Naruto: 5 ways Sasuke changed Throughout The show (& 5 time He Regressed) transparent Naruto"s run, Sasuke is constantly stuck in between the past and also future. While the goes v some changes, he also regresses often.

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Sasuke Uchiha has always been a strange figure in shonen anime. His constant emo attitude and also ever-growing hatred created a good foil come Naruto"s character. However, between his choices and also motivations, fans have never yes, really agreed on just how they feel about him.

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Over the course of 15 years, one would certainly think the Sasuke"s character would certainly grow. He does have actually a couple of moments the growth, yet no issue what, Sasuke constantly reverts earlier to that he was once he was in the very beginning: A moody character searching for revenge. Right here are some moments once Sasuke Uchiha changed his ways as well as the time he picked his old actions right ago up.

these pivotal moment in Sasuke"s road to redemption both taken place in the pre-Shippuden days. The an initial time he sacrificed self for the life that a comrade was with Haku and also Naruto in the soil Of tide arc.

The second time to be for Sakura as soon as Sasuke faced Gaara. It"s crazy to think the these were the only times in the entire series that Sasuke set his life down for something other than his obsessive goal of revenge.

It"s pretty safe to say that Orochimaru was no a great role model for Sasuke. That rolled right into Sasuke"s life like a male in an there was no sign van providing power boosts and the first one was free. What"s sad was the Sasuke"s herbal progression of his skills seemed come be helping his character.

It wasn"t until Sasuke acquired a shortcut in his power that his emphasis toward revenge narrowed so much. The ever-looming feeling of strength the mark gave him and Orochimaru"s devilish words yes, really narrowed Sasuke"s vision. All it took though to be one toxic person in his life to undo every the progress he had actually made.

If Orochimaru was Sasuke"s poor influence 보다 Team 7 was his after ~ school regime that kept him off the streets. Offered his past, Kakashi to be the perfect sensei because that Sasuke, and also his teammates to be a an excellent distraction from his dark thoughts.

Two moments v the team pole out. The very first being when they introduce themselves come Kakashi. Sasuke is completely stoic and also the one thing he opens up about is his revenge quest. The second is the moment the Genin tries to unmask Kakashi. The is difficult not come smile during that illustration solely due to the fact that of just how much funny Sasuke is having.

7 REGRESSED: once He Left The leaf Village

This is Sasuke"s many important selection in the whole series, and also it is regrettably a regression of his character. That"s no a poor thing, and also it"s fair to to speak that selection was more compelling than any kind of other he could have made. It to be a defining moment because that the series.

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Sasuke leave the sheet was him committing to his revenge full time. Every bit of development he had made in his time with Team 7 was proactively cast aside. This was also when his character began creeping gradually from ant-hero to full-on villain.

In what is arguably among the many mind-blowing and also emotional scene in every one of shonen, Sasuke learns the his brother, Itachi, was no the heartless monster he constantly thought he was. This is Sasuke"s shocking midpoint in his character journey.

The news is therefore jarring it literally sends out him right into a right of rage, depression, and also panic. To learn that the man he always held together his obsession was in reality a loving brother is a hard pill come swallow. The news also dug up hidden memories the his brother. As soon as the news finally worked out Sasuke ultimately seemed to have discovered some inside peace.

5 REGRESSED: when He Vowed To ruin the sheet Village

Unfortunately, Sasuke threw the inner peace into the garbage and also swore vengeance on the concealed Leaf Village. It"s hard not to gain frustrated after see a character go through a long journey to meet his revenge, and when he lastly achieves it, he just decides ~ above a 2nd helping the revenge.

Sasuke"s require for revenge should have only expanded to Danzo. That would certainly be understandable, seeing as it was largely Danzo"s fault that Itachi betrayed the Uchihas. It"s also fair to bump the elders in there however to walk as far as ruining the whole Leaf town always seemed favor an overstep in his regression.

First, Sasuke decides that giving his body to Orochimaru simply so the Itachi would certainly die is a negative idea. That"s a positive step, and also it reflects that his goal because that revenge was much more nuanced and also perhaps moral. The didn"t just want Itachi dead, he wanted to live in a civilization without monstrous people.

Then Sasuke goes on to type a pseudo-Team 7 with Orochimaru"s previous experiments. This whole readjust in Sasuke turned the from a narrow-focused loner into a leader. He even goes so far as helping his new teammates with their purposes along the way.

3 REGRESSED: when He began Killing People

The state of Sasuke"s human being view have the right to really it is in seen when he strikes the five Kage Summit. His Taka teammates were always baffled by his an option not to death his opponents in battle. Climate they witnessed what Sasuke was like once he didn"t care about not killing people.

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This is most likely the moment that Sasuke finally regressed into a full-blown villain. The hope the his redemption all went away after his neglect for life also extended come his very own teammate, Karin. At this point, Sasuke had actually taken a large step back into a revenge i heard psycho.

This is an ext of a lack of development than that is a regression. After killing Orochimaru and giving a speech around how vile and also disgusting he viewed him, Sasuke take it a long time to relocate on from him.

It wasn"t until after Itachi damaged the curse mark in their final battle that Sasuke finally shed his skin, so come speak. The took numerous arcs and countless illustration to do, however. Sasuke was a skilled shinobi through a natural Sharingan, so that wouldn"t have actually been hard for him to at least discover jutsu the wasn"t snake related.

1 CHANGED: He ultimately Renounced Revenge

It take it a long time to gain to this point, but Sasuke lastly did it. After 15 years and over 700 episodes, Naruto finally convinced Sasuke the hatred was no the method to live his life. The continuous will he, won"t he ruin the human being was over.

Sasuke"s trip was constantly a back-and-forth. Positive change was constantly followed by regression into hatred. Sasuke"s story is an example of just how tempting hate is to fall back into, however that the can eventually be renounced. It was fitting that the ar where Sasuke"s ultimate regression into darkness arisen was likewise the same place where his many positive readjust into the light happened.

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