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The owners manual does not suggest where the drainpipe plug is situated on the 2013 lamb 1500 5.7 Hemi. Have the right to someone allude me in the right direction? Also, is there a appropriate procedure for acquiring the air out of the cooling system? i am offered to the old school way of leaving the radiator lid off, transforming the heat/defrost on high and also watching the wait bubbles make their way out the the system. Thoughts?dh

I have a 2014 5.7 and also it is located on the lower driver side corner of the radiator. I cut a item of water tap (3/8" ns think) and also slid it over the drainpipe so I can guide the anti-freeze right into a container. If this doesn"t help you should be able to look it up on youtube.

I have a 2014 5.7 and it is situated on the reduced driver side corner of the radiator. I reduced a piece of hose (3/8" i think) and also slid it end the drain so I can guide the anti-freeze into a container. If this doesn"t aid you should have the ability to look it increase on youtube.
Thanks because that the help. Just how did friend go about removing any air in the device after you added the brand-new coolant?dh

The old fashion way. Ns filled it until it would certainly not take any much more then began the engine. V the radiator lid off you have the right to watch the air occupational it"s means out. Make certain you allow the t-stat open because you will have to add more at this point. I let my van idle till it wouldn"t take anymore and also there were no more air bubbles, around 15 minutes. If your temp gauge fluctuates a many you probably did not get it full. Save an eye on her gauge and also check the level a pair times over the next couple of days and also you"ll it is in fine.
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