Fox TV’s irreverent animated series aired an episode this summer that showcases a comic music number dubbed “You have AIDS.” Overburdened AIDS organization organizations are not amused.

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The Fox TV network and its animated comedy collection Family male apparently think AIDS is a laughing matter.

AIDS groups are leveling harsh criticism against the network after the aired and then reran an illustration of the present that consists of a prolonged song-and-dance joke around a sick man who is diagnosed through AIDS.

The episode--titled “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire”--aired ~ above June 12 and also was rerun on august 14.

In the show, the program’s key character, Peter Griffin, supplies to tell a friend the his wife is cheating on him due to the fact that of his self-proclaimed gifted method of breaking bad news come people. As an example of this alleged skill, the program shows a flashback regarding how Peter told a gaunt guy lying in a hospital bed the his AIDS diagnosis. The man is likewise depicted as young and sporting a goatee, probably subtly arguing that that is gay.

Peter is displayed as part of a barbershop quartet the dances approximately the ill masculine hospital room, singing “You acquired the AIDS” and making it clear the the male is not simply HIV-positive however has developed “full-blown AIDS.” The shocking song-and-dance number proceeds to speculate around how the man ended up being infected: “when girlfriend stuck that filthy needle in here,” sung as the quartet points at the masculine arm, or v unprotected sex.

The complete lyrics of the song are together follows:

You have actually AIDS.Yes, you have actually AIDS.I dislike to call you, boy, you have AIDS.You got the AIDS.You might have captured it once you stuck the filthy needle in here.Or maybe all that unprotected sex which we hear.It isn’t clear, however what we’re certain of is the you have actually AIDS.Yes, you have AIDS.Not HIV, but full-blown AIDS.Be certain that you view that this is not HIV, but full swollen AIDS.Not HIV, yet full-blown AIDS.I’m sorry, ns wish it to be something much less serious, however it’s AIDS.You’ve obtained the AIDS.

The episode was created by household Guy authors Patrick Henry and also Mike Henry, and also directed through James Purdum.

Fox officials protected airing and also rerunning the episode, saying family Guy intends to press the borders of great taste with its brand the insult-laden humor and also that the present has targeted plenty of demographic groups, not just HIV-positive people.

“Over the years, family Guy has skewered basically every ethnic, religious, and social group,” states Fox spokesman Steven Melnick. “The audience the tunes right into this collection is well-aware the what to mean from the show--a subversive and also sometimes shocking comedic view that periodically skirts the borders of appropriateness. This scene is not a joke about HIV however rather Peter’s ignorance and also inability come convey bad news. Offered the nature that this collection as well together the well-established cluelessness the this specific character, the scene--while definitely abrasive--is not past the expectation that the family Guy audience.”

But AIDS groups aren’t amused. And they’re no buying Fox’s defense of the show, saying the joking about a an illness that affects more than 40 million world worldwide, many of whom will die of the ailment, is reprehensible and serves only to worsen AIDS-related stigma.

“A barbershop quartet singing blithely about AIDS is about as funny together a song about breast cancer or leukemia, specifically to the civilization living v the disease,” claims AIDS project Los Angeles executive director Craig E. Thompson. “It is inexcusable for Fox to air a routine that stigmatizes AIDS and less 보다 subtly reinforces homophobia. It have to be socially i can not accept to check out this sort of garbage passing for entertainment in 2005.”

David Munar, combine director the the AIDS structure of Chicago, states that while family Guy may have actually been attempting to usage dark humor to present the inappropriateness that delivering negative news with a song-and-dance number, the message could have been lost as result of the subject matter of the song. “The risk, that course, is that some viewers might not acquire the joke and also believe the AIDS has end up being a casual, laughing matter,” he says.

Both the AIDS Institute, based in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia’s ActionAIDS think Fox and Family male officials fan HIV-positive people--and every those working in the AIDS arena--an apology for saying that ending up being infected through HIV or developing AIDS is funny.

“The portrayal of HIV/AIDS on family members Guy was irresponsible,” states AIDS Institute executive, management director Gene Copello. “There is nothing comical around a human lying in a hospital bed dice of AIDS or any kind of other disease. Fox owes human being living with HIV/AIDS and also their households an instant apology.”

Kevin Burns, executive, management director of ActionAIDS, says, “It is disturbing that Fox television would take such a cavalier method to the topic of HIV/AIDS and the complicated task of informing someone of an AIDS diagnosis.

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Fox owes the ar an apology. In addition, castle should think about the many opportunities they have to support civilization living v HIV/AIDS and to educate the bigger community about HIV/AIDS treatment, care, and prevention.”