This was stated on one old TV comedy collection by a wonderfully funny man. I am not sure if i remember it as soon as it was on or from reruns before it was stopped from gift aired. This a tip.. Quit from gift aired. If friend remember which character it was talk about it and also lets relive some old times. Or assumption: v if you desire to.

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The show had to it is in "Amos and also Andy". I have to guess i beg your pardon character, though, since I no actually watch (or hear) this episode. That must have been Andrew H. Brown. I am acquainted with the quote, though. A long, long, long time back when I was in Military knowledge (yes, i know, oxymoron) this came to be a catch phrase because that a when at one of my units. As in Q: "So those the source on this?" A: "Do duh name Ruby Begonia ring a bell?" Meaning, basically, among the normal suspects. The lasted till we all got tired of it and went to something else equally juvenile.

Even despite Amos and also Andy was required off the air, I constantly thought that the show helped fairly than pains the civil civil liberties cause. I have actually heard more than one black actor to speak that. Together you suggest out, these guys were good comedians and an excellent actors. Their thing was being stereotypical. Of food it didn’t aid the reason of the display in general that the creators and also radio actors to be white. But no one appears to remember the Amos was a an extremely literate, well spoken, philosopher form who tried to keep the Kingfish and Andy out of trouble.

I constantly looked in ~ this as just a really funny show, and also I never ever felt it had actually a racist slant. Instance comedies work because most of the personalities in lock do and also say really dumb things. That’s where the feeling comes from. Doesn’t issue if the actors space white, black color or extraterrestrial. Top top TV, you need to act stupidly to be funny.

Sounds prefer the Kingfish top top the old Amos & Andy show. I also seem come remember Sammy Davis Jr., doing that too yet probly as a tongue in cheek referral to A&A.

Sounds prefer the Kingfish top top the old Amos & Andy show. I additionally seem to remember Sammy Davis Jr., doing the too but probly as a tongue in cheek reference to A&A.

Not the I"m old enough to psychic it, it"s just that I"m a nostalgia buff. I"m more of one old time radio aficianado therefore I"m more familiar wth lock in the medium.

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Just listen to that Stutz-Bearcat motor!

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Emily says:

It to be Flip Wilson. I loved his display as a kid and also had…I think at least two the his albums. They may both have been made from his TV show. One album to be “The evil one Made Me buy This Dress” and it was his Geraldine Jones character. However he told that joke on among his albums. It’s actually a pretty lengthy setup with, I hate to speak it, a quite lame punchline, i.e., a groaner.

My (poor) recollection is the Flip speak the story of a kingdom where a princess named Ruby Begonia would certainly come out on the castle’s balcony every afternoon and ring a bell and so on etc. And the end is among the townspeople transforming to another and asking, “Do Ruby Begonia ring a bell?”

I never see a begonia or hear the word that i don’t hear flip Wilson saying the line. Wonderfully funny man.

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