The history behind weapons N’ Roses’ “Don’t Cry” is that one of its writers, Izzy Stradlin, was date a girl who the other, Axl Rose, happened to likewise be in love with. And whereas the background of this triangle is a bit convoluted, what it at some point boiled down to is someday homegirl and Izzy damaged up. Climate afterwards, she additionally informed Axl that she and also he have the right to no much longer be linked either. This damaged his heart, and accordingly he began to weep. And the words of lull she imparted upon the were “don’t cry”.

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Narrator sings native Girl’s “Viewpoint”

Thus native a historical perspective Axl is in reality singing indigenous the philosophy of that lady, not himself. And the singer is addressing what would certainly logically it is in a romantic interest. And also what he is telling this human is that, basically, he has decided to follow a various path in life i beg your pardon necessitates no longer being romantically involved with her. And the addressee is visibly shaken through this revelation, i beg your pardon is why the is telling her “don’t cry”. 

Indeed in the midst of every this, he assures her the he still really much loves her. He also alludes come the fact that he’s been truthful throughout, in enhancement stating a confidence that she will be fine there is no him and also in fact will eventually get over your association. Therefore fundamentally, what he is informing her is that even though he is departing and also she’s upset together a result she need to instead emphasis on her future, which looks really bright.

Alternate version

However, as comprehensive in the facts’ section, over there is also an alternating version of this song with different-verse lyrics. And as whole it appears to be based on the very same theme that the singer deciding to break up with his lover. However, in this instance the atmosphere is a little bit different. That is their connection is depicted as gift a turoulend one, as in the couple having their fair re-superstructure of worries in both the past and present. Certainly this scenario isn’t gift so much as one whereby the vocalist is going with an internal change, yet rather exterior pressures space contributing come the dissolution of this association.

So favor the original, he states a love and also even come some level a continued commitment come the addressee. However that being said, he seems kind of fed up and also resolved to finish their romance, lest he it is in overtaken by the connected negativity.

In Conclusion

So perhaps the initial and alternative versions of “Don’t Cry” are two sides of the very same coin. One details the singer’s decision come breakup with his girlfriend and also the other his rationale because that doing so. Or it can likewise be said that lock are based on two different relationships altogether. And if so, climate it would certainly be something like in the original the singer is acquiring dumped, while in the alternate he quite is law the dumping. But either method the as whole sentiments that both versions space pretty simple. And that is the vocalist informing the addressee, in light of the termination of your relationship, not to cry.


Music video

The music video to the song had actually two directors, namely mark Racco and also Andy Morahan. There is a scene consisted of therein where Axl Rose shows up as though he is going to commit suicide, just to be deterred by his girlfriend. That particular lady is a model by the name of Stephanie Seymour, who Axl was dating at the time. However, according to Rose, that scene is based upon a real-life occasion where he to be truly on the verge of acquisition his own life. But in actuality the lady who prevented the from doing so was another model/actress through the surname of Erin Everly, who Axl was briefly married to during the early on 1990s.

Release that “Don’t Cry”

This song was releasedin two different parts.The initial lyrics serve as the A-side the thesingle.And there is also another rendition that offers an alternate set oflyrics, which serves together its B-side.

Both that theserenditions room featured on firearms N’ Roses’ album “Use her Illusion”, whichitself came in two parts.Thus the initial version the “Don’t Cry” is on“Use her Illusion I” and the alternating “Use her Illusion II”.

And “Don’t Cry” come out top top the exact same day together “Use her Illusion”, i beg your pardon is 17 September 1991. In fact Geffen Records decided to release it together the very first single native the album.

Chart Success

“Don’t Cry” do itonto the height 10 that both the UK Singles Chart and also the Billboard hot 100.And because that the most component it performed an in similar way in the various other 15 countries in whichit charted.

As such this song has been certified gold not only in the joined States yet also new Zealand and also Italy together well.

Who wrote “Don’t Cry”?

Axl climbed penned this track alongside other Guns N’ Roses co-founder Izzy Stradlin. In reality they started writing that (as a song initially entitled “Don’t Cry Tonight”) in 1985, prior to Guns N’ Roses itself has officially formed. Certainly the demo they gift to Geffen records in order to secure their very first contract actually featured this song.

A Member the a Trilogy

“Don’t Cry” is stated to be part of a trilogy that tracks with the other two – “Estranged” and also “November Rain” – likewise being featured top top “Use her Illusion”. Indeed even the music videos to this songs space intended to tell one cohesive story.

Production Credits

The producer of “Don’t Cry” is Mike Clink, who not only generally collaborated with guns N’ Roses but likewise worked with countless other successful rock bands indigenous the late 20th century.

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Shannon Hoon functions on this monitor

“Don’t Cry” features Shannon Hoon (1967-1995). Shannon to be perhaps best known together the leader that a rock team called Blind Melon.