After joining an Fantasy football league, you will be required to a \"success\" web page offering you the opportunity to pre-rank her players, participate in the mock draft lobby or check out projections and other exclusive content. Click on the active links to carry out so. Click the \"Take Me To mine League\" button to be carried to your league home page.

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Notice the \"My Team\" tab? there you will certainly name her team and also be able to accessibility your team page, whereby you will certainly be able to readjust any of the following features:

TEAM NAMEYou can edit your team name by clicking the \"Edit Team Settings\" link provided at the optimal of the \"My Team\" page. Both components of your team surname (location and nickname) have a preferably character size of fifteen (15) and also a minimum that one (1) character. There room no unique team name restraints (so more than one team in a league can have the same name). You can likewise edit her team\"s abbreviation (1-4 characters). Due to the fact that several pages in the game use just the abbreviation component of the name, we recommend you use one that can stand alone for these situations. For display screen purposes, the is additionally recommended the you save your team surname as quick as possible, so that tables don\"t wrap.

NOTE: as soon as you an initial join her league, your team might have currently been named for you by the league manager, yet your team name deserve to be changed anytime during the season.

NOTE: Inappropriate, attack and/or obscene organization names are unacceptable and subject come change, and may result in further action (for much more information, view Rules: fair Play / Conduct).

CHOOSE TEAM LOGOYou have actually the option to provide your team a logo. Logos can be developed using ours logo development tool, or you deserve to reference her own logo from the net (custom leagues only). If you reference a logo design from the Web, the logo will be instantly resized to 151 pixels broad and 129 pixels tall. Logos are displayed on numerous pages in the game and also can be edited anytime during the season.

NOTE: You cannot upload a logo to our system. You must reference a logo design on the Web.


If your league uses either the live (snake) or Autopick draft method, you have actually the option to pre-rank the players. The Pre-Rank football player page deserve to be accessed from either your key team page or native the peak left of the organization Office page. Top top the page, rank players in the order of your preference. The current rankings are shown under the \"Set her Rankings\" column. To change these values, merely click, drag and drop players higher or lower, where you feeling they belonging in your custom ranking.

Your alters will no be conserved to the server till the \"Save Rankings\" switch is clicked ~ above the page. For Autopick draft leagues, the stimulate of players determines the order in i beg your pardon players space drafted to her team (the mechanism selects the highest-ranked player who is still available). For Live digital draft leagues, the rankings are offered only if you do not pick a player in the allotted time limit (and you have actually no players on the pending choose queue).

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NOTE: as soon as the breeze lists room released, the device does no make any additions to the perform of players, no one does it change any positions because that players.