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Psychology scientific research Fair Project: Do people Remember much better in Color?

Do world remember far better in color? This psychology experiment test whether civilization recall details better when shade is involved. The college student conducts the experiment making use of the exact same coloring book page, one in black and also white and one in color.

Science Field: Psychology, human being Sciences

Grade Level: 5th-6th Grade

Materials: similar coloring book pages, fifty percent in black and also white, half in complete color, timer, pencil, notepad, computer system (digital table to record results)

Questions come Consider

Make certain to offer feasible answers and earlier them up v support and evidence.

1. What is recall? just how is it various than memory?

2. What is color?

3. Exactly how does the mind process color?

4. Does color impact memory recall? If so, how?

5. What other factors impact a human’s capacity to recall?

6. Will subjects recall far better when observing a scene in black and also white or in color?


1. Construct a hypothesis based on an important thinking, research study on the over questions and also other background information.

2. Uncover a coloring web page with a details scene that includes lots the details that you deserve to ask her subjects concerns about. Shot to usage a coloring book that is detailed and has scenes prefer cityscapes or objects in the picture. Stop pages with nothing yet designs as it will be an overwhelming to develop specific questions. Activity books that contain storage recall pages would certainly be proper for this experiment.

3. Copy black-and-white pages. Then color the color sheet and print shade copies. Make certain all pages space identical, limiting her variables.

4. Build 5-6 certain questions concerning the colour sheet. Because that example, how many birds room in the picture? What toy was the small girl playing with? What go the sign over the store say?

5. Usage a test sample the at least 16-30 people. Give half the team the black-and-white page. The other fifty percent receives the full-color page.

6. Have each subject examine the photo for one minute. Castle should try to remember as lot of the scene as possible, noticing certain details.

7. When the minute is over, collection the coloring sheets and hand the end your collection of questions.

8. Provide each topic one minute come answer the questions. Make certain to record essential information (name, age, gender) about your test topic in situation you need to refer back to the when examining the outcomes of her experiment. Notice and record in a spreadsheet just how long each subject took come answer the questions. Typical the totals. Which team took much longer to prize the questions?

9. Collection the survey and also check every subject’s answers. Analyze the data and also tally how many correct and also incorrect answers over there were for both groups. Build a collection of concerns to prove your hypothesis. To be there details questions that each group frequently missed? were there certain questions the both groups answered correctly?

10. Record your data in a spreadsheet. Uncover the typical correct answer score with each group. Find the typical incorrect price score with each group.

11. Based on the data, develop a conclusion around your experiment. Evaluation your questions and background information and discuss feasible variables that could have impacted the result of her experiment. Decide if your experiment was successful and also if your hypothesis was correct.

12. Display your data in a thoroughly report and also an attractive presentation.

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Alternative Experiment: use a black-and-white and also colored photo of the exact same scene to check subjects’ ability to recall.