So, yeah, as the inquiry states, can I watch complete Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood there is no watching full Metal Alchemist? and also what's the difference between the two?

yeah you can, FMA was done before the manga perfect of FMA for this reason there room alot of things various like what the homonculous are, and after about 15-20 episodes i think it is lock really start to diverge in plot.It's kinda favor hellsing ultiamte very same thing, a complete cut of the series.

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Yes girlfriend can, both reflects start at the same suggest and follow the manga for a while. Then at some suggest FMA drifts into an anime initial story, while Brotherhood proceeds to follow the manga.I watched FMA very first and then Brotherhood because I wanted to check out both stories. Yet Brotherhood is means better, therefore it's as much as you.
Of course, friend can. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the work again, please again of the initial with particular details cut and others added on. Overall, it’s a far better show however the original does have actually its moment too, so i would definitely suggest checking both that them fairly than simply the remake.
No because fmab's opening episodes have actually garbage pacing and assume you've watched the 2003 version or review the manga
Yes, friend can. Different storyline, have the right to still very much gain FMAB there is no watching FMA. Yet some might say you can enhance your experience watching FMA first, climate watch FMAB after. Doesn't really matter.
Yes, but the an initial twelve episodes or so will feel rushed due to the fact that they room a condensed variation of the an initial half the the original. I indicate to watch the original and then brotherhood because they space two an extremely different shows and also end really differently. From an entertainment standpoint, brotherhood can't it is in beat, but the original has much an ext internal conflict. However if friend want, just watch brotherhood.
Yes, you can watch FMAB there is no FMA. I'm doing that best now, since a lot of of world said FMAB is better than FMA. If you only want to watch among these 2, climate FMAB is the way to go.
Yes, since FMAB is a remake. The difference in between the 2 is the FMAB adhered to the manga and also is a complete adaptation, while FMA doesn't follow the manga (and the manga barely had actually chapters at that point). However, FMAB skips chapter 4 of the manga for some reason, unlike FMA which adjusted that chapter.
from storage fmab rushes over some stuff that occurred in fma, but you should still have the ability to just clock fmab without watching fma
Yes and also I recommend you to that. FMA is bad and ending is just trash, Brotherhood's much better
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Dlwuik said:the an initial episode that fmab is a filler since studio bones believed it was genuine fucking funny to sirloin the first few episodes that brotherhood assuming everyone has already seen the 2003 version, horrible mistake. The gets better around ep. 15 because that's once they avoid rushing it, and also they rushed a many the heartbreaking, watch THE 2003 version FIRST due to the fact that it doesn't rush it in the first couple of eps and also it was super fine done, even as a brotherhoodfag i need to say that.

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there space some shitty filler in between though and also it does have from the resource material later on on, for this reason if you desire to switch to brotherhood during that time girlfriend can. Even though the non-canon components (not filler) were super fine done and also you need to acknowledge the lot of initiative they put right into that. Even though some stuff is readjusted of the canon illustration of 03' however that goes right into the non-canon story later on.2003 FILLERS: eps. 4, 8, 10-12, 16, 21-22, 242003 no CANON: eps. 29-51if friend don't have any an inspiration to watch it after that then review the manga ns guess. Likewise skip the two movies (conqueror of shamballa and also sacred star of milos) because they're fucking garbage.