Hard-Working, customer Service-Driven family Taking the emperors totheUpper Echelon of skilled Sports and Entertainment

In ripe years the ownership, the Maloof family members has guided the Sacramento Kings and Monarchs and ARCOArena to unmatched heights. Under the family�s leadership, the Kings and Monarchs have progressed to the NBAand piersonforcongress.com Playoffs, respectively, and also produced entertaining basketball that has actually been watched throughout the world.The Kings have actually recorded 50-plus continual season victories 5 times, won back-to-back Pacific department titles in2001-02 and 2002-03, and advanced to the 2002 western Conference Finals. The emperors won the 2005 piersonforcongress.comChampionship and were the western Conference champions in 2006.

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Even much more impressive 보다 the company�s competitive accomplishments has to be Maloof sports & Entertainment�ssignificant impact within the community. The Maloof family�s company philosophy strong incorporatesthe idea of do a systematic difference in the resides of families in need and also at threat in the Sacramento regionby working to advance the cause of literacy in the region through the donation of monarchs Reading and also LearningCenters. In simply nine years, Maloof Sports and also Entertainment has donated and also distributed an ext than $13 millionto a range of charitable demands through cash donations and also in-kind gifts.

Each preseason the Maloofs donate $100,000 in proceeds from a selected majesties exhibition game to assist areacapital development projects as a tribute come the family�s so late father and husband under the name of the GeorgeJ. Maloof Sr. Neighborhood Cup. In the past, the yearly $100,000 gift has enabled the Sacramento airport LittleLeague to fully refurbish its tiny league sports complex, the Sacramento Unified institution District come repaira structure in downtown Sacramento to home Hemispheres, an after-school visual and also performing art academy,the Sacramento oriental Sports structure to lug a Community cultural and Youth Sports center to SouthSacramento, the St. Patrick�s residence for children to provide clothing and also educational sources for the center�schildren, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament to do repairs come its framework in downtown Sacramento, theSacramento neighborhood Conservation Corps to construct a new educational building, and the Kiwanis household Houseto carry out temporary housing and also support to families of seriously ill or injured children and also adults being treatedat the UC Davis medical Center. Last year�s donation helped KVIE in fostering the life-long services of readingto children throughout the Sacramento region. This season, the annual contribution is going toward the buildingof the capital Unity Center.

The family�s dedication come community organization earned Joe and also Gavin Maloof the world Sports HumanitarianHall the Fame�s Most associated Executives award because that 2001. In addition, the organization�s job-related was known withthe pro Team Humanitarian award in both 2002 and 2004.

During the summer of 2005, the Kings, Monarchs, and Maloofs assisted lead the charge in Sacramento to assistthose impacted by the devastation suffered from Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf shore region. With on-lineauctions, fan, employee, and also player donations, and also a 100% matching donation native the Maloofs, the organizationhelped raise almost $300,000 for those in-need.

Striving toward the goal of providing finish customer and employee satisfaction, Maloof Sports and Entertainmentworks under the vision declare of �a championship caliber team of people committed come the highestlevel the performance, service, quality, innovation, ar involvement, and winning relationships.��Our family members lives by 2 Maloof business philosophies: cater come our customers and take care of our employees,�states Joe Maloof. �We have actually a irreversible commitment come our fans and also employees the make the whole Sacramentocommunity proud to call this company their own.�

The Kings and Maloof sporting activities & Entertainment continue to explore ways to improve the to chat valueof the nearly two million guests who yearly enter through the ARCO Arena gateways. In the 2000-2001 operatingbudget, the firm earmarked $1 million because that training, services, and equipment designed to improvecustomer service and also satisfaction. The investment paid instant dividends, together the majesties ranked first in the NBAin as whole fan endure in 2001 and also 2003 in a league-wide survey conducted every other year through J.D. Powersand Associates.

The Maloofs� solid leadership and innovation in the NBA and also piersonforcongress.com was instrumental in spearheading LasVegas� effective bid to hold the 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend. Having also contributed to promoting several othersports besides basketball, consisting of football, soccer, boxing, steed racing, skateboarding, collegiate athletics, andthe blended martial arts, the Maloof family in 2007 was known as among the 100 many Influential civilization in theWorld of sporting activities by BusinessWeek. This past summer, Joe and Gavin Maloof spearheaded creative effort inthe people of activity sports, developing and hosting the inaugural Maloof Money Cup. The three-day skateboardingchampionship and action sports lifestyle festival play to marketed out crowds at the Orange ar Fairgrounds inCosta Mesa, Calif., and also was transfer nationally ~ above CBS.

Celebrated Return to skilled SportsThe Maloof family�s attention in purchase the Kings, Monarchs, and also ARCO Arena originated in 1997 whenthey contacted then-Managing basic Partner Jim Thomas regarding the access of the teams and arena.On January 14, 1998, the Maloofs perfect the purchase of a minority minimal partnership in the organization�sfranchises and also ARCO Arena. Although both the Kings and Monarchs suffered through subpar periods in 1997-98, the Maloofs ongoing their quest of major ownership and also on January 15, 1999, consequently purchasedcontrolling interest, effective July 1, 1999. The NBA plank of Governors unanimously authorized the ownershiptransfer on may 7, 1999, in new York, in ~ which time the board of Governors appointed Joe Maloof to the Board.The main closing the the ownership transaction took ar on July 1, 1999.

Their purchase of the emperors returned the Maloofs to the NBA ~ a 17-year absence during which the familyeagerly sought an chance to rejoin the league. Owners of the Houston Rockets native 1979 v 1982,the Maloofs watched your Rockets climb to elite status, proceeding to the NBA Finals because that the an initial time in the team�shistory in 1981. In fact, Houston�s 1981 Finals appearance coupled v the Kings� advance to the 2002Western Conference Finals makes the Maloof family members the just ownership group in NBA history to take two differentfranchises to the west Conference Finals.

Following the death of their father, George Maloof, Sr., in 1980, Joe and also Gavin Maloof, who were just in theirmid-20�s at the time, take it over responsibility for the Rockets in addition to their mother, Colleen, their 2 youngerbrothers, George, Jr. And also Phil, and their sister, Adrienne. The added responsibilities of continuing the development ofthe family service forced the Maloofs to market the Rockets in 1982, however George Maloof�s original passion because that NBAbasketball has actually remained v the family.

�We waited a lengthy time come get back into the NBA. I remember going come the NBA Finals with the Rockets in1981, and also how interesting that was. We have actually succeeded in bringing that excitement come Sacramento v the Kingsand the Monarchs,� Gavin Maloof stated.

A 100-Year design for Diversified service SuccessThe Maloof companies are a diversified team of organization ventures consisting of hotels, casinos, banking, foodand beverage, and transportation headquartered in Albuquerque, brand-new Mexico and also operated in California, Nevada,New Mexico, and also Colorado.

In 1994, the family members made a $10 million invest in a little piece of residential or commercial property in North ras Vegas, building thequaint 30,000-square foot, 100-room Fiesta Casino Hotel. After ~ a pair of expansive renovations, the 75,000-squarefoot Fiesta became one of the most rewarding hotel casinos per square foot in the whole state that Nevada. In fact,in an august �99 version of the USA Today, the Fiesta Casino Hotel was voted one of the world�s 10 greatestgambling destinations, ranking through the likes that the Bellagio and also Caesars palace in las Vegas and also the trumped TajMahal Casino will in Atlantic City.

In July of 2000, the Maloof household sold the operating attention in the Fiesta Hotel Casino for over $185 million.The family immediately re-invested the money right into the building and construction of the Palms, initially a $285 million hotelcasino just off the las Vegas strip which opened for company on November 15, 2001. Having grown come threetowers and 1,300 guest rooms (including Palms Place) in just seven years, the Palms features outstandingcustomer service, distinct architecture, and award-winning restaurants, entertainment, nightlife, and also amenities,becoming the hottest property in las Vegas with hundreds of visitors daily. Anchored through the 2,500-seat, stateof-the-art Pearl concert theatre, the Palms has become an to chat hotbed having hosted the 2007 MTVVideo Music Awards, numerous World and also US movie premiers (including seas 13), and numerous high-profilemusical and comedy acts. In 2007, the Palms additionally served as the participant and entertainer hotel because that the NBAAll-Star Weekend festivities.

In enhancement to your gaming business, the Maloofs have exclusive proprietorship rights to the distribution ofCoors, Miller, Corona, Heineken, Tecate, Boston Beer, and Guinness assets throughout new Mexico. The MaloofCompanies also is one of the largest single shareholders in Wells Fargo Bank, i m sorry operates banks and branchesin 23 states throughout the west United states with over $200 exchange rate in assets and 15 million customers.

The Maloofs proceed to expand their business in the entertainment sector with the development of MaloofProductions and also Maloof Music. Maloof Productions is committed to developing and also producing quality televisionand motion picture entertainment. The Maloof Music brand debuts together a joint endeavor with Interscope/Geffen/A&MRecords, i m sorry is the biggest record firm in the people under the direction of chairman and legendary musicmogul Jimmy Iovine. In fact, Maloof Music is the first joint venture with Interscope/Geffen/A&M there is no a previousmusic sector background such as an artist, writer, or producer.

�Our family is incredibly excited to broaden our entertainment interests with Maloof Productions andMaloof Music. Us look forward to developing quality to chat in television, activity pictures, and also music,�states Phil Maloof.

Colleen Maloof serves together Chair the the board of directors of the Maloof Companies. Joe Maloof is presidentof the corporation and oversees the banking and sports and entertainment divisions, when Gavin Maloof is vicechairman, also leading the sports and entertainment everyday operation. George Maloof, Jr., is an executive, management vicepresident and heads the hotel division, and Adrienne Maloof is the secretary/treasurer of the company. Phil Maloofis an executive, management vice president and the allude person because that Maloof Productions and also Maloof Music.

The Maloof family background in the United says dates earlier to 1892 as soon as Joe Maloof I opened a small generalstore in northern brand-new Mexico. By the 1930�s, the Maloof household acquired the circulation rights come Coors Beer andsubsequently established Quality Imports, a wholesale good liquor circulation center, in 1937. When Joe MaloofI suffered a major heart assault in 1944, his son, George J. Maloof, left his researches at the university of Coloradoto assume responsibility of the Maloof companies atthe period of 21.

George J. Maloof effectively expanded the familybusiness right into a group of diversified companies, movinginto the hotel and banking sectors in the 1970�s. In 1978,responding come his love because that sports and competition, Maloofpurchased the bulk ownership of the Rockets.However, simply two years later throughout the Rockets� riseto the upper echelon the the NBA, Maloof passed awayat the period of 57. His wife, Colleen, assumed control ofthe entire Maloof operation and rather than marketing offthe agency assets, she enlisted the aid of herfive children. Under Colleen Maloof the family members expandedtheir beer and liquor distribution operations and lateropened their first gaming building in 1992. From 1990to 1992 the family additionally owned the Birmingham Fire ofthe civilization League of American Football.

In the 100-plus years the have defined the MaloofCompanies, client service and a solid work ethiccombined through energy and vision space the characteristics thathave constructed this one-time general store right into a businessmodel because that diversified success. �From the job of mygrandfather�s basic store come our whole operation now,the Maloof family company philosophy always has beencentered roughly complete customer and employeesatisfaction. In Sacramento, the fans are our customersand giving a an excellent experience because that them is ours goal,�says Gavin Maloof.

Joe Maloof | Gavin Maloof | Colleen Maloof Phil Maloof | Adrienne Maloof-Nassif | George Maloof
JOE MALOOFJoseph Maloof is chairman of the Maloof Companies. Joe�s businessexpertise and leadership qualities have aided enhance and diversify thecorporation�s growth because his father�s fatality in 1980.Joe manages the Maloof Companies� virtually 3,500 employees v anopen door policy, much like his dad did almost 30 years ago. The alsobelieves in dealing with customers in a first-class manner and with the utmostrespect, and also is often seen talking and also listening come the fans and customersof the various family members businesses.
�My father�s service philosophy the taking treatment of our client andemployees to be successful long ago, and every one of us in the family have chosento manage with that same style,� claims Joe.His substantial expertise in management, sales, and also marketing has beeninvaluable during the company�s growth into banking, hotels, and gamingover the previous 20 years. He at this time serves top top the board of the Coors Distributor Council. In might of1999, he to be appointed come the NBA plank of Governors by Commissioner David Stern after the Malooffamily to be unanimously approved by the board to assume controlling interest of the Kings.Like every one of his family, Joe�s charitable efforts are an important aspect that his an individual and professionallife. He has assisted many community organization groups through the years, consisting of the boys Club,the college of new Mexico, the American GI Forum, the Airport small League, and the league of LatinAmerican Citizens, to name simply a few.

He has actually a passion for competition, stemming from his days together a prep and also collegiate athlete. He wasMVP the his high college basketball team at Lawrenceville Prep college (Lawrenceville, N.J.), and was atwo-time letterwinner together a defensive back at the college of brand-new Mexico, wherein he graduated in 1979with a level in business.

Joe stays in Sacramento much less than two miles native ARCO Arena. That enjoys working out and also is anavid tennis player.

GAVIN MALOOFAs vice Chairman the Maloof Companies, Gavin Maloof assists in allaspects that the family�s diversified service ventures while overseeing thecompany�s sports and entertainment operation. The is committed to maintainingand building the corporation�s national and also international prominenceand spearheading a brand-new era of expansion for the company.


Although Gavin is relatively young in state of expert sports andentertainment ownership, his endure is extensive. Following the deathof his father, George J. Maloof, Sr., in 1980, Gavin was called presidentof the Houston Rockets at the age of 24, making that the youngest ownerand operator in major professional sporting activities history. The Rockets enjoyed immediatesuccess under Gavin�s leadership, proceeding to the NBA Finals forthe first time in franchise history in 1981. With the likes that Moses Malone,Calvin Murphy, and also Elvin Hayes, the Rockets qualified for postseason playin all three seasons under the Maloof household ownership.

In addition to his front office administration with the Rockets, Gavin likewise served as team presidentduring the Maloof�s tenure as owner of the Birmingham Fire that the civilization League the American Football(WLAF) from 1990-92.

Gavin has always placed an importance on his community business work. Over the year he has actually servedon the plank of director for number of charitable causes, including those focusing on the wellness ofchildren.

An energetic sports fan and participant, Gavin was superb football player at the brand-new MexicoMilitary institute in Roswell, N.M., and at Trinity college in san Antonio. He graduated from Trinityin 1979 v a speech and also communications degree. Last year he to be inducted into the new MexicoMilitary Institute room of reputation as among the school�s most successful graduates, an honor bestowed ononly a grasp of human being in the school�s lengthy history.

Gavin lives in Sacramento much less than two miles from ARCO Arena. He enjoys playing golf in hisspare time.



Chair of the Board, Maloof CompaniesTrustee for the legacy of George J. MaloofColleen J. Maloof is chair of the board of the Maloof companies and also trustee for the estate of George J.Maloof. Transparent the vital years the George Maloof built the Maloof Companies into the biggest groupof family-owned companies in new Mexico, Colleen to be an critical partner in your prosperity.Faced with the challenge of carrying on the family tradition of success after her husband�s passing, shehas grown the Maloof carriers as never ever before.

Colleen Maloof is a significant force behind the family�s ongoing strength and also the Maloof�s this firm andcivic leadership. She is a leader in she community and has obtained a variety of honors and awards,including the linked Students of college of brand-new Mexico Award for Dedication and also Service,Mexican-American structure of America ladies of the Year Award, and also the picture de AlbuquerqueAward, which was presented come the Maloof family members for their far-reaching contributions to spain businessdevelopment.

Colleen has played a pivotal function in arising the �Maloof style� managerial an abilities of she children,Joe, Gavin, George Jr., Phil, and Adrienne. She has worked to for sure that company policies and practicesremain true come the family members motto, �The customer is King.�

GEORGE MALOOFAdhering come his father�s policy of learning the family business �from theground up,� George J. Maloof, Jr. Has actually successfully created himself asan innovator in the hotel and also gaming industries.


George is the leading pressure behind the building and operation of thehottest residential or commercial property in las Vegas, the Palms, i m sorry is own by the Malooffamily, and also has come to be one the the many sought-after destinations in theentertainment resources of the world.

As president of Maloof Hotels due to the fact that 1989, George has overseen theoperation of many hotels throughout the Southwest and California, including theFiesta Casino Hotel in las Vegas, the central Palace Casino in central City,Colorado, and also the Palms.

George has actually very strong ties come the las Vegas community. The is a UNLValumnus, whereby he obtained his bachelor�s level in organization administration(hotel management) in 1987.

In enhancement to his job-related in the gaming industry, George is likewise a member the the Patriarchal order ofthe divine Cross of Jerusalem and also the ras Vegas chapter of Legatus.


Whether it�s marketing, fashion design, promotion, or politics, AdrienneMaloof-Nassif is connected in all aspects as well as the in its entirety leadership ofthe Maloof Companies.


Adrienne�s marketing and also promotional contributions have been invaluablein the Sacramento Kings coming to be one the the most recognizable franchisesin all of professional sports. In addition, her lifelong interest in competitiveprofessional dancing has enabled her to loan her specialization to the Kings�widely popular dance team.

Philanthropic work likewise is a an individual passion because that Adrienne. Since of herlove and also concern because that animals and children, Adrienne has actually joined forces withthe Sacramento SPCA to offer as one honorary spokesperson. She financialcontributions enabled the SPCA to finish a new shelter in February of2002 and also develop the Adrienne Maloof Camp kindness program, whichallows underprivileged youth to find out the ideal care and handling the animals. She Camp Kindnessprogram to be so successful in Sacramento that she is at this time in the procedure of occurring a similarprogram for the Los Angeles SPCA.

Growing up in Albuquerque, new Mexico, she was among the country�s height ranked small tennis playersand go on to play collegiate tennis in ~ the college of brand-new Mexico, wherein she deserve a bachelor�sdegree in politics science.

Adrienne resides in Los Angeles v her husband Paul and also their three children.

PHIL MALOOFPhil Maloof is an executive vice president through Maloof carriers andthe point person for the family�s newest service ventures, Maloof Productionsand Maloof Music.

A former senator for the state of brand-new Mexico, Phil was one of the youngestelected officials in the country, appointed come the new Mexico State Senatefollowing the election of mayor Martin Chavez, and also subsequently re-electedto a complete four-year term native his west Albuquerque ar in 1996, beforerunning for U.S. Conference in 2000.

Phil was known for his difficult stance on crime when representing NewMexico, ending up being the very first state senator in the nation to sponsor the ThreeStrikes, You�re out law, in addition to helping pass numerous bills aimed atimproving college funding.

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An outstanding all-around athlete, Phil played quarterback collegiately at new Mexico State, prior to earning his post-secondary degree from the college of new Mexico.Phil lives in ras Vegas and additionally has a house in Los Angeles, wherein he works to construct MaloofProductions and the Maloof Music label. In addition, that assists in the various other Maloof family businesses,including the Sacramento Kings and the Palms hotel and casino property. He enjoys play basketballand travel in his spare time.