to lose and also may cheat come winMay collect things (cards, dolls, etc.)Like dramatic play and putting top top showsMay be prepared for athletic and team sportsMay desire to begin lessons in music, dance, illustration or crafts

Toys and activities


Two-wheeled bikeSkate board and scooterJump ropeComplex gym sets v rings, bars, swings, ropes and also slidesSports gear and also ballsSki, snowboard, sled and hockey gear (with adult supervision)Roller blades and ice skatesHorseshoes, croquet and also badmintonPing-pong and also foosball (from period 8)Sand and also water pat toys


Large set of block or bricksComplex building sets make of wood, plastic or metalSets v motorized components and complex gear systems


Small cars and trucks and also collectiblesLarge-scale reality cars and trucks v working partsTrain sets (electric sets at 8 years)Simple remote-control cars

Make believe

Dolls with numerous accessories, house and equipmentCollector dolls, document dolls and activity figuresStuffed animalsPuppets and also theaterDress-up clothes and also make-upMagic and disguise kitsProps for dramatic pat (store, school, library, office, space)Cooking and sewing tools that works

Learning and also games

Simple strategy and also rule gamesWord, match, and spelling gamesPuzzlesBalance and scalesMechanical models through pulleys, levers and also pendulumsModels: person body, physical world, room and moonScience and also weather kitsMicroscope, telescope and also binocularsProtractor and calculatorApps, computer or hand-held games for to teach math, drawing/graphics, story writing and also music writingVideo games (check for period level)Books

Arts, crafts and music

Crayons, paint, markers, pencils, stencils, pastels and also chalkSketch pads, art record and colour booksScissorsClay, plaster the Paris and papier-macheLooms and also knitting spoolBeading, mosaic tiles, leatherwork, sewing kits, weaving and also jewelry makingMore complicated woodworking devices (with adult supervision)PhotographyModel airplanes and carsRhythm instrumentsMusic, dance and also gymnastic class (age 7 or 8)Device for listening come music


Choose playthings that meet these safety and security guidelines for this age:

Non-toxic materialsNo sharp points or edgesNo electrical parts without adult supervision

Learn more about toy safety and also get advice for picking toys and also play activities for kids of various other ages.