Obviously, Kevin entrances is a lucky guy. He stayed in poverty and had never ever dreamed about becoming a star, however now his name weighs a lot of in the i know good hop industry. However the super successful career is not the just thing he can boast with. The various other thing is his happy family members life, i m sorry he constructed with his beloved wife Dreka.

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The woman tries to stay out the the limelight, yet as Kevin Gates’ manager and life partner she knows, that staying clear of public fist is difficult for her. However she desires her followers to know, that helping the popular rapper with his career is no her only project.


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Unlike her renowned husband, Dreka acquired perfect upbringing. The daughter of two rich tough working parents, she was a common “good girl” in her early years. She was a brilliant pupil in ~ school, a perfect “big sister” to her younger sibling and a great sports enthusiast. She didn’t date anyone, but a the majority of boys dreamed around dating her. She to be on her last year in a high school and planned to study medication at Louisiana State University.

When she met Kevin and also fell in love v him, she suddenly adjusted her mind. Dreka began to market fashion merchandise and forgot about college. That annoyed she parents. They hated Kevin and also considered him as the key reason for your troubles. That made Dreka relocate from she childhood home to a rented apartment. During plenty of years she hadn’t to be speaking to she parents. But they reconciled after the birth of her first kid.

It was Dreka, who assisted Kevin establish his dream and also become a professional musician. She took his demos to the night clubs and convinced DJs to play it.


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Of course, they had actually hard times. Kevin cheated Dreka with other girls, and also they also were no seeing one an additional for a while. Currently she considers his affairs together something he needed to become much more mature. Yet now he has just one mrs in his life.

Each Kevin’s interview is complete of love to his wife and their kids. He tells the Dreka is the ideal gift fate provided him.

Now they bring up 2 kids, and Mrs. Gates joins motherhood with managing Kevin’s career, running her own apparel line and also selling an power drink. She is really happy v that married life she is developing with she husband.


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photo instagram / drekagates

Date the birth: November 30, 2012

Islah is the very first child the the commemorated rapper Kevin Gates and his wife (and organization partner) Dreka Gates. Her mom Dreka, who is a huge fan of organic things, made decision to provide birth to her daughter in ~ home, in the water. She told later, that that to be the ideal experience because that her, together she was full of love and an extremely happy in ~ the minute she take it her son to her hands for the very first time.


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Dreka and Kevin’s daughter is a healthy and balanced child. Her parents made decision not come vaccinate she at all. Currently the girl is 6, and also she attends school. Her mom confessed in one of her interviews, that she spends no so lot time through her daughter and also son, because they room still sleeping as soon as she lives, and she returns house late at night. Yet she do the efforts to make Islah’s childhood happy – she unpacks new toys through her girl, arranges water balloon fights in ~ the back component of your house and of course, spends each weekend through her.

Her father Kevin celebrated his parenthood in his very own way. He named an album after ~ her. It got warm evaluate from critics and also the audience.

Khaza Kamil entrances (son)

Date the birth: may 10, 2014

Kevin and Dreka became happy parental of a baby young Khaza in 2014. Choose his larger sister, he was born in the water at home and was not vaccinated. His mother spends every solitary minute v him, and his father dedicated him a tune “Khaza”.

In among his interviews, Kevin hinted, the he has actually a most extramarital kids, v whom he continues to be connected and whom he supports financially.

Who are Kevin entrances parents?


Kevin Gates, who is also known under the name Kevin Jerome Gilyard, tells the his mom tried her finest to be a great parent for him, but the situation was an extremely hard when she invited him in his life.

His mommy spent the major part of she life in Baton Rouge, LA. She was married twice, so Kevin was brought up by his stepfather, but during the beforehand years of his life, the didn’t understand that his dad is not blood-related come him.

Except for Kevin, his mom had one more son and also a daughter. She worked really hard to provide her kids for everything they needed, that’s why most part of his childhood Kevin spent in his grandmother’s house. He tells in his plenty of interviews, that his family ambiance wasn’t usual – he didn’t memory Christmas through his father and mother. He flourished up in his granny’s house and also was surrounded by many cousins (his grandmother offered birth to 5 girls, therefore she had actually lots the grandchildren).

During plenty of years he called his grandma “my mom”. That suffered as soon as she passed away in march 2015, yet caused a many controversies, as soon as uploaded on Instagram the selfie through her dead body.


During numerous years Kevin taken into consideration his stepfather together his organic dad. He learned the fact when he remained in the 8 hours grade. Castle met roughly that time and also reconciled, but not for long, due to the fact that the male soon passed away of AIDS. Kevin was 17 at the time.

As for his stepfather, the rapper tells, there was no love in between them before, yet later they made tranquility with one another.

At the exact same time, Mr. Gates tells, the he had actually so-called “a street father”, a person, that was not blood-related to him, but who influenced him therefore much and also helped to shape his personality.

Date the birth: September 1, 1987

Brandon is Kevin’s younger brother. Currently, he lives in Baton Rouge, LA. The guy works at Tin Roof Brewing company as a cellarman. Prefer his brother, Brandon had some legislation issues. A year ago he was arrested because that driving under influence. The male is an extremely close come his enlarge brother and also is his greatest fan.

Kevin has actually a younger sister, too.

Having started from play his mixtapes in the streets and also night clubs, Kevin gateways reached the condition of the shining hip hop star of his generation. The did a long method from poor to luxury, and also now he has a voice and wants to usage it.

He was born in Baton Rouge, LA as Kevin Jerome Gilyard and was mainly raised in the residence of his grandmother.

In his teens, he made decision the dorn path and also was even imprisoned at the age of 13 for “being a passenger in a stolen car”, together he said. Later on he had actually other altercations with the law.

During his first term in jail, he learned psychology with prison program and also graduated v a level in it. He also studied throughout 1 semester in ~ Baton Rouge ar College.

In his teens, he was keen ~ above music but didn’t consider it as his profession. He readjusted his mind later, and also with the assist of his now-wife Dreka, he began to encourage the song he created himself.

Kevin gained first recognition in 2005, after signing the resolve Dead game Records. That released tune “Pack that Da Littler” but then appeared in jail. When he returned, he consisted of a decision to start a solo career. His huge break found him in 2014 as soon as he presented a solitary “By any type of Means”.

As for now, Kevin boasts with a successful studio album “Islah”, enormous social media following and also lots the plans for the future.

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Interesting and fun factsHe dreamy to shooting his wife Dreka in one of the videos. Finally, she agreed and also appeared in the music video clip on the song “Pride”.Together with his wife, he started the document label “Bread Winner’s Association”.His elevation is 6 ft 2 inches, and his load is 176 pounds.He confessed in one of his interviews the he date his cousin during much more than 2 years, and also she got even pregnant native him.He date Dreka because that 13 years before she agreed to marry him. She told, he to be crying while questioning her to end up being his wife.