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SillyBand-GlowPrince. Fashion stunner Bandz - Silicone Bracelet / glow in Dark - Princess
Glow in the dark. Fashion Silicone stunner Bands / Silly band / stunner Bandz / Rubber Bands arm bands - Princess silly Bands are colorful Rubber Band bracelets that space made that non-toxic silicone and die molded in countless different colors and fun shapes. Being made that 100% silicone, lock will return to their original shape and also size once you take them off the item they"re holding. Stunner Bandz space the next large thing for kids. this wonderful small learning bands will help you not just to rise the cool-meter in institution but also increase her spelling understanding all in one 36-pack sleeve. Stunner Bands room the sexy of accessories out today. This are more than simply silicone bands, these space statement pieces. Your kids will want to not only collect castle all, however also shot to stay as numerous as possible! While simply a wrist band, when off it retracts back to its initial shape. Children everywhere room going wild end Silly Bands!! silly Bands can be traded, collected, offered or worn as jewelry by students in Kindergarten, Elementary, center School and High School. You deserve to use lock for everything you use regular rubber bands for. Stunner Bands can also be worn as a fashion accessory. This are just a couple of of the ways people are utilizing Silly Bands. Have actually fun through them and also flick lock at her co-workers, profession them with your classmates, or collect them every for yourself. Be certain to grab your share of silly Bands and also have fun. Our silly Bands space the latest craze come take children by storm from pre-school age youngsters to high school. Boys and girls for sure love them. Different collection of stunner Bands: Basic, Baseball, Homes, Western, Cars, Animals, Alphabet, Angel, Monkey, Military, Tools, Dragons, Baseball, Fruits, Fooda, Fashion, Beach, Princess, Sea Creature, Holidays, Religious, Mania - School, Texas Holdem, too much Sports, Insect, Number, Love and Fantasy and so on are available.And additionally we have actually Glow in The Dark, Tye Dye and Glitter room available. Pk: each bag has 12 assorted bands(one dozen).

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100 bags(dozens) every case.Volume Discount Available. Please call 1-301-595-8998 or email at info
InterTradeCorp.com because that detail.Price:1 to 99$ 0.60 Dozen100 come 199$ 0.55 Dozen200 or more$ 0.50 DozenUnit:DozenStyles:Glow in dark-MixedGlow in dark-AnimalGlow in dark-Fast FoodGlow in dark-FruitGlow in dark-PrincessRegular combined (Subtract $0.10) Quantity:
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