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Jem and Scout’s residence is ~ above the main street in town.

Jem and Scout are fairly well-off. Your father is a lawyer, and also they live in a nice home on the main residential street of Maycomb. Human being coming native the nation have to happen it. There space a...

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Jem and Scout’s residence is top top the main street in town.

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 Jem and also Scout are relatively well-off. Your father is a lawyer, and also they live in a nice house on the key residential street that Maycomb. Civilization coming native the nation have to happen it. There space a couple of places where the house and also neighborhood are described. 

When ns was almost six and also Jem was practically ten, ours summertime boundaries (within calling street of Calpurnia) to be Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose’s house two doors come the north of us, and the Radley place three doors come the south. (Ch. 1) 

There is a treehouse in the backyard. Native the treehouse, Scout can see the schoolyard. Behind the residence is a Deer’s Pasture, and then the schoolyard (Ch. 6). The Finches" house is big enough that Scout, Atticus, Jem, and also Alexandra all have their own rooms. Every room appears to have actually a fireplace also (Ch. 8). There is additionally a carhouse. 

Scout explains the house’s foundation when she thinks there is a line under she bed (it is in reality Dill). The house has no cellar and is “built on rock blocks a couple of feet above the ground” (Ch. 14). As soon as Scout to walk Boo Radley home, she defines her residence from his porch. 

There were miss out on Maudie’s, miss Stephanie’s—there to be our house, I can see the porch swing—Miss Rachel’s house was beyond us, plainly visible. I can even watch Mrs. Dubose’s. (Ch. 31) 

There are measures leading approximately the house, due to the fact that it is raised on stone blocks, and also there is a prior and back porch. Scout and also Jem periodically sleep on the earlier porch in the summer, which is screened in. 

In instance you are referring come the Finch family house at Finches’ Landing, there is a very great description of that in chapter 9. The is “a two-storied white home with porches circling the upstairs and also downstairs” through “six bedrooms upstairs,” but the daughters’ staircase remained in the parents’ bedroom for this reason they would always know whereby they were. 

There to be a kitchen different from the rest of the house, tacked onto that by a wooden catwalk; in the ago yard to be a rusty bell top top a pole, offered to summon field hand or as a distress signal; a widow’s walk was on the roof, however no widows walked over there … (Ch. 9) 

The Landing is turn off a river, and also described together “self-sufficient.” Scout visits it through her family throughout Christmas and also a few other holidays. Aunt Alexandra and also her husband live there.