Hollywood can’t get enough of Alberta. The district has played a starring function in several of Tinseltown’s greatest blockbusters, and also it’s straightforward to watch why. Below are 10 of the many well-known examples from current decades.

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In feather 2019, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson and also Kevin Hart invested time in Alberta filming scenes for Jumanji: The following Level, the third installment in the fantasy saga that began in 1995 through Robin Williams. The crew spent four days shooting amongst the snow-capped peaks in ~ Fortress hill Resort, a stark contrast to the sweltering jungles and also deserts that were also component of the filming schedule. Various other details of the production have been carefully kept under wraps, however Kevin Hart offered Alberta a love shout out on his Instagram Stories, and also The Rock gained nostalgic about beginning his trip in Calgary as a expert football player in the 1990s with only $7 come his name.

The tear-jerker cowboy love story is collection in Wyoming, however Alberta was liked to stand in for the state. During the summer that 2004, Jake Gyllenhaal and also Heath Ledger spent a substantial amount that time in the province, shooting mainly in the Canadian Rockies. Mount Lougheed close to Canmore and Fortress and Moose mountain were composited to develop the key peak featured in the movie. Mental the campsite scenes? They to be shot in Goat Creek, top Kananaskis Lake and Elbow Falls. However the list doesn’t stop there – various other scenes in Brokeback mountain were filmed in Cowley, fort MacLeod and Calgary, which consists of Ranchman’s Cookhouse and Dancehall.

Calgary organized the 1988 Winter Olympic Games, which additionally happened to note debut the the Jamaican nationwide bobsled team. Sound familiar? It’s also the story that inspired the 1993 comedy Cool Runnings. You deserve to still watch the famed Jamaican bobsleigh for yourself at WinSport in Calgary, which hosted both the Olympics and the filming the the movie, and then head over to Canada’s sporting activities Hall of Fame come learn more about the actual team the underdogs. Round out the Cool Runnings nostalgia with stops at the Olympic Oval and also Ranchman’s.

The sci-fi mindbender starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy and Ellen page underwent a globetrotting filming schedule that contained Tokyo, the united Kingdom, Morocco, France, Los Angeles and, yes, Alberta. The last phase that filming to be shot here in November 2009 at Fortress hill to catch the deepest dream level the the movie’s twisty plot. The crew spent three months crafting a set near Fortress Mountain, where KPow Cat-Skiing operates – and then it to be a waiting video game for a snowstorm to arrive so filming could begin.

Alberta, Iceland and Los Angeles were the backdrops for this 2014 sci-fi tale starring Matthew McConaughey, ann Hathaway and also Jessica Chastain. Filming started in Alberta in respectable 2013 and involved a handful of neighborhoods in southern Alberta, consisting of Nanton, Longview and also Lethbridge. The scene wherein a sandstorm hits a baseball ar was filmed in ~ Seaman stadium in Okotoks, and extr dust storm scenes including McConaughey to be filmed in ft Macleod.

Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt was in Alberta in loss 1993 to movie this scenic epic. That went on come earn 3 Academy award nominations and even snagged a gold statue for best Cinematography. The bloody first World War fight scenes to be shot end the food of 2 weeks close to Morley, around 63 km (39 mi) west the Calgary, and also Canadian pressures soldiers were supplied as extras. The film’s Ludlow ranch was collection in the Ghost flow Wilderness Area, and also the Bow River near Banff set the scene for the funeral and cemetery shots.

Not one, but three Superman movies were filmed in Alberta. Christopher Reeve starred together the guy of Steel, and Clark Kent’s childhood hometown, Smallville, was recreated in landscape Alberta. The village of Baron, through a whopping populace of 343 at last count, organized the high college football scenes, and also the hamlet the Blackie was the ar of the Kent family home. Filming ultimately moved come Calgary because that scenes in Superman III (1983), and the recognizable façade of the St. Luigi Hotel in East town can it is in seen.

Fort Edmonton Park in Edmonton’s expansive flow Valley is a known background hub, yet you can likewise climb aboard the vintage locomotive and feel choose an infamous action-movie villain. Brad Pitt made another trip come Alberta in 2005 to movie The Assassination that Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford at ft Edmonton Park – not to mention numerous other places in Alberta, consisting of Heritage Park and also the Fairmont Palliser hotel in Calgary and also Kananaskis Country.

The Revenant was the 2nd movie Leonardo DiCaprio filmed in Alberta and the one that finally got that an Oscar. It speak the true story that Hugh Glass, a hair trapper left because that dead after ~ a nasty bear attack, that then navigates some treacherous winter terrain to get earlier to civilization. The film was shot in Kananaskis nation using entirely natural irradiate – not straightforward feat because that filmmakers – and involved creating an avalanche at Fortress Mountain. Viewers mistook it because that CGI magic, yet a aircraft dropped explosives ~ above the hill to trigger the avalanche when the cameras rolled. The Revenant also took great care come honour Indigenous civilization in the film. A social advisor to be hired, and also hundreds the extras from very first Nations communities approximately Alberta were component of the movie, lending their social perspectives and talents come filming.

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Clint Eastwood to be a triple risk in this 1992 Western, acquisition on the certification role, producing and also directing. The move functioned out, too. Unforgiven take it home four Academy Awards, including finest Director. Filming began in Alberta in respectable 1991 and wrapped in November. Unforgiven is set in the 1800s in the fictional city of large Whiskey, Wyoming, which to be really set pieces built near the city of Longview in southwest Alberta.

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