The greatest crab in the tank eliminated the 2nd biggest one and took his shell what carry out I do?? I have two much smaller crabs in the tank too should I move the greatest one?


Keeping hermit crabs is basically just trying to keep them indigenous killing every other. But they need each other due to the fact that they room social animals.

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Not sufficient food? Kill smaller crab.

Not sufficient shell options? Ahh, that shell my ar is wearing looks nice, let's simply rip him the end of it and take his shell, killing him in the process.

Exc.... I would certainly look in her tank to watch if there are any type of deficiencies. Cannibalism does no happen often in healthy crabitats.

picture the tank

I don't think he ate the other crab since his corpse was in the tank simply kinda scattered...

I don't think lack of food or shells to be the reason yet I may be not correct I'm very brand-new to this

If there's anything i should change with the tank you re welcome let me understand I evaluate it say thanks to you

There's a lot of factors affiliated in cannibalism. What kind of shells perform you have actually for them available to readjust into and also what food room you feeding them? what are your humidity and also temps reading? just how deep is your substrate and what does the consist of? what water treatmemt space you utilizing for salt and also fresh water? if you have the right to answer those because that me and also maybe article a photo of her setup ns can aid you out.

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picture the the tank

All the shells you watch in the photo are empty and also for food there's prefer a dried fruit salad native petco, coconut pieces, pellets the came with the tank and normally carrots and for temp it's in ~ 79 If there's anything i should change with the tank please let me know I evaluate it thank you

Are friend feeding lock a selection of food? I always have at least a veggie, a seafood, and a treat, and also I readjust it every various other day. Ns don't also use the save bought pellets. So simply make certain they have a many food and also D and also O shaped shells. If lock aren't hungry they won't eat each other.

picture the tank

Yeah I always have a range of food in addition to the pellets just cause I was offered them and also I believed I had plenty of shells and we also specifically purchase a gigantic shell simply for the biggest crab

If there's anything i should readjust with the tank please let me recognize I evaluate it give thanks to you