The "augmented reality" gaming app is getting youngsters (and adults!) to ride. Here"s exactly how to join them—without crashing into the very first Rattata friend meet.

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock to avoid Tour de France phase spoilers, you’re likely aware of the phenomenon of Pokémon Go. The “augmented reality” gaming app has youngsters (and sheepish adult alike) wandering the planet on a desperate hunt to record magical creatures with our cellphone cameras.

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The premise that the video game is simple: You start the game as a “trainer” in search of a roster that Pokémon that you deserve to use to fight other trainers" Pokémon—not at all unlike a virtual, PG-rated variation of dogfighting. But to collect an assortment of Pikachus, Squirtles, and also Bulbasaurs (these space Pokémon), you very first have to record them inside unique Pokéballs, which you deserve to stock increase on in ~ designated, real-world windy spaces dubbed Pokéstopsthroughout her town. These Pokéstops have the right to be checked out on a gps map as you move through the world, as deserve to Pokégyms wherein trainers hit each other for points. Pokémon themselves sometimes vibrate right into view as you traipse with random areas on the real-world grid, offering you the opportunity to lob Pokéballs at them for capture. And let me call you, over there are couple of digital experiences more satisfying than catching a Clefairy on your Monday morning to walk or ride to work.

Sound ridiculous? Sure, however this app will probably get much more kids riding bikes than all the posts we’ve created on the wellness benefits that commuting to institution combined. Take it indigenous me—I live in between two surrounding Pokéstops and also haven’t checked out so lot tween traffic move past mine front door due to the fact that Halloween.

Kids that wouldn’t typically go exterior on a 95-degree day now have a factor to get together in groups and cruise the city for digital ground scores. And also if girlfriend think I’m exaggerating, examine out this little cluster the Pokémasters.

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See, these kids get it. #PokeGoBike is the best method to beat
Pokemon Go.

— Hong 關鴻 (
Quan) July 11, 2016

Now in my case, I’m commonly a low-tech cyclist. I have actually zero cycling apps on my phone, and also the only time I’ve ever before used Strava was to stream my heart rate while city hall a fear movie in the theater, in a competitive pursuit to prove mine friend would certainly get much more scared. (He did. Mine heart rate is almost always dead-person low.)

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But once I uncovered how much far better it is come play Pokémon go by bike, ns immediately mounted a phone situation to my handlebars and hammered with the streets, laying garbage to every the unwitting Pokémon in mine path.

Not only has actually my bike permitted me to accessibility Pokéstops much more quickly—so it’s simple to stock up top top Pokéballs and other items—but it’s likewise proved invaluable in flower eggs. Eggs room items friend can uncover at Pokéstops. To hatch them right into Pokémon, you have to walk (or even better, ride) a details distance—between two to 10 km, as measured by your phone’s accelerometer. Egg won’t flower if you’re travel that street in a car—so you essentially have to get outside and also use your own body to get the task done. On foot, this deserve to take a while because you have to leave the application open the entire time for your procedures to count. But on a bike? ns think you know where I’m going through this.

Although no really a cycling app, Pokémon go is the first cycling-adjacent application I’ve ever before given a cursed about. When other cycling apps discover a means to integrate “augmented reality” gaming v ride tracking, that’s the work they’ll finally appeal to a non-competitive nerd cyclist favor me. Together it is now, I’m treating Pokémon Go as a scavenger hunt-style invite to explore my city an ext than something else.

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Here space a couple of tips and safety precautions I"ve picked up in mine cycling Poké-journeys, i m sorry I will certainly admit room vicariously embarrassing to all who know me:

Learn just how to play the game while walking. The interface can be confusing at first! It’s ideal if you understand it ~ above foot at 3mph rather of puzzling it the end at 10- come 20mph in the street.

Take the side streets and stick to quiet roads. Many of the news about Pokémon Go leading to traffic pileups has been fabricated, yet there’s no reason to hazard injury by riding distractedly or on high-speed, busy streets.

Get a handlebar call mount so girlfriend don’t have to ride one-handed to emergence at her phone. I recommend the Topeak RideCase, i m sorry slides in and out of an flexible handlebar mount so you can easily grab it when a Pidgeotto come at you out of nowhere. (Pretty certain Topeak"s designers did not have that scenario in mind when they produced this trustworthy case.)

Don’t avoid your bike in the center of the road when you conference a Pokémon—pull come the side whereby you can record it from the security of the sidewalk. The Zubat ain’t goin’ anywhere—you’ve obtained plenty of time to add it to your squad. And as always, look behind you before pulling end and constantly be considerate of other bikes or road traffic.

On that note, take into consideration only using your bike to accessibility Pokéstops, which you deserve to confirm the location of in advance, and to flower eggs, which just requires talk a certain distance. There’s really no way to troll the roads for Pokémon and keep your eyes top top the roadway at the same time.

Interact with other Pokémon trainers! one of the coolest aspects of the video game is the it doesn’t carry out you with lot instruction on how to play. That way you get to puzzle it out on your own and beseech others because that help. The just reason ns roll through Clefairy in my crew is the a please stranger—a an in similar way awkward 30-something player—gave me a heads-up around where to conference one. I’ve found the game to be how amazing social because that something based in a call app.

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Tell me where I can find a Squirtle. Last, a humble request: Please, if you live all over near"s Pennsylvania headquarters, tweet me your works with ASAP if you come across this lover water-dwelling favorite. And an excellent luck the end there capturing them all!

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Wake increase in the AM and find out we’re a PokéStop. Not sure exactly how we feel about it... At least RIDE her BIKE here.

— Sellwood cycle (
SellwoodCycle) July 12, 2016
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