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Been in search of info ~ above this, usually the internal lights wont come on when you open up the doors but if you press the map lamp and back seat and third row chair overheads castle illuminate. Pushing the dome light button near the headlamp switch doesn"t perform anything either... Sent from mine SM-N950U using Tapatalk
Sounds like bad groundingissue in ~ the map lights themselves. Examine the soil on the chassis under the map lights.When a bigger load that lightsis rotate on, the groundfinally makes sufficient contactto make the light rotate on.Sent from my SM-G930P making use of Tapatalk
No it"s not simply the map lights, it"s all the inner lamps won"t go on when you open the doors like they should... The map lights and also other dome lights work if you rotate them on manually, by press clicking them, my worry is all the interior lights wont walk on like they are an alleged to ~ above entry Sent from mine SM-N950U utilizing Tapatalk
Sorry for the misunderstanding.You"ve checked all the bright fuses then.Then it"s all doors not just one, so door lock mechanism switches are ruled the end too.Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
Have you manually checked the contact at the internal light bulbs themselves for corrosion ?Sent from my SM-G930P making use of Tapatalk
Yep checked the fuses and Jeez space those difficult to obtain to in mine car... Upside down confront up in motorists footwell lol... And yes it"s every beginning to think possibly it"s either the LCM or maybe the switch. Sent from my SM-N950U utilizing Tapatalk
Been alot of control modules going negative or flaking out.Ford planned obsolescence.Sent from my SM-G930P making use of Tapatalk
As a preventative measure I placed di-electric grease on every bulb and also fuse contacts whenever I service a vehicle.Sent from my SM-G930P using Tapatalk
That"s why I claimed door lock mechanisms. The irradiate switches space there now. Therefore if that isn"t at the internal bulbs contacts or your grounds, the door switches in the lock mechanisms and also the override in ~ the head light switch can"t be bypassed then it have to be the LCM itself.Sent from my SM-G930P utilizing Tapatalk
A pin the end of the LCM would say i m sorry one controls interior lights. Using battery + there or in ~ the + of among the inner light pear contacts with say a strength Probe safety and security tester would show if that is certainly the LCM in ~ fault.Sent from mine SM-G930P using Tapatalk
I would certainly be afraid to to speak which pins to check at the override on the head irradiate switch. Haven"t had to go under that road yet.

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Sent from mine SM-G930P making use of Tapatalk

Been searching for info ~ above this, usually the interior lights wont come on once you open the doors however if you press the map lamp and earlier seat and third row seat overheads castle illuminate. Advertise the dome light button near the headlamp switch doesn"t execute anything either...Sent from my SM-N950U utilizing Tapatalk
I’m having the same worry with mine 2015 Ford Explorer except all earlier lights will not revolve on manually or when the doors open. The front map lights will certainly if i click lock though.
There is typically a switch up height that will certainly disable the lights as soon as the doors open, did that get pressed on accident?
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