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Depends on if you simply bought one older continuous Nintendo 3DS there is no updating climate you should be able to use the action Replay. Otherwise you far better have an old Nintendo DS handy

The closest thing to 3ds activity replay is the PowerSaves, yet it is 3DS-only and requires physical games.

Better off buying one old Nintendo 3DS from 2013 and also dont do any kind of system to update or else you wont have the ability to use the Datel activity Replay. Like ns said, keep an old Nintendo DS or DSi handy

Yeah, while Datel does shot to keep the action Replay functioning on a 3DS, there may (and have actually been) times where new 3DS firmware updates keep the AR native working through a 3DS because that a while... Assuming it does work-related with the present 3DS firmware now. If you"re serious around wanting to use an AR v DS games, you"re far better off obtaining a preventive original-model DS or DS Lite (not the DSi) for that purpose, together recommended.Note the yes, the activity Replay does NOT job-related for 3DS games. Powersaves does, yet it"s no an activity Replay; it"ll allow you to ago up and modify saves, however not occupational with a video game in real-time play. Also, it only works with physical 3DS video game cartridges.
yer over there is a different 3ds activity replay referred to as power saves which lets you plug the cartridge directly into girlfriend pc preventing the entirety 3ds software problem (only works with 3ds games). Making use of it lets you backup and restore saves and edit your saves and also put on cheats similar to regular action replay ie add money items pokemon events etc. The DS action replay doesn"t really work with the 3ds system due to the device updates break compatability almost every time (I believe datel does release activity replay update aswell yet this deserve to take a while) therefore your ideal bet is to use an old DS or DS lite. P.S. I likewise noticed the the DS activity replay couldn"t even plug right into my new 3dsXL (the mm collectors edition) as it wouldn"t lock into place (never tried that before).
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Well if you dont do the mechanism updates, climate the consistent Datel action Replay will play just fine ~ above an larger Nintendo 3DS.

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WizardofHoth posted...The activity replay works fine v my DSI.Akira1256 what girlfriend got against the DSi anyway?I"ve obtained nothing versus the DSi. I"m simply reluctant to imply it together an alternative that"ll constantly work with an activity Replay through no issues, once technically, Nintendo deserve to still press a firmware update for the DSi that"ll interfere through the AR in part way.Sure, that"s astronomically i can not qualify to happen, but it"s tho technically possible.