A link To The past is a lover entry come the Zelda series, and also the items are just as enchanting together ever.

flute location guide zelda connect to the past
The Legend the Zelda: A attach To The Past is practically thirty year old. It's among the faster Zelda games there is, however still, that plays favor a charm. The video game is widely obtainable as Nintendo has actually made this feasible with the use of the online Console. It's also cost-free for Nintendo Switch virtual subscribers as part of the supervisor Nintendo Entertainment device library.

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As girlfriend play the game, you'll notice it's quite various from contemporary Zelda entries. Sometimes it can be a bit more challenging to find certain useful items. The Flute is just one of the most valuable items to find because it substantially improves just how you pat the game, unlocking quick travel. Here's whereby you can uncover it, and what you need to do to get your hands on it.

where To discover The Flute Boy

Link was standing By Flute boy On Tree Stump In Woods
When experimenting the map, you could come across a boy play the Flute in the woods. The is known as the Flute Boy and is located west of Link's house in the Haunted Grove. In the irradiate World, he have the right to be watched playing the Flute because that the wood animals - however once link approaches, he will certainly disappear. After getting the Magic mirror and being able to travel from one kingdom to the other, attach can proceed on his quest and also you will have the ability to find Flute Boy once again.

Link Digging increase Flower patch North-West that Flute Boy
there is just one means to get the Flute and also there are a couple of things you need to do. Firstly, friend will must revisit the Haunted Grove whereby you first encounter the young in the Light civilization - however, go here while in the Dark World. Currently you will view the young again, however transformed right into an odd-looking creature. That asks for assist locating his Flute i m sorry he has buried adjacent and gives attach a shovel so he can dig it up.

Use the Magic Mirror and also enter the irradiate World. You can get the Flute through digging up a certain flower patch, located west the the tree straight behind the stump that Flute young is on. Dig up the flower patch and also there you'll discover the Flute. To completely complete this quest, you'll have to do a pair of various other things.

Enter the Dark World and also talk to the Flute Boy once again. That asks that you return his Flute to his father because he can't play that anymore. After this, return to the irradiate World and also walk earlier to Kakariko Village, and also head because that the Tavern.

Find the dad inside and talk come him to carry out closure. The man will ask friend to save the Flute and play it in front of the Weathercock in the center of the village. Execute this and you will now have the ability to fast take trip to certain points that the map.

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